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on 4 February 2004
“Robotech” made in 1985 is a three part story taking place over 45 years telling of humanities first contact with an aggressive alien species to the final invasion by the terrible Invid who wish to create the ultimate life form using the “Protoculture” and peoples of the planet earth.
The first saga is named after the an alien battleship which crashes on earth and id named The Macross Saga. The second saga is named after the alien race, the Robotech Masters which has come to collect the remains of there crashed battleship and is named The Robotech Masters. The third saga tells of the new generation of fighters to save the planet from the evil forces of the Invid and is named The New Generation.
The Macross Saga:
"In the year 1999 high above Macross island in the south pacific, a phenomenal event occurred which forever changed the course of human history"
The Macross saga chronicles the first whole space war in the Robotech saga, it begins with an alien vessel crashing upon earth during the third world war and continues right through to the titanic space battle with the Zentreadi Grand Imperial fleet in the orbit of a devastated earth.
With the crashed alien vessel on Macross Island a cease fire is called between the warring countries on earth, scientists from each nation are sent to Macross Island to investigate the fallen ship.
The crashed alien vessel measure some three quarters of a mile in length, the armoured hull had bore the brunt of the impact and left much of the sophisticated techno systems intact. The ship gave the impression of a battleship built by a race light years ahead of earths greatest thinking

Over the next ten years the nations of earth unite under the banner of the UNSPACY to redesign and rebuilt the vessel to use as earths primary battleship. The resources of an entire planet made manifest by the completion of the alien warship renamed the SDF-1 (super dimensional fortress 1).
February, 2009 the day of the launching ceremony of the newly completed SDF-1 a huge fleet of alien vessels appears out of a hyperspace fold near the moon on a mission to retrieve "Zors" Battleship (SDF-1).
In the middle of the celebrations Captain Henry Gloval is called to the bridge when the automatic defence systems on board Macross initiates the fires the main guns blowing a whole through Macross island and destroying two alien ships in orbit.
Alerting the alien forces to the location of the SDF-1, an invasion occurs and in the following battle with the alien forces Macross city is devastated by the brutal orbital bombardment and land based attack.
Receiving orders from UNSPACY to take off and divert the alien ships away from the earth Captain Gloval orders the SDF-1s fold engines to activate performing a dangerous hyperspace fold to escape the alien fleet drawing them away from the earth and buy time for rest of earths defence forces to ready themselves
to fight the superior forces of the evil Zentreadi.
The Macross Wars have begun!!!
The Macross Saga is a 36 episode series and has everything from a great pieces of music to very sharp animation, with an unbeatable mix of Romance, Action, Mecha Fighting, Comedy to Tragedy and Horror as the entire human race faces eradication from hostile alien forces bent of controlling the universe.
This is my favourite Robotech Saga as it features the SDF-1 and Valkyries (transforming planes that can turn from plane to humanoid Robots). This is where it all began and I would definitely recommend it to all Anime and Manga fans. If you have ever seen Macross II or Macross Plus and wondered how it all began then look no further than this fantastic DVD Box set
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on 2 December 2006
If you grew up watching Robotech, and the adventures of Lisa, Rick Hunter and Minmei then this is the box set for you. Or if you have never watched Robotech then this is a good way to start as it tells the first, and most interesting, part of the Robotech saga.

All of the original 36 episodes have been remastered so it actually looks better than the original TV series. The sound is sometimes a little bit up and down, but on the whole the 5.1 works really well.

There are minimal extras with this set, but the 6 DVDs will keep you entertained for quite a while, or if you are like me, exactly the amount of time it takes to watch 36 episodes back to back.
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on 24 January 2002
To some Robotech is a classic, but to others it's a muiltilation of three anime shows, but no matter what opinions might be said, Robotech was the show that started the anime craze (at least in the US).
Robotech originally began as a dub of Macross (one of the three anime shows used to create Robotech, which will be explained later) by Harmony Gold, however when animation producer Carl Macek was brought to help bring the series to TV there was a slight problem, at the time to put a show on syndication on US TV, the show would need to have at least 65 episodes to show on a weekday basis over a period of 13 weeks. Macross had only 36 episodes, so there needed to be another idea, then two other anime shows (Southern Cross which had 23 episodes and Mospeada which had 24 episodes) that were from the same studio that created Macross and were put together with Macross and was edited and dubbed to create Robotech. With the three shows put together as Robotech there were now 84 episodes, however an extra episode was created to expand the series to 85 episodes, and that's how it all began. When shown on US TV in 1985 Robotech was completly different from most other cartoons on at the time (Transformers, GI Joe, etc) as it came with a multi-generational storyline spanning three sagas (the Macross saga which used footage from Macross, the Robotech Masters saga which used footage from Southern Cross and the New Generation saga which used footage from Mospeada) but it also portrayed the aspect of war in a realistic manner which was unheard of in a cartoon.
It also broke the rules on certain occasions by killing off certain characters which was a taboo subject in cartoons at the time.
This video contains the first three episodes of the Macross saga which begins the Robotech series.
The story starts off in the year 1999 with a giant alien battlefortress crashing on Macross Island. Over the next ten years the people of Earth whom after fighting in a global war decide to try to unlock the mysteries of the alien ship eventually discovering an alien technology called "Robotechnology". The ship is then rebuilt and redesigned and cristend the SDF-1. Once it is rebuilt (and with a city built around it) it is time to celebrate to launch of the SDF-1 which marks mankinds first venture into deep space. However the celebrations are interupted when a alien fleet arives to find thier missing battle fortress only to discover that the humans have laid their hands on it. These aliens known as the Zentradi have come a long way to find the alien ship but are then attacked without warning by the SDF-1's main gun when it is mysteriously fired without anyone actually doing it. When the Zentradi fleet begins to attack Macross City the defence forces on Macross Island prepare to defend themsleves from the attack. Rick Hunter, a amateur pliot who came to witness the launch of the SDF-1 along with his friend Roy Fokker (whom he calls "big brother") is caught up in this attack, this basically shows that even civillians can get caught up in the horrors of war which is what Robotech portrays in good detail for a cartoon of it's type, not many cartoons these days can do this. To explain more about this show would spoil it, but to put it short Robotech is very recommended
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on 14 May 2011
i bought the robotech box two weeks ago and watched it on this weekend.
when i first saw macross in 1986 or 87 on tv i was fascinated and i think, i did not miss one part of it.
for me it was the start for a deep love to japanese animation and manga.
i do not want to comment the plot of the series. You will find it on many homepages.
when i started the first dvd i was irritated by the scetch like drawings but the quality improved a little with time and after a while watching i found it charming.
I could nor remember this aspect but my view on the drawings has apparently changed over the years.
so do not compare it with some modern films like evangelion or darker than black.
macross really is an icon and this nice box contains the best of all macross seasons.
if you have seen these dvds you suddenly know how many other films are just imitations or variations.
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on 28 April 2002
If you like anime mecha action at its ultimate level this is for you, Robotech is one of the best animes I have ever seen, this is because of the amazing mecha battle scenes, great storyline and brillant old skool animation. In this installment of Robotech, the war for the survival of the human race continues, when Rick Hunter and company are captured by the enemy. The great battles continue on this video and great discoveries are made about the mysterious enemy, the Zentadi. A must see for any Robotech fan or robot fighting fan.
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VINE VOICEon 1 January 2009
I first heard about Robotech before I had ever heard of anime and is a series that I have always been interested in seeing despite some of the bad things I have heard about it. This first Robotech series follows Rick Hunter and the crew of the SDF-1 as they are drawn into a war with an advanced alien race.

This is the first mecha anime series that I have watched and despite its faults I would definitely look into this genre of anime some more. The series itself does suffer from many of the problems of westernised anime of this period such as a mediocre vocal cast, an over reliance on stock footage, a terribly annoying narration and changes made from the original Japanese series (Super Dimension Fortress Macross) that alienates many anime purists. The animation is good, if not great, for the age of the series although as this is the first I have watched of the series I do not know how much of that is due to the remastering that this boxset has undergone. Personally I greatly enjoyed much of the series and although the quality does dip somewhat in the final third, I feet that the story was well written and greatly engaging. Overall I feel that when taken on its own merits Robotech: The Macross Saga is definitely worth watching despite its faults.
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on 11 September 2010
I enjoyed this as an adult - who never wants to grow up - and recognises himself in "The Big Bang" TV show.
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on 19 February 2004
The Robotech series is a great masterpiece. The original [available here on Amazon] is a classic, however, it has now been re-mastered. Unfortunately not available here, but the new version is totaly awesome. Spend your money buying the new re-mastered series which has just come out [01/2004].
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on 18 January 2003
This tape contains the first 3 episodes of Robotech "The Macross Saga".
It shows how everything started, how SDF-1 landed on earth, what happened after humans repaired it, the 1st alien attack, the meet of Rick Hunter with Lin Minmei, the destruction of macross city and the space fold that took the SDF-1 into deep space, close to planet pluto!
The quality is not the best but what can we get since these anime was produced in 1983!
If you are searching how to start your robotech fan life, this is the start!
Buy without thinking!
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on 27 February 2001
Here begins the story of Robotech. Meet Rick, Lisa Min-mai and the gang in their fight against the Zentraedi.
It takes me back a few years, seeing this series again after so long.
Whilst the dialogue is occassionally corny, and the characters seem to vary between comatose relaxation and sheer panic (both within the course of the many battles), the story is excellent, the animation is excellent, and I just love it.
An easy entry to Japanese Anime without the explicit blood and guts of the more adult cartoons.
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