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on 10 September 2017
I already have a Roberts AM/FM radio that's given many years of great service but decided to buy this primarily to tune into 5 Live sports extra for the commentaries, and the AM reception in my area can also be very poor sometimes. Opening the box was a pleasant experience - radio, mains adapter and comprehensive instruction booklet all present and correct.

The black version I ordered was a sleek and impressive looking little number with a sturdy telescopic aerial. The unit has a reassuringly 'solid' feel with rubberised top, base and sides, with the mains and headphones sockets located down the left hand side. Opening the battery compartment, the cover is hinged, so no danger of it shooting across the floor! The rechargeable/alkaline battery selector switch is located on the inside of the battery compartment

Switching on for the first time, the radio automatically searches and stores available stations quite quickly, so you should be up and running in no time at all, with a simple option to re-scan when required. You get ten presets (5 for each waveband) that are a doddle to setup - simply select a station, then press and hold down a preset button until the display indicates the station is stored. The volume level goes up/down in increments on the display. The volume also kicks out more than what I will ever need (used mostly in the kitchen) with good sound quality. It would have been nice to have a tone control, but I found the sound agreeable to my ears (not too bassy or tinny). Tried it with headphones, sounds good too. Overall I'd say this radio was a bit better than I expected - glad I bought it.
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on 15 October 2015
I love this radio except for the one fact that indoors, on the mains, I can't get a DAB signal, which I could on the previous radio before it broke.. It is perfect in the garden, but not indoors. The very very weird thing is that on battery only, I can get a slight DAB signal, not a perfect one, but there is one. If anyone can explain this to me, I would be most grateful.
But it is a nice, solid little radio, you can tune in 5 DAB and 5 FM stations and also go up and down if you want a different one for a short while. I can definitely recommend it.
I personally like the rubber casing round the outside, but this could be removed as far as I can see, if you don't like it.
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on 11 July 2017
A superb radio for me. I already have a Roberts DAB radio, but found, even with rechargeable batteries, battery life was limited. As a DAB radio it works extremely well when connected to mains electricity.I wanted this radio primarily to work with batteries and hence FM broadcasts which prolong battery life. Of course, I can also listen to DAB stations, but for me over a more limited period. The radio is well made, all the functions work well and and very intuitive to use. It is a small portable radio and I think the sound quality is good.
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on 15 March 2016
I brought this for the kitchen to replace an aging FM radio that kept drifting off tune and picked up interference from washing machine and other electrical appliances. I researched quite a bit as I wanted a no frills device that is just a radio and the appeal of this was the built in battery charger. It turned out a little smaller that I was expecting, but that was only that I would have liked a slightly larger speaker. It works a treat, easy to program and the charger arrangement is ideal. We plug it in overnight and that charge will last a few days.I don't think it has any tone control (at least not that I've been able to find) as I would have liked a bit more treble, however that's probably just the top end of my hearing going with age! I also like the clean lines of the design. Overall very pleased.
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on 10 January 2016
Bought for wife, she loves it.
There is only one slight thing and that is that it does not have a very high volume.
It is ok for my wife as she has it on in the kitchen and when working round the house, but if it was anywhere where volume was needed you would not be able to hear it.
FM is good, DAB is excellent. The presets are enough. Operating is simplicity itself.
Purchased rechargeable batteries as 4 AA batteries did not last long at all.
Would definitely recommend it, but be aware if you like loud music this is not for you.
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on 16 August 2016
Excellent sound, easy to set up with intuitive menus. Great buy.

I bought this along with four rechargeable AA batteries and it is used in the bathroom daily. The sound is warm and crisp and really quite good quality for a single speaker. Comes with a mains adaptor which can be set to either charge the batteries or power the radio directly from the mains, by setting a switch on the radio itself.

Seems to last a decent amount of time on a charge but that obviously depends on which batteries are used. I used Panasonic BK-3MCCE/4BE Eneloop Mignon AA 1900 mAh rechargeable batteries. Used in a bathroom every day by three people, it probably needs plugging in to recharge about once a month. There is a flashing warning light when the charge is getting low so we tend not to get left without a working radio. I've never timed how long it takes to fully recharge, but I would say a couple of hours maximum from flat to full charge.

The radio case has a rubber (TPE) edge that seems like it would offer some protection if dropped etc.

I'm really please with the quality and usability. It also looks quite nice and wouldn't really look out of place in any room.
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on 8 August 2017
I ordered this item for my husband's birthday present. He is a keen cricket fan and needed a portable, digital radio to listen to Test Match Special whilst on the go. The radio arrived promptly, well packaged and in pristine condition. He is thrilled with the gift and has used it a lot this summer. The sound is perfectly clear, it is easy to use and seems quite robust. The rubber casing stops it from sliding about on surfaces and cushions the edges from knocks. We have purchased Roberts radios in the past and never been disappointed.
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on 31 October 2017
Unfortunately this radio has a design flaw. If you use headphones you will hear a buzzing/hissing sound at low volume levels. It can also be heard at low volume through the speaker. Even the replacement had the same product as did the model in the Roberts technical support department. You won't notice it if you listen to music or speach at normal levels through the speaker. It's actually a great little radio but, for me, the buzzing makes it much less useable. Great support from Amazon regarding the returns process.
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on 5 November 2015
Bought this as a gift for my partner, and it's now one of the most used items in our house. Pride of place on the bathroom windowsill, with good quality sound and easy to set up and program the preset buttons. Works without the ariel fully extended but I guess that depends on the DAB signal strength in your area. Has FM on it too but haven't even tried that as there's enough DAB channels. It takes rechargeable batteries or the supplied adapter power lead. A good set of rechargeable batteries is enough for 2 or 3 weeks of use for maybe average of 45 mins a day. The batteries can be charged up inside the unit with the supplied power adapter, but a word of warning. There's a switch on the back that MUST be switched to the right type of battery - NiCd or the much more common NiMH batteries. The wrong setting might ruin your batteries or even be a possible fire risk. I didn't notice the switch at all for a few weeks (I Never read instructions for things like this, as I suspect most people don't.) Fortunately being in the bathroom we don't use the power adapter/charger anyway and charge the batteries in our normal charger.
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on 23 October 2017
I would have given this radio 5/5 but for an annoying fault that developed after a few months. The on/off button fails to turn the radio off properly. You have to press it several times at different angles to make it work. This is probably down to poor manufacturing.

It’s a pity as otherwise this is a cracking little radio. If you get good quality rechargeable batteries it can run for three weeks between charges. Reception is great and the sound quality and volume good.
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