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Rock Band Rivals Wireless Fender Jaguar Bundle for Xbox One

Platform : Xbox One

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Xbox One
Guitar Bundle
  • Officially licensed by Microsoft for Xbox One and Officially licensed Wireless Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller
  • Foldable guitar-a useful feature when traveling to Rock Band gigs!
  • Improved auto calibration
  • Jaguar Bundle includes Rock Band 4 game software, Rock Band Rivals game token, Rock Band Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller, an adjustable guitar strap, and 2xAA alkaline batteries
  • For a limited time: mail in coupon for a free microphone included with bundle
1 new from £199.95

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Platform: Xbox One | Edition: Guitar Bundle

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  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Amazon.co.uk Recommended Age: 12 and over
  • Media: Video Game
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Platform: Xbox One | Edition: Guitar Bundle

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3.0 out of 5 stars Nice expansion for RB4... mediocre guitar 4 Nov. 2016
By Derek M. - Published on Amazon.com
Platform for Display: Xbox OneEdition: Guitar Bundle Verified Purchase
I bought the band-in-a-box bundle of Rock Band 4 a few months back for my Xbox One. Needless to say I still needed another guitar controller to complete my setup. I was about to buy another black fender just like the one that comes with the bundle until I came across the Jaguar controller and the Rivals expansion. The Jaguar looked pretty nifty at first glance and the new expansion features sounded promising so I figured it was worth the wait especially since I could get the Jaguar and the new Rivals expansion for only $2 more with prime discount instead of just buying the controller itself for $69.99.

The new Rockudrama feature is cool and fun to play through for those who have finished career mode. There are new venues to explore and numerous items in the rock shop to customize your band with. I haven't played Rivals mode yet mainly because I prefer playing locally with friends but I will update when I get the chance. Now on to the Jaguar controller...

Out of the box it looked awesome. I love the new folding feature, it makes it easier to store and transport if you need to haul the whole bundle over to a friends house. One thing I did notice that completely went over my head when I preordered it was there is no distortion selector. I never change distortion while playing but for others that do will be disappointed it's gone. I strapped it on, fiddled with the buttons, strummed, etc. It felt different... at least WAY different than the standard fender I was comfortable with. I played a few songs and was a little disappointed afterwards. The problem is the buttons on the neck of the guitar are very stiff and the same goes for the strum. They are nowhere near as quick and flexible as the fenders. For example, when you hold one of the buttons down it doesn't push in or let out as quickly as it should. So sometimes this causes a delay and the game doesn't register the note your trying to play in time. This makes it very difficult to nail hammer-on notes as well as play some songs on expert. It also seems at least during some crazy solo sections... the controller causes you to miss other notes because the buttons don't let up as soon as you take your fingers off it. So to give you a better example it goes a little something like this.

(Yellow)+(Orange) Then an immediate
(Yellow) MISS!

You: "What the hell?"

So in other words if you have to let go of Orange to hit a single Yellow note instantaneously the game counts it as a mistake because the orange button didn't pop back up in time and unregister on the controller so the game still reads it as:

make sense? I hope so.

Strumming is no cake walk either. The strum is stiff and you can't strum up and down with enough speed and accuracy to hit a string of notes that are back to back. The fenders strum is near perfect for hard songs since it's tight but flexible. And they gave Madcatz such a hard time.

So to wrap it all up overall the Jaguar is a decent controller but if I had known then what I know now I never would of bought the Jaguar and could of lived with another plain jane fender. On the plus side it folds and has a different look and color which unfortunately for us Xbox owners black seems to be the only choice for the standard fender while the PS4 gets red and white as an option...ugh. In terms of playability the Madcatz fender is far superior to PDP's Jaguar controller. I think the Jaguar was overhyped and cheaply made for the sole purpose of driving sales for the Rivals expansion.

If you're looking to expand your game and have the ability to play online then buy the expansion. But if your just looking for a second guitar to complete your band just buy another madcatz fender, their cheaper and better. Don't bother with the Jaguar. Trust me your not missing anything.

☆☆☆☆ For the Rivals expansion
☆☆ For the Jaguar controller
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fun Game, Quality Equiptment, Easy Transfer of RB3 and older DLC content 9 Jan. 2017
By Skeptic Critic - Published on Amazon.com
Platform for Display: Xbox OneEdition: Guitar Bundle Verified Purchase
I had Rock Band 3 on the Xbox 360 and played it on a regular basis, we played it everytime we had friends over !!! We recently upgraded to the Xbox One and purchased this Rock Band 4 Rivals bundle over the holidays and played it enough to make and educated comparison to Rock Band 3 and the Mad Cats products.
You may not know that the Rock Band franchise recently changed their peripheral vendor from Mad Cats to PDP. So there are some differences with the guitars. First of all the new Fender Jaguar guitar in this bundle conveniently folds in half for easier storage and transport if your RB gigging to friends houses. It's buttons are snappy and accurate, the guitar feels solid overall and looks real cool. It does not have the 4-way sound switch like the Mad Cats guitar had but I didn't really use that much anyways.
The USB microphone in this bundle is of good quality and feels accurate in your hand, it's sounds great whether you sing loud or sing softy. I think the rock Band 4 (Rivals) game has some sort of voice compensation software that helps with your vocal highs and lows ; evening those sounds out, making the song sound consistent when your singing, but regardless of that the microphone passes in quality.
The Bundle packaging looks appealing and is packed well. The game software downloaded about 8gb or so to my Xbox One before we could play. I used my account email user ID that I used with my old Xbox 360 which I primarily played RB 3 on and it instantly noticed my already purchased DLC songs and asked if I'd like to import all of my 133 songs !! This was awesome, because one of my major concerns was being able to reuse all of my already purchased Rock Band DLC tunes. The game graphics look appealing and the menus are easy to use. The characters on screen are customizable but that's not why I play this game. Overall I'm happy with this purchase and give the new equipment by PDP a passing grade. As part of this bundle purchase you'll receive a free mic coupon code, and it needs to be used by March 17th 2017 on the PDP website which includes free shipping. Party on !!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great addition to the RB series | Solid guitar 6 Jan. 2017
By Amazon Customer - Published on Amazon.com
Platform for Display: Xbox OneEdition: Guitar Bundle Verified Purchase
I held off purchasing Rock Band 4 as the initial release seemed like half a game, but with the new additions to the game and the change in manufactures for the instruments, I decided to buy it. So, I will review the game and the guitar here.

Rock Band 4 + Rivals Expansion: The game is near perfect in my opinion. Despite there still being a lack in online multiplayer (pretty ridiculous since it's over a year after release), the game has a lot to keep you occupied. Almost all of the old DLC and exports transfer to Rock Band 4 so I instantly had a library of 300+ songs to play with along with the music on disc. The career mode is similar to the careers from Rock Band 1 and Rock Band 2, so you'll be playing various tours and setlists across the globe. With the addition of the Rivals expansion, there is a new mode called Rockudrama, which is essentially like playing a documentary. You play various setlists throughout that are entangled with pre-recorded interviews to fit the mode. Overall, there are various modes to keep you occupied and from what I've read from the developers, the online multiplayer should be coming later this month so that's another thing to be excited for.

The guitar: I never used the original instruments that were made by Mad Catz, so I can't really compare the new instruments and the old, but from what I had heard the Mad Catz guitars worked pretty well but they did have their issues. With older Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, I always used the Guitar Hero controllers because I liked the more clicky strum bar the guitars had. The buttons were also way easier to use, as I play on expert all the time, so I'd need an easier controller to use. With this new Jaguar guitar, although the guitar isn't suited to my normal liking, I actually enjoy it alot and have been able to perform very well on the game using it, specifically 100%ing songs like Painkiller that are normally pretty hard. I never use the solo buttons, but the normal buttons are very easy to slide up and down on for fast solos. The only gripe I have about the guitar is how the neck folds down. Yes it makes for easier storage, but because you have to unfold it and snap it into place, it seems to have an awkward wiggle all the time as you play. It may be just my guitar, but it makes it very hard to play at times due to the random wiggling if I'm strumming pretty fast or something along similar lines.

Overall, the game is a blast and the guitar works and is easy to work with for the most part. If you want just the guitar and don't want to shoot for the band bundle, I'd highly recommend this bundle.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Legacy Instrument with Pros and Cons. 21 Oct. 2016
By Firebirdeluxe - Published on Amazon.com
Platform for Display: Xbox OneEdition: Guitar Bundle Verified Purchase
I received the PDP Rock band Guitar Bundle on October 18th.. After 3 days of playing between Hard and expert, I thought I would make a review.

I wanted to make a note about the microphone issue with PDP on redemption of code. After sending in a support ticket to Harmonix about it after having no luck with PDP support about it, Harmonix has now taken care of this issue with PDP as of October 20th and it no longer costs for the microphone. It was also stated that whoever did jump the gun on it and pay for the shipping and handling needs to get a hold of PDP and they will have their money reimbursed for the cost of the shipping and handling.

Now onto the Guitar. If you don't want to read all this, skip down to the pros and cons of each companies guitar.

Mad Catz Guitar according to specs weighs 4.4 lbs.
PDP guitar according to specs weighs 2.2 lbs.
Must be the type of paint on the PDP guitar that to me though feels like it weighs more and is less apt to slip around while sitting down across my hip. Mad Catz version had the type of slickness of the paint that would not firmly grip onto my hip. As far as my preference of which guitar I like better in this case would be the PDP version.

Mad Catz had a plus on replaceable pick guards with metal screws wheres as PDP Jaguar does not.
Mad Catz buttons were mushy with a constant click.
PDPs version has firm but not stiff fretts with very little noise coming from the frets.

Mad Catz version with the game with the overdrive and constant screen tear which would make me miss notes when I did not.
With PDP, I am not finding this problem.
For those who might be having this issue in their case, try putting your tv under settings for game mode.

Mad Catz Overdrive bottom was close enough for right handers to reach easily.
PDPS version, this is not the case. I am left handed so it makes it even harder for me to reach it (which you had one designed for left handers :P).
PDP's overdrive is not very sensitive at all. I had to hold mine almost vertically up for about 2-3 seconds to get it to register which made it difficult to play the notes in the meantime while moving the guitar back down to a horizontal position.
Mad Catz Whammy bar was too loose and hard to hold into place while strumming. Otherwise it would just drop down. PDP's whammy bar stays horizontally stiff which I prefer while playing and I don't have to chase the whammy bar unlike Mad Catz..

Mad Catz strum I didn't particularly care for. He used the strum up and down for himself. I myself used the strum down 99.9% of the time. I found on the Mad Catz version that the retention for the spring did not hold well trying to hit the hammerons and such on hard or expert.
PDP's version after hours of playing for the last 3 days so far, I was able to strum down consistently or up and down at the same time without an issue. Seems like the spring retention holds well on PDP's guitar compared to Mad Catz.

Mad Catz sensor on the side did not sync well with RB4 to play when hitting notes.
PDP's sensor is precise when hitting notes

Suggestion: Put your tv setting on game mode and then do calibration with TV before playing RB4 Rivals to your TV first.

In my opinion:

Mad Catz Pros on Fender Stratocaster.
1. Removable pick guard
2. Metal Screws
3. Overdrive button easily accessible
4. Sensitive Manual Overdrive up and down
5. Had a distortion switch (nice feature to have :P)
6. Long fret board
7. Has the battery compartment for XBOX One batteries.

Mad Catz cons

1. Too light weight (couldn't keep it in one spot like a normal guitar that has some weight)
2. No grip onto my hip while sitting
3. Springs would break down easily in a short amount of time
4. Overdrive on screen made the game jump,lag, screen tear and not stay in sync with the game.
5. Black and white guitar. ( Wish it just been black if that was the case)
6. Whammy bar too loose
7. Game sensor is on the face of the guitar did not stay connected.
8. The sync button was on the side of the guitar while the power button was on the face of the guitar.
9. Battery cover latch breaks too easily
10. Notes would show registered but not played consistantly
11. Never came with a free microphone
12. Never had a Guitar stand charger for it
13. 1 piece guitar
14. More expensive with less items with it.

PDP Fender Jaguar Pros
1. Stiff strum bar (goes back ot the position it needs to be automatically). I had no issue with the down strum on Expert with songs like Green Day and such. Also worked well with up and down as well.
2. Stiff whammy bar
3. Frets sensitive with barely a click sound
4. In Sync to the game on strum on any setting.
5.Overdrive does not make the screen jump,lag or screen tear to miss notes
6. Long fret board ( I have long arms being 6' 3" :P)
7. Game sensor is an all in one on the face of the guitar and stays connected
8. Battery compartment cover stays stiff and does not break
9. Has the battery compartment set up for the future XBOX One guitar batteries that come with the guitar charger soon.
10. Guitar charger coming soon
11. Free microphone from PDP
12. Cheaper with more items for the price
13. Folds down nicely for compactness
14. Stays gripped across my lap while sitting

1. Pick guard is not removable
2. Plastic screws
3. Overdrive button further out
4. Whammy bar cover, directional, and buttons all look like plastic kid toys from like Lego's or something.
5. Manual Overdrive is nowhere near sensitive for up and down as it should be.
7. No Distortion Switch

.Since the new Rival expansion that comes with Rock Band as well, I have also noticed that the game is now in bright blue ,lettering is sharper, notes and character images are also sharper,brighter and much more fluid as well in movements.

All in all, in my opinion, the PDPs version won out over Mad Catz version on precision to the game as far as the game and legacy controllers is concerned.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Somewhat disappointed in the Jaguar Fender. 20 Oct. 2016
By Major Doodle - Published on Amazon.com
Platform for Display: Xbox OneEdition: Guitar Bundle Verified Purchase
I was hoping that since PDP was taking over from Mad Catz they would impress us with some higher quality rock band equipment. This is not the case. It feels, weighs and looks just as cheap if not more so than the Mad Catz version.

The paddle is too stiff.
The Whammy bar is too loose.
It has fake plastic screws on the pick guard. (The Mad Catz Fender has real screws and the pick guard is replaceable.)
Looks good in the promo videos but is really disappointedly cheap looking in person.

The neck folds back which is very nice for storage!
There is no distortion selector sticking out which always got in the way of my frantic strumming on the Mad Catz Fender.
Its a color other than Black.

Final Hopes:
Im hoping that this Guitar does not suffer from the freezing glitch that the Mad Catz Guitars have. Even after updating the firmware I still get Freezing about every hour of continuous play. I'll post back on that after I have had time to play the new update on both guitars.

I would for sure pay extra for RB gear that was made from more sturdy materials.
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