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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 4 July 2006
If you are expecting something like `Peace Sells' or even `Countdown' which are previous Megadeth records you'd be disappointed. This record isn't within that style, the band experimented with a more commercial sound, and if you open your mind you will enjoy the songs, because in most of the record the melodies work very well.

Like it or not this record has good rock songs (Prince of Darkness) as well good pop songs (I`ll be There).

Stop reading that this record is crap and listen for yourself.

Let the music play!
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on 1 January 2012
(Note to Amazon buyers - the artwork isnt what you see here. The remastered version has different artwood, Amazon should update this for collectors looking for all the artwork)

I will start by saying Risk is probably the weakest album Megadeth have released, the only other one I would declare weak is Cryptic Writings, but does this made it a bad album? It depends in how you look at it. If you look at it as another addition to the powerful thrash catalogue of long time running metal band Megadeth, then Risk can be a complete letdown, but if you value it on its own and as maybe an experimental album its actually pretty good. As I'm sure many know, Risk got its title by taking risks and coming up with different ideas and directions. That is what this album did.

Some of the main songs I like on this album are Insomnia, Crush em, The Doctor's Calling and Prince of Darkness, these songs are actually fairly heavy, just not compared to their other music. Some songs take a while to get into. If you think of this as another project it's actually pretty good and its worth getting to complete your collection. Its probably worthwhile getting the re-mastered CD as the vocals were not re-recorded like Rust in Peace and you will get the better quality version with the bass enhanced.

This was the last album to feature Marty Friedman, that for me anyway, is a good reason to own this. Marty is the best guitarist to work alongside Dave and his involvement is assuring that there will be some quality work here.

Overall Risk is quite a weak Megadeth album but it's a pretty good metal album nevertheless especially with today's generation of music. There are some good songs on here.
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on 2 February 2007 assured they didn't have this album in mind.

I think with this album you have to think more outside the box. Look at the album as a Megadeth album, AND look at it as any other album.

I checked this out because so many people critically bashed it.

In my opinion, I think it's pretty good. But hardly any of that opinion is based upon the fact that I love Megadeth. If someone listens to Megadeth because they like their style, they won't be liking this album, which is how I feel. It hasn't got any aspects about it which have made me adore Megadeth previously.

But I looked at it as any normal album, and not as a Megadeth album, and I find it very enjoyable.

As I have quite an extensive taste in music, I can probably enjoy this more than other 'Deth fans. I'm quite partial to a bit of pop and alt rock sometimes, mostly depending on my mood, and I don't find this album repulsive at all, just very very different.

But I can understand why ultra metalheads disagree.
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on 18 December 2004
Well what can i say,this is the album that seperates many a Megadeth fan.The title was chosen as Lars from metallica said that Megadeth never takes any risks,so Dave duly took this as a challenge and took a risk.
It's a well produced album with a good sound in general for megadeth and on the whole Dave doesn't push his vocals beyond their capabilities(for a change).It starts off with insomnia(not the best track to kick off proceedings with)which kind of shows where Dave wanted this album to go,it seems looking for commercial radio sucess with catchier tunes.So an opening track that won't blow you away.
Track 2 Prince Of Darkness kicks off this hit and miss cd for me,not a particularly heavy track,but the heaviest on this cd!!And is a song i do like,catchy with a classic dave outro solo.
Track 4 i feel is the worst song Megadeth have ever written it has a cheesy intro from track 3 and the words "Crush 'em" will haunt me forever more!!!
For me as a Megadeth fan from 1986 i dislike most of the cd as i find the songs too tame and lame and nothing really to grab my attention,so you can wash the dishes to this.Track 5 Breadline is okay,ploddy and catchy enough Track 8 "Wanderlust"sounds so much like Megadeth's attempt at Bon Jovi's dead or alive-Tracks 7+9 Are okay too,but i must stress okay catchy ploddy rock.
So on the whole not the finest of dave's work,after hearing this album many have not bothered with Megadeth since,it's the kind of album you may put on and your mum or dad may walk in and say "who's this? This sounds okay"And you can shrivell into the corner.
Now this is the Japanese import and has a nice extra track that wasn't on the recent dire Re-mastered,Re-issued cd.This is from the Duke Nuke 'Em game i believe,or something to do with Duke Nuke 'Em-It's quality,a really good instrumental that starts off with an almost Symphony Of Destruction riff and is a really cool paced song.The saving grace of the cd for me,u won't find this track anywhere on megadeth cd's and for me being a bit of a Megadeth completist a real gem of a song.
Get the import for the extra track but be prepared for a soft rock album that killed off alot of Megadeth's fan base.
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on 13 February 2016
I personally love this album but have mixed feelings. This is certainly not the megadeth that we grew to love. But its a great rock album!
Some wonderful melodies and musicality!! However that's probably not what most people want from a megadeth album! I love the heavier thrash metal they have done in the past and if that is what you want then look away now but if you want great melodies, hooky songs with a hint of megadeth and daves dark style then this is awesome! Except 'crush em' which is terrible!
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on 3 September 2007
I bought Risk when it first came out and was a little taken aback by how 'poppy' it sounded. But coming back to it years later, time has really been kind to Megadeth, this album in partucular sounds fresh and alive, something that is sorely lacking in Metal, yes Metal coz that's what this album is. A lot of people switched off to Megadeth when this came out, and if you read the liner notes in this Remastered version, you can see Dave Mustaine pouring his heart out knowing that this was th eend of his band, before the carpal tunnel surgery and before the Megadeth 2.0 reboot. My advice, as a die hard Megadeth fan is, give this a try (it's only £4) you'll like what you hear.
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on 21 June 2008
This album is brilliant, it has some really awesome songs and a pop metal album to be honest megadeth do a really good job at this album, and if you read the liner notes that dave has written on this remasterd version Dave tells us that he didnt want this to happen and he says he knew the band was coming to an end, so give this album a chance. I think the best songs are Insomnia (which to be honest it's a great metal song), Prince Of Darkness (another good rocker), Crush 'Em (yes it's pop metal it's still good), Seven & the last Time: The Beginning, Time: The End. You really have to be open minded about this album dont expect a thrash metal album like Peace Sells or Rust In peace, just listen to it for what it is and stop comparing this to their older albums, on it's own this album is awesome. At least after this album Dave realised this was a mistake and started going back to do thrash metal (The Worlds Needs A Hero). Megadeth fans give this a chance, and new megadeth fans buy Peace Sells and Rust In Peace the best place to start with Megadeth. DAVE MUSTAINE YOU RULE.
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on 30 October 2001
Ths album is not one of the better Megadeth records, but still is a high quality set of rock songs. I say rock because I don't class this as metal, it is similar in tone to the earlier and superior Cryptic Writings - a fair distance from the speed metal of Rust In Peace or Peace Sells...
The first track, Insomnia, is an awesome song. Listen out for its screeching violin part that floats above the power chord riff. Its truly exhilarating. There are other good tracks too, but nothing to really match the quality of earlier works. Risk is a good album, and shows Mustaine and Ellefson's ability to write different styles of music, but lets be honest, they do heavy metal so much better. If you are already a fan, then go ahead and buy this. But if you have none of their records yet, then go for Rust In Peace. You can't beat the amazing arrangements on that album. It rivals the best works of Metallica, something that Risk, though good, cannot quite do.
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on 25 December 2004
You get home from the other side of the country to find that package you ordered awaiting you. Hastily, excitedly, you pull open the cardboard, to reveal a fantastic new remastered Megadeth CD. You've previously ordered other Megadeth remasters, and so you decided to buy Risk. Oooh! It looks so pretty! The songs have pretty kewl titles too, you think, as you slide the CD into the CD player and press the lovely play button... And... you wait for something exciting to happen. You're on a track called Insomnia... Dave's fantastic vocals are there... But where's the speed? Where's the adrenaline? Where's the... the ANYTHING?

You finally realise that this is the one Megadeth CD you may actually have to sit DOWN for...

As much as I'd love to love this CD - I'm a HUGE Megadeth fan and I worship Dave Mustaine as a God. But what is up with this CD? Whereas The System Has Failed is brimming with energy and thrash riffs and has melodic vocals as the icing on the cake, this little fairy cake is all icing.

The main failing point of this CD before anything else is the distinct lack of the distinctive complexity that earlier Megadeth albums bore. Where those CDs became complex and a nightmare for the average guitarist, this CD doesn't pose much of a threat. The speeding up of earlier and later releases is lost, too - the songs start slow, continue slow and end slow. But not slow in the heavy Khanate or early Sabbath way. Slow in the "How long before I lose interest" way.

If you're expecting metal, prepare for disappointment. If you're expecting great songwriting, prepare for some disappointment. However, if you're expecting an album full of attempts to write pop music with various degrees of success, you've come to the right place!

Crush 'Em doesn't succeed in being a sports anthem. Actually, it's just awful, really.
Insomnia's been produced to Hell and back and just sounds a bit naff... Breadline's fun but it gets old just a little too quickly... Prince Of Darkness takes a while to get going, but when it does it's very kewl (if you ignore some terrible lyrics)... I'll Be There fails to be as emotive as it wants to be by being too up-tempo, a bit over-produced and faaaar too poppy. However, the CD does have some very good pieces on offer; Time: The Beginning is a beautiful piece of music where the lack of great, unrestrained guitar work actually aids the song rather than hindering it, Time: The End has some very pretty guitar soloing, if a naff intro, Seven builds up to a fantastic section that references the film Se7en ("On every street and corner lie these seven deadly sins of mine" sound a little similar to "On every street corner, in every home..." to anyone else?) Wanderlust has some great melodies and lovely, layered soft sections, Ecstacy WORKS and The Doctor Is Calling features some great, VERY creepy riffs.

Overall a very poor album, but it's definitely not without it's merits.
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on 18 April 2007
This album isn't a typical Megadeth album. It strays a long way from what we've come to expect. Gone are the Thrash riffs & complex arrangements, to be replaced with Hard Rock anthems & some Pop Metal. If that's not your thing, then you most probably won't like the album. But, to dismiss the album as "poor" or "rubbish" is just ignorant. The songs on the album are fantastic for what they are. Being a fan of both Rock & Metal, I can appreaciate a lot of what this album has to offer. I'd recommend that everyone at least give this album a listen! It might not be for everyone, but those of you who do enjoy it will dig it hard I reckon!
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