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Customer Reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars

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on 26 October 2013
The author needs to read more and use the material read to improve his own output.
The use of adjectives is sparse and consequently settings are poorly described and events are bare and unengaging.
Go read Jordan and Erikson and learn how to use descriptive language to draw your reader in.
This book puts me off anything else by the same author, sorry.
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on 9 June 2013
i was not going to buy the first edition (it cost £7) but i am glad i bought this!

the writing is good and the story is great! cannot wait for the next book(i hope)
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on 12 January 2013
So, having read the previous reviews, I thought I had a fair idea what to expect. I knew not to expect brilliant writing or a great story and something on the childish side, but I thought that would be okay. Although my favourite series are along the lines of the Wheel of Time Epic, the Black Jewel Series or L.E. Modesitt's Imager Portfolio or Corean Chronicles, I do occasionally like to read something lighter and shorter. I also tend to like books where the hero/heroine of the story is actually good at what they do, as opposed to something like the tremendously annoying Terry Goodkind books where the hero seems to win by luck more than anything. That being said, even in the books where I end up disliking the story, I generally am annoyed at the story rather than the actual words.

Not so in this case, I am barely half-way through it (and I will update this if I remember and if I ever decide to push on and finish the book) and already the number of spelling errors, poor use of punctuation, the bad grammer, the numerous repetition of sentences, the seemingly misplacement of sentences and the general sloppiness of the work has put me off the book.

So far the story seems fine and what I expected; hero boy is awesome at everything, heroine girl is awesome at everything, they fall in love and, I'm guessing (since I haven't finished it yet), kill the bad guys. Like I say, that is all fine with me, but the thing that lets this down is the editing, I honestly don't think it any editing actually happened.

So please Mr Fosberg, I know you said that you wrote this when you were 20, but that really is no excuse, when I was 20 I definitely knew the difference between "knew" and "new" or "was" and "wasn't", and you could at least check it over again before deciding to publish it now.

To all prospective buyers, I suggest that you hold off until you know (not "no") that this is sorted.
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on 10 December 2012
i thought this book was good it may not have allot of depth with the back story and the action is a bit quick but if you are looking for a book that wont make you over think on whats going on and just want to enjoy yourself then i recommend this book.
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on 10 March 2016
Absolutely brilliant read has all the magic you will ever need just wish there were more books in the series than there are
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on 2 December 2012
I seem to have lost the knack of reading between the lines when looking at book descriptions / story lines, i.e. I keep failing to realise which are kid's books & which are adult books.

This is a kid's book and not a very good one.

There used to be a phrase that denoted juvenile and / or absurd stories. It's "and with a single bound he was free"

The main characters in this book are "Superman" / "Supergirl". They are superlative at everything they do, know everything instantly, can do anything better than anyone else within minutes of learning something new and resolve any situation with
virtually no effort or possibility of failure and, although only kids (mid-teens,) are admired, envied, almost worshipped by
all their friends, relatives, teachers, etc.

I normally only write reviews when I feel that a book is so bad or ridiculous as to be almost unreadable (even by kids), but, sadly, this qualifies

I hope the author continues to write, there are a few good ideas in this book, Sorry if anyone (especially the author) feels I've been too harsh
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