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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2013
Not sure why this film is getting the roasting it is. While it may not be the deepest of films, it is a superior action/SF film that more than holds its own against the competition.

I will admit straight away to liking the unloved Chronicles of Riddick, so you may want to throw up your hands in horror and walk away now. While that got slated, at least it tried to do something different to Pitch Black. Vin Diesel worked hard to get Riddick back on screen, and if nothing else it shows his commitment to the character.

The film Riddick is taking the story back to basics. The first 20 minutes are so are excellent, when you see Riddick abandoned for dead on a nameless planet, his struggle to survive and then how he rears and befriends an alien dog. After he kills an alien beast, he finds an empty outpost and entices 2 rival groups of mercenaries down on to the planet. This effectively reestablishes the character, and demonstrates why the mercenaries who are hunting him see him as such a threat.

There is an all-too-brief flashback of Riddick among the Necromongers after Chronicles, and then the main story shifts to the mercenaries, and Riddick playing cat-and-mouse with them, picking them off while using them to get transport off the planet.

A lot have people have said that Riddick is too much like Pitch Black, however for much of the film, Riddick is more like Rambo in Space, as he uses his stealth and wits to play the mercenaries against each other until he can take them on on his own terms. And the film nicely portrays the characters of the mercenaries too, so they are not just mindless grunts.

The film isn't perfect - budgetary constraints mean the FX are a bit dodgy in places, and the final sequence were Riddick fights off hordes of alien monsters IS too similar to Pitch Black for comfort. But even here they seem to have taken the original idea and revamped it, giving more thought to the ecology on the planet so it makes more sense.

Don't believe all the bad press, this is well worth seeing. And fingers crossed it makes enough money so the final 2 films will be made.
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on 22 September 2013
Riddick finally returns in a film that really has some bite to it. it has a very distinct (and rigid) three act structure that follows on from The Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black.
It spends a good half an hour watching how Riddick survives on a desolate, barren world and introduces the threat that will shape how things play out later. After that the mercs come in in two groups, one with the aim to put Riddicks head in a box and the other to catch him for reasons other than just money.
Riddick proceeds to toy with them in what I most enjoyed about the film, he's always just out of the mercs sight and uses the planet and their tools against them in a guerilla campaign to demoralise and thin their numbers.
As the film progresses it becomes more horror oriented but managed to live up to my expectations for the series and really seems to be a passionately made film aimed squarely at its fans.
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'Vin Diesel' revisits his role as 'Riddick'
When betrayed by his own, and left for dead on a seemingly desolate
planet, 'Riddick' is in fact 'ever-so-slightly alive, he sets out to
regain his strength and adjust his life to survive what is proving
to be a dangerous place to be.
Soon 'Riddick' is joined on this nowhere planet by bounty-hunters from
around the galaxy, one group wanting his 'head' the other information
first, death afterwards.
However this 'one' guy isn't gonna' roll-over anytime soon, all 'Riddick'
wants is a 'ride' off the God-forsaken Planet before things get a whole
lot worse.
(one or two interesting creatures along the way)
An enjoyable Sci-Fi adventure, with great action sequences and a heap of
impressive C.G.I (special-effects)...........great Blu-Ray and sound
quality throughout.
Extra's : 'Vin's' Riddick.......'Meet the 'Mercs'.......and 'Riddick:-
Blindside'...........Exclusive to Blu-Ray features: Both theatrical
version and 'Director's Cut( I watched the latter) also 'The Twohy Touch'
'Riddickian Tech' and the 'World of Riddick'
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on 14 October 2013
Vin Diesel is back playing one of his greatest roles, Riddick is the third instalment to the franchise and is certainly one of the best, it goes back to its pitch black roots on a dark and desolate planet surrounded by danger at every turn, great visual look to the film, amazing effects, very violent as usual as you would expect it is certainly better going back to R rated territory, the story is very cool, great cast all round, exciting action and effects, a top Sci-Fi really worth checking out, its certainly stands apart from most of the other comical so called Sci-Fi this year!!
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on 29 July 2014
Great to see the return of Riddick and in general this was an immensely enjoyable piece of sci-fi action in the same style as its previous two parts. Definitely a worthy addition to the series and Riddick himself is on top form as the lethal anti-hero in peril. The love and devotion to the franchise shines through in this movie, it was made with great care for the material and it shows.

Problems? There are a few. First and foremost the lack of a decent opponent or any real threat to Riddick as he seems able to fight his way out of anything and lacks any sort of fear or vulnerability. The character of 'Johns' is meant to be his nemesis here but Johns never provides any real threat or indeed presence.

Second problem is the poor continuity with the previous movies. The ending of 'Chronicles of Riddick' is dealt with and forgotten within the first few scenes of 'Riddick' and then we are back to square one with Riddick as a lone refugee stranded on a strange world with dangerous aliens and monsters. Sound familiar? That's because it becomes a re-hash of Pitch Black pretty soon into the movie.

The aliens/monsters are great, and especially the dogs. But the human cast are lacking in motivation and threat. I would like to see Riddick up against a real human antagonist able to challenge him physically and strategically. What about somebody with see-in-the-dark ability or some equal power to his?

There were odd moments that remind us (rather uncomfortably) that Riddick is not a nice person and we should not like him. (He even hints at rapist tendancies at one point). For me these moments spoil him as a character, or perhaps that is the idea, to make us feel uncomfortable rooting for him?

Despite its issues, this is a solid chunk of science fiction and it only disappoints in comparison to 'Chronicles of Riddick' because it doesn't take the story forward in a way that expands that universe at all. Fingers crossed for a part 4 to address that.
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on 5 February 2014
typical vin diesel film ,i do enjoy this series of films ,to watch this you have to have seen the first two ,this film follows on from those two ,story continues and melts in seamlessly ,the CGI is excellent ,the acting is excellent ,very good story ,lots of action in this film can't give you too much don't want to spoil the film ,its good ,its very good ,if you like riddick get this film
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on 22 December 2013
This film is no-stop Vin Diesel action from start to finish. It certainly pulls no punches however having seen this in 3D at the cinema,
I would perhaps say wait til it comes out in 3D if you have the suitable telly.
Diesel performs his charismatic magic and yet again finds himself against impossible odds.
One hell of a roller-coaster ride.
You won't regret it.
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on 29 May 2015
I have been waiting years for a sequel to the Chronicles of Riddick, I always wondered what happened after Riddick became the Lord marshal and now I finally know. The movie has a lot of things in common with the first movie ( Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Back). They share similar settings, unknown world, full of hostile native life, a trapped Riddick and mercs chasing him. Its full of action and continues the story of Riddick very well. The blue ray edition gives the extended version of the movie, interviews and Riddick: Blindsided which fills in the gap between The Chronicles of Riddick and this movie.
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on 30 July 2014
Vin Diesel.... That should be enough for a review in itself.
Riddick.... Again I shouldn't have to say more.

But I will, for those that loved Pitch Black (more so those that weren't a fan of the Chronicles of Riddick), this film brings back all of the brilliance that was from the first film. While I do like all of the Riddick films, I think I have to say this is my favourite, You see him Broken at the beginning, the film explains what happened in regards to the Necro's and then it gets going on another Desolate world that seems to want to kill you at every opportunity. There is a nice twist in the storyline of which I won't spoil.

I will however say this, I am most disappointed in the fact they killed off Riddicks pet!!!
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on 30 June 2016
The best of the trilogy. The graphics are super. Story line is well thought out. I don't know how it slipped through my "must add to my collection". I love these odd land movies . With the theme "What if".
If you are looking fo SiFi with brilliant graphics and bags of action do not miss this one. Mind you one and two are great as well.
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