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on 27 May 2012
Having got through a few cameras this year it has been a relief to find one that does what it claims. I use this camera outdoors in all weathers with groups of children and it has survived being dropped and bumped around, torrential rain, scorching heat, mud and dust! It has a variety of different picture settings and a useful zoom for taking pictures of minibeasts and plants. Am very inmpressed so far...
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on 27 August 2013
I give this 5 stars as it does everything described. It arrived very promptly and included a slip on cover which I wasn't expecting. The battery was fully charged, so it just needed an SD card to start taking good quality photos. I took it to work and found the miniturise feature a nice creative touch for crowd shots. There's high contrast b & w as well as standard b & w which I also liked and a lomoesqe feature too.
Overall it has good start up time, handy if you don't have long to grab a shot, 5 x optical zoom which is better than most cheap compacts, and the picture resolution is much better than I expected, even in landscape mode. Feel very confident I won't be disappointed leaving the Canon dslr behind when in the pool or at the beach.
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on 25 February 2013
Good little camera, easy to use, works well on dry land and also underwater. Auto light filter gives great pictures of fish well recommended for fellow snorkel swimmers
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on 4 November 2013
Further to my earlier review below, I have to downgrade my original rating. I dropped the camera a small distance, no more than 6 inches, onto a metal protrusion cracking the rear display (it would fall that way, wouldn't it!). It seems to me a camera designed for use in 'activity' conditions should be more robust than that. I seem to remember another reviewer experiencing the same thing, hence the downgrade.

On the minus side, it is well documented that the picture quickly becomes very grainy in poor light conditions so probably best to set the 'Maximum for ISO' option to no more than 400. As also commonly pointed out, the display on the back is not great but I can live with that - for me it's the captured image that is most important. [Incidentally, and I can't be certain of this, but I got the distinct impression that the picture displayed immediately after taking a shot looks sharper than when viewing it later in playback mode. In fact, if you set the LCD Confirmation Time to 'Hold' you can actually see the display switch to a fuzzier image after a couple of seconds. Why would that be I wonder?]

I purchased the camera principally for outdoor use so the low light limitation shouldn't normally apply. However, I was initially disappointed with the results in hazy conditions. I then discovered that the Super Resolution option improves things quite a bit though I'm not inclined to use it unless the standard results are wanting. There is also an Image Setting option which I haven't experimented with yet that may improve things further.

Something I wasn't expecting and a real bonus was how closely the camera can focus (I think 3cm's was mentioned somewhere). This is great for getting close-up detail of plants or insects etc.

I like the simple set of controls on the back and don't find the menu navigation to be too labyrinthine. You just need to have a play to get a feel for what is where.

Finally, I found the handbook to be pretty good (it's no use having great features if you don't know they're there or can't work out how to get to them) though you do sometimes have to hop through several onward references to arrive at the information you're looking for.

All in all a nice camera to have as a 'carry around'. Don't expect the results to get into National Geographic but they will give you something quite reasonable for you to show your friends what you did on your adventure holiday.
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on 30 November 2013
Bought this for my trip to OZ and took this snorkelling for underwater shots - excellent, it was underwater for approx 90 mins taking pics and videos, the battery life was really good considering I never turned it off at all underwater!!! Pics turned out very well and overall it really is very well waterproof!!! This is by far the longest time I have used a camera in the water without any water leakage.
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on 1 October 2013
This camera is really compact and so easy to use. Very clear pictures, although I have not yet had the opportunity to use it underwater. Nothing to dislike about the camera. The service was excellent. I ordered at the last minute before going on holiday as my previous underwater camera expired!. I e mailed the seller and the camera was delivered before went on holiday.
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on 13 January 2013
Just the job - good quality pictures and a robust little camera.
Just what we needed - this is kept in our warehouse/works unit to take pictures for quality control purposes.
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on 14 November 2013
Ricoh can produce some outstanding cameras and are mostly renown for their high quality cameras with sharp lenses and excellent image quality. The PX, however, is not one of them.

My own PX lasted approx 3 months before giving up the ghost entirely, failing to power-on despite all known tweaks and tricks. I returned it under UK warranty (Fair do's)and eventually returned after spending around six weeks with their repair agent. they sent me a replacement back, not the original.

My son and I used it fairly frequently for a couple of months - but we were mostly let down by overall poor image quality. This was particularly evident when images were viewed at anything larger than small postcard size. (Both of us are reasonably experienced amateur photographers - and we both know how to use the different settings and functionality of most digital cameras, by the way.)

If you are thinking of buying the Ricoh PX - and believe you'll be buying into the famous Ricoh quality, then, I think you'll be quite disappointed.

IMHO It's not even worth it as a "budget camera for your kids" because it will struggle to produce even half-decent images except under the most favourable of lighting conditions. Yes -it's waterproof and dustproof and drop-proof and temperature tolerant - but that doesn't compensate for the mediocre images. (and I believe I'm being generous here!)

Colours are accurate, however, my experience with the PX was not good - images consistently smeared with noise, fuzziness and graininess (is that a word?) - which is present at anything other than very good outdoors light. (And we don't exactly get a lot of that here in Blighty now - do we?) Indoor images using on-board flash are OK - as long as the subject is in range of the tiny flsh unit. Forget about taking photos indoors or in low light without the flash though. - You'll just end up with extreme grain and noise - AND that's only if you manage to get the thing focussed.

Focussing in good light is fairly good.....but then, composing by adjusting zoom is a nightmare. You'll end up fiddling around to compose your shot with the frustratingly inaccurate zoom control....by which time, your subject has probably either moved away .....or perhaps even died. Not impressed!

In summary, the PX is a nice looking, well built camera that will only perform in good sunlight or close-up flashlit situations. Anything else is most likely to end up a grainy, noisy and blurred mess. Do yourself a favour - Buy something else and save yourself from some missed memories. The PX is way outdated now anyway.

I am Soooo pleased that I originally bought my PX at a considerable discount (during a Ricoh promo) rather than paying the full list price at the time (Which, I recall, was close on 200 quid). It's been a sad experience and I've since given the offending object away.

I bit the bullet and went for the Nikon AW100 (Now replaced by the AW110} - which, in comparison, is brilliant!! It's teenage Son-proof and takes good photographs above and below the water - and more importantly, it's NEVER let us down.

....Yer pays yer money...etc. etc.
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on 28 July 2013
We've had 2 Panasonic Lumix's and both have failed after a while because they get grit in the lens system and fail to focus so QI thought I'd try a different brand. I've always been interested in Ricoh so I thought I'd give them a go. This is the cheapest of their range I think but it seems very robust - a bit of a brick in fact, quite chunky and solid and as I say it has no moving parts when you switch it on the only thing that happens is the screen lights up and a little green light goes on. I guess t has a digital zoom, in the same way that iPhones and camera phones generally do. But it seems to work OK. It has 16 mb max picture size so you can get a lot of detail. The only downside is that it seems to take quite a long time to focus which means you can't do quick point and shoot so not very good for action photography. You have to be quite deliberate with it. It's very handy using the same USB cable to charge the battery and download your photos to the computer. I've not managed to make the movie function work. It only seems to shoot movies that are 25 seconds long but that may be my own incompetence. All in all I think that this is a pretty brilliant bit of kit for the price. The battery lasts for a good long time as well. Also I've discovered that you can buy spare rechargeable batteries on Amazon for about £4.50 so if you somewhere where you can't do a recharge you can keep a charged up spare.
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on 9 February 2014
No, I don't think this is a great camera, as other reviewers have said the low light performance is very grainy

It's a same it's not even available now - but I have also uploaded some underwater pictures - and it does take quite reasonable pictures

I suspect the picture noise is due to the self-contained optical zoom, which must make the sensor extremely small

In normal light the picture quality is not as good as my Canon Ixus HS125, but I bought it as a convenient underwater camera that happened to take OK pictures other than a full all-rounder

I have taken pictures of the same subject in reasonable February light and am quite happy with the results - if I can figure out how I will upload the results

Underwater shots come out OK too - there may be a white balance correction - I put the very blue pictures through pixlr's autofix routine and got some quite reasonable pictures from it - I've uploaded a few

To those who say they don't get sharp results, I think you must have a faulty sample. Unless you're waving the camera wildly while shooting, shooting through something cloudy, or have dirt all over the lens you are likely to get good, if not great, results from this camera. Independent reviews say the same thing
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