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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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I've been really lucky that in the past year I have come across quite a few series that I have absolutely loved and the Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver is right there at the top. Her world in which Love is considered a disease called Delira that can be "cured" has had me captivated from the very first page.

The story of Lena Holloway who was 95 days away from being cured and looking forward to it until she meets the mysterious and sweet Alex unfolds through Delirium, Pandaemonium and ends in Requiem.

The story picks up in the Wilds after Lena and Julian have escaped with the help of Lena's mom and the resistance and reunited with the thorny but brilliant Raven and Tack and the bombshell that Alex is alive has exploded squarely over Lena's head.

The one thing I felt this book was clearly lacking from the get-go was romance. The stomach clenching, butterfly inducing, stolen moments between our heroine and either of her love interests were sorely lacking. Alex for the majority of the book is distant and mean and Julian is like a sweet affable puppy you wince in anticipation of having his heart stomped on by Lena unintentional as it may be.

The real action takes place outside the love triangle as the resistance grows and the war on Love is taken to a new level by the Regulators who are determined to stomp it out by any brutal means necessary.

We also get to rejoin Hana's story as she prepares for marriage to Fred Hargrove, new mayor of Portland with a dark side to match Darth Vader.

We say goodbye to some loved characters and hello to some really interesting ones. The book as a whole is fantastic but the ending feels lacking...Perhaps it is my unwillingness to say goodbye to characters I have adored but it feels like a distinct lack of resolution that makes me long for a book four! The ending is hopeful and while it's clear our Heroine still has tough times ahead, you are left comforted in the knowledge that she is more than up to it.
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on 27 March 2013
Pandemonium ended on such a cliffhanger that the wait for Requiem was almost impossible. I would have liked to have it begin right where Pandemonium left off, when Alex makes an appearance, but no, it's a few days later so we've missed the initial reactions. But the tension is heavy between Alex, Lena and Julian. Though I don't think I can blame Alex for the way he feels.

I did feel really sorry for Julian though as I'd also become really fond of him in Pandemonium. Being who he is, going into the camp full of resistant strangers was hard enough without the added conflict. And Lena, is only ally, I feel blows hot and cold towards him.

This was a love triangle that had me all over the place. Usually, I find that I have a clear persuasion towards one of the guys, but both Alex and Julian stole my affections. I admit that I didn't completely love Delirium and Alex was my favourite thing about that book. The ending shocked and upset me and I fervently hoped that he'd be making a re-appearance in Pandemonium. But I, much like Lena, didn't expect to also fall for Julian.

There wasn't many romantic moments in this book but, given the environment, on the move in search of a permanent settlement, and being constantly on alert for being attacked, I wouldn't have expected too many stolen moments. Which I was glad off, because it meant I could enjoy reading without feeling too much apprehension for the guy who wasn't on the receiving end of Lena's affections.

This book has the added POV of Hana, which I honestly wasn't overjoyed about, feeling that I'd just want to keep getting back to Lena and where the action was. But I found myself really enjoying it. It was interesting to see the war from the other side, where she's paired with the cruel and antagonistic new mayor, and also to see how much influential people can get away with. Not only the resistance, but a lot of the cured's are going to suffer more than they are already, under his plans. The cure doesn't appear to have worked properly for Hana and she's aware that her fiancée is wrong and maybe even slightly crazy.

Unfortunately, disappointing is the first word to come to mind when I try to describe the ending of this book. In fact, it doesn't feel like an ending at all. More like it just cut off in the middle. So much left unanswered. Hana, the romance, the resistance, the war......we aren't given any clarity of how things turn out in any of these, just completely open ended, something I really don't like, but I felt it was taken to the extreme here.

As the final book in the series, and I completely enjoyed reading it, hence four stars, the ending was not in the least bit satisfying. An epilogue would have been needed or maybe a novella or something to tidy things up. I definitely feel things need to be tied up in this series.
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on 1 February 2014
I'm going to point out straight away this is a spoiler free review.

I managed to read Pandemonium and Requiem very close together as I feel that you really do need to plough straight into the final book. I struggled to get into Pandemonium because I had left a huge gap between that one and the first book Delirium. I was not going to make this mistake again.

Where do I start......? I feel a bit sad and bereft, not from completing the series, but for well the ending. The story seems to go rather well and it's exciting but bam I'm hit with the end and it feels just like someone has pulled the rug from under me. So much more could have gone on. I was not finished and I feel like the door has been slammed in my face. This story was sailing into the four star review section until right at the end.

I have invested so much time in the characters and loved them and championed some of them. But I feel that they have been shortchanged. I actually feel quite aggrieved.

Other than that it was a really interesting series. Lena was a fantastic character, you could see her developing throughout the book. And the boys, well I loved Alex and Julian and I must admit I kept changing my mind who I liked the most, even though I think Alex sneaked back in first place. Great selection of characters. Loved the writing style but it's just the end, I think I'm going to be harping on about it for years to come.

Despite my grumblings I would love to check out more books by this author.
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on 9 April 2013
I loved Requiem! Yet again, Lauren Oliver had me gripped from the very beginning and I whizzed through this book in a matter of hours!

This time, we experience the chapters from both Hana and Lena. I enjoyed how the book went between the two and it was intriguing to see both sides of the revolution as it were. I also liked reading from Hana's perspective (having been cured) because it showed that actually, she was still herself, her mind hadn't been 'numbed' and she still had a rebellious streak. I guess I'd imagined that after the cure, people would almost be like zombies and not feel anything. Lauren Oliver challenged this perception by enabling us to see inside Hana's head.

In terms of Lena, her character grew on me again throughout this book. I admired her stronger character. This book features lots of action; there's rarely a dull moment. Alongside the action though, there is of course some romance, keeping it in line with Delirium and Pandemonium. The 'love triangle' was all the more apparent in this book, but I'm definitely pleased with how things ended (you'll have to read it to find out!!)

Unlike some other reviews I've read, I actually liked the ending. It was hopeful. No, it doesn't answer everyone's questions, but that's almost left down to the reader to fill in the gaps and imagine them in your own way! Yes, I probably would have liked an epilogue to explain more, but that's not really in keeping with dystopian novels. We never really get to know what the future society is like or if the characters all end up happy, and I think that Lauren Oliver had to keep this in mind.

I'm sure if you enjoyed the other two books, you will certainly be pleased with this one! A thrilling series and I'm sad it's now over...
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on 30 August 2015
As the last in the trilogy this book was the most anticipated in the series for me and it delivered on so many levels.

The book starts with the uncureds making their way north again and Lena's confused relationships with both newly arrived Alex and Julian. This book culminates in the groups fight for survival as forces from the other side step their efforts to wipe them out. Lena is also coming to realise she has changed and so has her mother and what that means for the future.

This definitely isn't a stand alone novel and does need to be read with the other two books in the trilogy but is well worth waiting for. I think my only criticism is that the ending didn't seem definite enough for me and I felt a bit let down by it.

Looking forward to reading more books by this author.
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on 22 April 2013
Ive loved this trilogy since I read the first book - it was amazing!
But I must say that this book was something of a disappointment. There was no grammatical mistakes, but it was how the story ending which was disappointing.
Ive never really minded a book with an 'open ending' but a trilogy like this needs! a closure of some sort. You cannot write three books which leads up to so much without giving it an ending! Nevermind who she ends up with or how the ending will be. But it needs an ending to give the trilogy a 'purpose'. With an open ending like the one in this book, it feels like there was no meaning with these books at all. Yeah okay, Lena becomes a 'woman', but that is it. There is no conclusion on their 'fight for love-campaign', which means that you have no idea whether they will succeed or not.
This book needs a closure, a conclusion or whatever it takes to pick up all the loose ends which are stilling hanging there.
A trilogy like this which leads up to so much is not meant to have an open ending like this, which is the reason why I'm only giving it three stars.
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on 7 October 2014
This is difficult as the books are well written, the characters are fantastic but the ending lets the book and more importantly the whole trilogy down! I almost feel like the second book has a better ending for the book. This book gave me some new Alex and Lena scenes but the ending takes the story no further forward than the ending of Pandemonium.
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on 10 April 2014
This review contains spoilers from 'Delirium' and 'Pandemonium'. If you're interested in reading the trilogy I would avoid this review.

A Spoiler Free Bit About the Book

Alex is alive. Just when Lena was trying to move on with Julian. But there are more important things happening in Lena's world.
A rebellion.

My Review

I enjoyed 'Requiem' more than 'Pandemonium' but again it was no where near meeting the brilliance of 'Delirium'.

Like 'Pandemonium', I felt 'Requiem' had a very slow start. but not only that, I couldn't understand why it took so long to get going. I felt that some of the build up was unnecessary. I just wanted to get to it. Fast. Much faster than 'Requiem' allowed.

The dual perspective didn't shock me as a lot of YA novels (including some of mine) use this. But it did shock me who had the second perspective. It was a twist on the norm and it was fantastic.

I loved getting some of the old characters back as I missed them so much in 'Pandemonium'. But I found I cared less and less for Julian who I never particularly liked in the first place, which probably didn't help.

Again, as always, there were beautiful turns of phrase and description, something I expect with Oliver now.

The ending, once I got there at long last, was excellent. I felt the sting of betrayal as though it was my own. I got to the point where I had my hand permanently over my mouth, heart pounding, terrified with every chapter I was going to let characters die by reading but I couldn't put it down.

The final paragraph was one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I've ever come across. I read it over and over and had to share it with my best friend. It took my breath away, cleansed my soul and altogether tore me apart.

Unfortunately there was a particularly huge loose end left over that was never resolved. I was disappointed it wasn't fully solved and felt a little cheated.


Plot - 6/10 - YA fiction's full of rebellions, nothing new here.

Way Plot Was Pursued - 7/10 - The two perspectives were a great new way to look at the world.

Characters - 8/10 - I couldn't have been happier to see the old ones again.

Style -7/10 - Usual Oliver style, no disappointments there.

Pace - 6/10 - too slow, far too slow.

Would I recommend it? - No. I'm still of the opinion that you should just read 'Delirium' and leave it there.

Would I look up the author? - Yes. I'm intrigued about the excerpt in the back for Oliver's new book which I will look up.

'Requiem' was okay. But again, it wasn't 'Delirium'.
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on 27 March 2013
Once again I seem to find myself at odds with the majority of reviewers on this book! I recently read Clockwork Princess, the final book in the Infernal Devices trilogy, which I was awaiting as impatiently as this final instalment of the Delirium trilogy, and actually what I disliked about that was that every single possible thread / storyline was tied up in a super neat bow. You were left with no room to breathe or imagine the future of the characters, their happy ending was all mapped out. Which seems to be what some people are disappointed didn't happen in this trilogy...

However, while I admit there could have been a bit more tying up of loose ends in this book, I actually think it was great, and much preferred the more open ending.

The thing is, dystopian fiction is reeeaallly hard to wrap up in a satisfying way. The opening book in these kind of trilogies will always be the best in my opinion; it's very hard to take that set-up and develop it across 3 books into a realistic ending. Look at Ally Condle's 'Matched' trilogy, Uglies quartet or even the Hunger Games. It's unrealistic to expect the resistance to completely overhaul the entire system in the final book. I did think to myself - 'How is she going to resolve this?' and I actually think it was done in the best way possible. Focus on the human relationships, on the difficulties of resisting, and of breaking free from oppression. It's not neat, it's not simple, and it doesn't happen overnight. I think Lauren Oliver captured that really well, whilst still remaining true to the love story that was the catalyst, and offering a sense of hope and momentum at the end. We don't know exactly what happened, but we get the sense the tide has turned, and the symbolic hole in the wall offers a glimpse of freedom. I loved that, and I love the dual narrative of Hana and Lena's story which added to this sense of spiralling towards a showdown. Hana's private battle and the way she fights back is understated and wonderful. The first book will always be my favourite, but I think this was a great and appropriate ending to a wonderful trilogy.
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on 5 February 2014
When i was reading reviews for this book i had my doubts because of what people were saying about Lena and Alex, and Julian. I bought it anyway and I'm so glad i did. I think people misunderstood the book, Alex was hurt after seeing Lena with Julian, id be a right bitch if my boyfriend didn't try and look for me even if it had been 6 months or so. He was mean yes, but he was hurt, that's all. This book has good hidden twists and I'm glad i brought it :)
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