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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 August 2004
This is undoubtedly one of the most significant metal releases of the last few years. What Mastodon have done with this album, is combine elements from several forms of extreme metal and fuse with a large slab of jazz and hardcore.
Mastodon have created a truly unique sound that is really refreshing. The level of technical proficiency displayed on this album is astonishing! With the band switching from crushingly brutal, to catchy and melodic seamlessly.
The drumming is awe inspiring, Brann Dailor is constantly rolling off amazing fills, and it never gets tiresome, he just keeps you on your toes the whole way through. The guitar work is also good, very technical and precise, featuring some very unique and jazzy riffs; in fact March of the fire ants has one of the best opening riffs I've ever heard! I really like the vocals as well, there done in a shouty/raspy kind of manner, and whilst there nothing amazing, they do fit the music perfectly. For all fans of extreme metal.
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on 11 April 2007
As with Lifesblood, when listening to Remission one can certainly hear the formidable musical heights that Mastodon wish to scale (and have subsequently conquered with sublime releases such as Leviathan and Blood Mountain). That is not to say that this recording is in any way inferior to the later releases. Indeed, being one of my first exposures to Mastodon, some of these tracks remain at the top of my most listened to list.

Certainly by the time Remission was recorded Mastodon had discovered that special something that has seen them elevated above being easily classified as just another hardcore/thrash/techmetal/progrock/whatever outfit. Their music has a depth rarely found in the often shallow or frivolous contemporary metal scene. I find that listening to Mastodon is like being bludgeoned with something massively dense but beautifully soft. Not until the proceedings are over do you realise that you are bleeding from the ears.

This recording has a real sense of the 'live performance' and you sometimes wonder if you are listening to a Mastodon Jam session as Brann Dailor's drumming drives the band along a technical tightrope. But this ever present danger of witnessing four musicians collapse in a grinding heap imbues the recording with levels of energy that few bands manage to capture in a studio.

If you are lucky enough to find Remission, buy it.
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on 17 September 2003
Mastodon are a truly frightening proposition. Counting former members of noisefreaks 'Today Is The Day' amongst their ranks this should come as no surprise, but what really shocks is the sheer all-out heaviness on show here.
Whereas Today Is The Day often sound a little samey, and their albums tend to drag somewhat, you could never level that accusation at Mastodon. There is loads of variety on this album - the band are not content with merely making a bowel-clenchingly heavy rumble, they like to chuck some variety in as well. Not since Bloodlet's majestic outro piece from 'The Seraphim Fall' have acoustic guitars been used to such unnerving effect as on this album. 'Ole Nessie' has a real supreme menace to it, and the fact that the song is bookended by quieter passages makes it all the more threatening.
Fusing extreme metal (hardcore tinged with grindcore) with more diverse influences such as southern rock and death metal, this has to be one of the most impressive albums for a long time.
The highlight of the album comes quickly, with 'March Of The Fire Ants' - a monstrous intro, followed by a spine-splittingly heavy main riff that wouldn't sound out of place on a Meshuggah album. The bridge is a beautiful harmonised arpeggiated piece that is reminiscent of Iron maiden at their best! and the song then breaks down in a similar vein to Neurosis circa 'Times Of Grace' before returning to the opening riff briefly to end the song on a high note. Superb.
Essential listening, and could set the blueprint for an entirely new breed of metal. Relapse have come up trumps again!
If you like this try:
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Soilent Green - Sewn Mouth Secrets
Today Is The Day - Temple Of The Morning Star
Clutch - Transnational Speedway League
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Mastodon's debut album Remission is a very interesting album. Containing many of the band's finest work, such as the energetic `Crusher Destroyer,' the Kyuss influenced `Mother Puncher,' and the perennial concert favourite `March of the Fire Ants.'
There is a lot to enjoy about Remission; from Brann Dailor's especially fast and complex drumming, to Bill and Brent's sludgy one minute, extreme the next guitar styles.
There are only two downsides on Remission, the first is that it is very brash, and on the faster songs the production and near constant snare drum rolls can become uncomfortable to the listener. The second is that the vocals are muddier, vaguer and lower in the mix than you may expect, a problem which Mastodon reversed on all their subsequent albums.
These minor flaws should not be too distracting, and won't really compromise your enjoyment of this otherwise fantastic album.
It would be easy to argue that Remission is Mastodon's heaviest album, and their least progressive, the majority of the material is very direct and harsh. `Trampled Underhoof,' and `Workhorse,' would fit perfectly in any extreme metal collection while still retaining the trademark Mastodon sound.
`Ole Nessie,' and excellent closer `Elephant Man,' are cleaner and provide some diversity, while still displaying the same inspired song writing and virtuosic musicianship that makes the album such a rewarding listen.
Songs like `Trilobite,' and `Trainwreck,' mix the two styles successfully and are perfect examples of what Mastodon do well. Slow hypnotic arpeggios in unusual tuning giving way to heavy Neurosis inspired choruses, with many interesting stops along the way.
Every fan of Mastodon should check out Remission, especially those from a more Metal than Prog background.
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on 1 February 2004
This is the best metal album to come out in the last ten years. There is no conceivable reason for you to not buy it.
Mastodon have somehow combined all my favourite things about the '80s Slayer and Metallica records and modern death metal, and created the simply stunning masterpiece you have wisely chosen to investigate further. This has set the bar for contemporary extreme music way, way high.
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on 29 February 2004
I'm into metal/hard rock (with a bit of death metal on the side) and have been disappointed with offerrings over the last few months. Until I heard Remission from Mastodon.
I find describing music very difficult so what makes this album special? Quite simply, all the tunes are good. It's not like Darkness whose album starts brilliantly and then tails off really badly. All the tracks on this album are superb. The tunes are memorable. You'll find yourself huming/shouting/yelling/screaming along with all the tracks on this album . (My favourite: Ol'e Nessie).
To sum up the albums greatness, I rank it on a par with the classic Symbolic from Death themselves.
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on 25 June 2013
Purchased this for my son who used to have this but got lost. He absolutely loves this CD and is very pleased with it. He has their other CD's too.
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on 29 September 2011
Mastodon have been my favourite band for many a year now and I cannot recommend this or any of their albums more.

this is hard hitting stuff but several listens will reveal a great ear for a catchy tune / riff. Not a bad song on it but I must admit I do love Where Strides the Behemoth and Burning Man...... but they are all great songs.

if you are unsure put March of the Fire Ants into youtube and listen to how a great metal band operate.

5 stars

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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2005
Following on from their debut EP Lifesblood Mastodon keep the quality high for their first full-length album Remission. Essentially Mastodon take the props of death metal – the grunting vocals, distorted guitars, pounding drums – and breathe new life into the genre by expanding and opening out the sound with strange swirling guitar riffs and odd drum beats. What is most impressive is that they manage to do this without going down the obvious commercial sell-out route (unlike the mass of current so-called ‘extreme’ bands who have death metal verses only to drop into big melodic radio-friendly choruses) so even when they scale back the noise for the likes of instrumental Elephant Man the music is still interesting and un-commercial. Lyrically the band also wisely branch out from typical death metal lyrics, though if there is a criticism here its that the band are so wilfully obscure here that it’s difficult to understand what any particular song actually means, so they do tend to blur together a bit. Still – a fine debut album for those looking for some genre-busting extreme metal.
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on 14 September 2012
2012 vinyl pressing review. I love this album but....

Not a great sounding pressing if I'm honest. It sounds as distorted as the CD. A wasted opportunity on the part of the label Relapse records.
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