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on 5 May 2012
i was expecting this to really cane like an epilator or waxing. its not at all. i got straight to the highest setting and on double flash ideal for legs etc..single setting for arm etc

it feels like hot pin pricks in milliseconds. it doesnt even hurt doing back of legs ass epilating i literally had to 'brace myself' for that pain..same with waxing...ouch

so doing those areas with the IPL is so much less painful.

i did shave before hand and missed a few hairs and just having a few hairs zapped does smell rank. burning hair...so thats why its advised you shave prior to using it.

the hand piece sound like a not-as-loud hair dryer and after a few flashes it gets waRrm and the fan in the hand set whirrs a bit more faster and a bit more louder, bit like a computer CPU fan...to cool it down.

i cant wait for the results and so far im so pleased with this. ive chucked out my wax strips and epilator for good.
this is the way forward.
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on 3 December 2011
I bought this IPL after much deliberating and review searching. It was half price and although I was dubious as to whether it would actually work, the majority of the reviews I read said this was one of the best machines to buy.

The first time I used it I had no idea what to expect. I experimented on my leg and received what felt like a mini electric shock/flick by an elastic band. I decided to go for it and put the machine onto level 4. First stop, after having shaved all areas I wanted to be hair free, was my underarms. Literally took 1 minute per underarm with no redness or stinging afterwards. I then moved onto my bikini area. I tend to remove a lot of hair from this area and I would say this was probably the most painful. Well I wouldn't class it as painful but as it's a more sensitive area you definitely feel it more. This took around 5 minutes. Last stop was the legs. I managed to do one tiny strip on my legs before the machine got too hot and had to be switched off. I then found I had to do bits and keep turning the machine off to let it cool down. If I didn't have to do this I guess it would probably take around 10/15 minutes per leg.

After the first attempt I didn't notice any difference in hair regrowth so decided to try again a week later. I've carried on like this for about 4 weeks now. There is a definite difference in the hair on my legs. After 2 goes, the regrowth had slowed right down so I now do that every two weeks. The bikini area is showing improvement. In some places, the hair has stopped growing but other areas still remain unaffected and grow as normal. However, the more I use the machine, the bigger the areas that are becoming hair free. As for my underarms, this seems to be the most unaffected area. I haven't really noticed any difference in hair regrowth and I use the machine on level 5. I'll keep at it and hopefully the hair will stop eventually.

Positives - quick, relatively pain free and does eventually start to show results. I used to epilate so I am a definite fan of this method.

Negatives - machine overheats quite quickly. I'm lucky to do the whole of my bikini area before it overheats. The head of the machine is really small. You can't really tell where it's worked and where it hasn't so I find I have to make tiny movments to ensure the whole area is done and am probably going over the same area twice which it advises against.

I would recommend this machine based on the results I am seeing so far. If it carries on this like on my bikini area and legs I'll be very impressed.
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on 13 September 2013
I have strong hair and pale skin, so ideal combination. It definitely works as hair was noticeably thinner within a few sessions. However, it overheats quite quickly which slows the process down whilst you turn it off and wait a few seconds for it to cool. I am also on my 2nd unit as the first one malfunctioned after approx 2 months. Overall though I am pleased with it which is why I ordered another one.
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on 10 October 2011
ok i bought the i light a few weeks ago. what happened ?
lets address some basic ones does it hurt - not really
but it depends on how thick the skin is in different body areas
and that sort of thing, but it hurts different in different areas the worst area was the upper thighs, (i wasnt calling others liars lol), at worst it was about an epilator pain level but more than a small laser unit. but its not unbearale to me anyway.
is it easy to use - yes and very easy by comparison to
some home laser units.
what happens - you basically have 2 modes single flash that recharges every 2 secs.
or an auto mode where you press the switch and slide it along and it flashes automatically every 2 seconds thats just the charge time internally on the device.t
it dosent burn the hair off but it can smell a bit like curling tongs and lasers do.
i had to treat the areas a bit more than once every 2 weeks. the hair grew back thats normal it says so in the manual, but it is finer and with less color and easy to remove and gives a very smooth result, but it dosent say it dosent grow at all.
it also says hairfree for up to 3 months after you achieve the desired results, and also dose not suggest its a permanent effect, you dont buy one and use it and you have less hair forever, you have to keep doing it. it does reduce it the way it says on me anyway in that sense as in the instructions inside. im giving the comments as a initial response, but i cant see it dosent on me if it ever does anything else on others, as it does say the response can vary as you can probably appreciate.
i have fair skin and dark hair to be honest probably a near ideal mix.
all i can see so far is finer hair, you do shave the area dont forget.
it also dosent feel as prickly and feels fresher and less yukky as it grows.
the skin may redden slightly it fades in a few hours, and it may feel like slight sunburn(i think another reviewer said that too). if you use it more than every 2 weeks, it does seem to sensitize the skin slightly if you use it more frequently than once a fortnight. personally id let it all go back to normal for a few weeks if it ever does, although it had gone the morning after, to be on the safe side when im telling you. but all i can see is what the instructions said unless im hallucinating.
so anyway it seems it will reduce it that way, be aware it dosent say permanently
you dont treat it and it never comes back, and the regrowth is specified in the manual too.
you get 1500 flashes from one bulb, that will cover youre body about 2 1/2 times
at least i found that (approx). is it worth it is possibly a question youll ask, on the basis of what ive seen so far yes it is. its obviously up to you though.
the spare bulbs are just under 23 pounds thatll be about 3-83 a week or so approx at
once every fortnight. i just bought one from the site.
all i can say is providing it keeps it up and all else is well its an excellent bit of kit in my estimation.
i hope that helps and it clarifies some things too. i dont know what happens in 3 months as i havent had it that long yet, but it seems to work so far.
there are a list of safety regulations please follow them theyre in the instructions in the box. its also only suitable for certain skin tones its not suitable for dark skin tomes,as far as i now due to light absorption characteristics, thats on the outside of the box in list of tones in a printed scale.
(i edited a couple of typos ill do it again if i can if i ever see anything significant)

diary - ok its now the 18th i put a razor over a reasonably small area it came off easily in a few seconds and its all pretty much the same as when i did it so thats 8 days in the worst area(s)
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on 9 July 2014
I've been using this for a few months now and with regular use you can definitely see the difference. I usually do it weekly and it does the job. If I miss a week or two, the hair grows back but then I guess this just isn't a permanent hair removal device. Having said that, it still works much better than shaving and the hair takes longer to grow back so I'll definitely continue to use this over shaving and waxing.
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on 29 April 2014
I am a guy with really thick dark hair all over my body, i bought the remington ilight 5000 cause of the reviews they were better than other products, its working really well, ive used it on my chest, belly and top of my arm 3-4 times now an i have alot of bald patches when the hair grows back ready for next treatment, im very happy with it accept after around 15-20 the machine has to have a cool down for a minute which isnt too bad but can get frustrating, and ive noticed the bulbs last really long which is a bonus
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on 30 November 2010
It is taking a while for me to see some effects, but I can already see some changes to the time my hair takes to grow back and in some areas it's not even coming back. My hairs are light brown and my skin is light, although still within the range of the skintones the leaflet shows, but that might be the reason why it is taking it's time.
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on 26 May 2011
I received the product in perfect condition, and tried to use it, its not painful at all (assuming you shave the area prior to usage), however, it keeps getting overheated quickly and i have to switched it off and on again to continue usage...

The results arent clear yet, since i only used it two weeks ago, hair started growing again, but i understand that i cant get results from first time usage... One annoying thing is the skin sensor, you have to press pretty hard onto the skin in order for it to work, and sometimes you press on a certain angle that doesnt keep it pressed on the skin so the device doesnt work...

Overall, i like the device, seems that it would work based on previous reviews...
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on 12 July 2012
Best buy ever. Only regret is waiting so long. Yes, you have to use it a few times - don't expect instant results or you will be disappointed. My underarm and bikini hair is pretty much gone after 3 sessions. Legs are taking a bit longer because the hair isn't as dark but a good 60 percent is gone - and any less hair is better, isn't it? It is boring and the machine cuts out after one leg to cool down but I don't care because it's doing the job.
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on 18 June 2016
Time consuming but does seem to reduce regrowth
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