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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 June 2017
I have been using a really cheap Microsoft keyboard for gaming for ages and thought its about time I started using something that looks a feels the part. This keyboard is perfect for everything I have thrown at it, feels high quality and there’s barely anything to fault.

In the box:
-Surprising weighty keyboard (this is a good thing - means there shouldn’t be any flex when furiously hammering the keys)
-Keyboard manual (details all the various lighting options)
-2 year warranty (when registered)

-Full UK keyboard layout ‘@‘ on the right and ‘“‘ above ‘2’
-3 lighting options (Red, Blue and Purple/Pink)
-Breathe mode that cycles between them (adjustable cycle lengths)
-Adjustable brightness
-Feet on the base to raise back of keyboard

-Media keys work with MacBook Pro (volume, play, pause and skip)
-Highly responsive - never had any ghosting
-Braided USB cable
-Lighting look great
-Branding fairly discrete

-WASD and arrow keys are red and no black replacements
-Space bar is slightly louder and ‘twangy’

This keyboard is great. It meets everything I need for a gaming keyboard, not had any ghosting playing FPS online multiplayer games such as TF2 and Overwatch. I have used mechanical keyboards in the past and can honestly say that on a £20 budget this performs at an equivalent to a far more expensive keyboard. This is an excellent addition to any gaming build be it entry level right up to high end and will surely have many enjoyable hours gaming on it in the foreseeable future. Recommended.

If you have found this review helpful (or not) please let me know so that I can improve them in future :) Thanks
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on 27 May 2017
So I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of this keyboard, the keyboard is incredibly satisfying to type on and it is very bright.

-Disable the Windows key with one button: this is incredibly useful when gaming to stop accidental key presses.
-LED Lighting: there are incredibly bright LED lights on this keyboard, with 3 different colors and variable brightness it looks awesome anywhere, especially in low light.
-Red W,A,S,D and arrow keys: when you quickly need to find these keys this can be really useful.
-Braided cable: The cable is wrapped so it won't break.
-Bright LEDs on Caps And Numlock: Nice to have bright lights so that it is easy to see at a quick glimpse.

-Spacebar is quite loud: it doesn't really matter but it's something to bear in mind.

Overall Conclusion:
I would really recommend this for anyone in the market for a budget gaming keyboard especially because of the backlighting.
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on 18 February 2018
How much do you want to spend on a gaming keyboard? The sky seems to be the limit on this one. Do you want mechanical? RGB? A named brand? Particular key switches? Replaceable keycaps?

Let me tell you my use case - I work from home and my machine needs to double up as both my home office during the day and my gaming rig at night. I didn't want a loud, garish keyboard dominating my office design, neither did I want to continue using my generic office keyboard for long gaming sessions. I wanted a mechanical keyboard but found that the noise of the keys was too much for day to day office work.

Enter the TeckNet gaming keyboard. A great all-rounder, and a good budget gaming keyboard.

Firstly - it's not mechanical, just "mechanical feel" - ie it's a membrane-based board with slightly more resistance to its keys.

Backlighting is good and even, and you can hot swap between blue, red and lilac (presumably just a mixture of both colours), or even turn it off. While I would have liked the option of white light, it's not a deal breaker and compliments the blue light of the TeckNet mouse well. My one gripe is that the light switch button is easy to knock into, being right next to the right Ctrl, Shift and Fn keys.

The keyboard itself feels reliably solid, weighing in at nearly a kilo! Refreshing to see some good quality metal construction in a category currently dominated by cheap plastic.

The cable is braided and feel rugged and gives plenty of slack with a length of approx 1.5m. It has the usual 2 foldable legs at the rear to elevate it more depending on your typing style and preference - I prefer to leave them down.

Keycaps are swappable, although you will need a gadget to remove them. A nice feature is that the commonly used WASD keys are dual labelled as the directional arrow keys, so you can swap them out to even out wear.

It's a full-length keyboard with number pad - essential for office work I find.

The only thing missing from this to make it perfect is a USB pass-through, but you only tend to find these on the more expensive boards, so it's a decent value trade-off IMO.

I hope this has been helpful - if it has please leave a vote, otherwise feel free to ask me any further questions and I'll try my best to help you out.
Thanks for reading!
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on 29 May 2017
 This is a good keyboard on a budget, for £20 that is.I know some people have had the USA layout for this keyboard but i got the UK layout which is good.

Quality wise, it feels good for the price. Before opening, i realised the weight. This was quite heavy. Onto the actual keyboard for the price, it is good. When i say that, i mean, it feels as good as some keyboard that are double the price or even triple or more. It has very minimal flex to it for the materials used. There is a nice braided cable with a good solid connection into the keyboard but it is non-removable.

The keyboard itself is not too loud (apart from the spacebar which i will get to) and offers 3 varieties of LED colours. Red, purple,and blue with 3 brightness settings. Along with off and a pulsing/breathing effect which scrolls through all 3 LED colours and has 3 speeds for this effect.

The keys have sort of a gamey looking font on them, but i do not mind as i rarely look down at my keyboard. There are functions for volume control and music control, mail, and more.

On to the spacebar, it feels cheap unlike the other keys. They feel quite sturdy and nice to type on but this spacebar is loud, much louder than the other keys and creates a different noise which is worse than the others and it is quite off putting which is mostly the reason i knocked a star off.

The keys are good in the way they feel, and for the cost, it is much better than a membrane as it has mechanical feeling keys.

On the bottom there are feet to raise the keyboard, along with some pads to keep it still.
PROS : -
Quality of keyboard
Great feeling keys


Font and red keycaps
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on 29 May 2017
First impressions count when you get something new. I hadn't even opened the box and it was already notching up the marks, the weight of the keyboard spoke of what was inside.
Opened up and out of the well presented packaging the weight of the keyboard lends a good feel of quality to itself. It has borrowed some styling ideas from other mechanical keyboards with the exposed screw's and Vicky feel and would not look out of place next to a Razor or Corsair board. There is a nice braided cable with a good solid connection into the board and the moulded USB plug is of a good size, that sounds daft but I find small plugs a pain to plug into the back of a PC.
I've gone from a low level keyboard to this one and at first found it a bit high, but I used some wrist pads which levels out the typing height and it soon became comfortable to use. The key presses are very positive with a mechanical feel to them. You get a similar feel to a board running cherry brown switches. There is no loud click that I find annoying on some mechanicals, but instead you get a feeling of resistance on the key, I suppose this will be down to personal preference.
There is some nice touches with the lighting. Press alt and the bulb symbol and you can scroll through the different colours and "breathe" effects. You can also lock out the keyboard in different modes, for example, of you're using wasd you can lock off the windows key to prevent accidentally catching it mid mad melee moment in you game of choice.
My only gripe is the shift key on the far left (normally a run function) is a bit too small and I would occasionally catch the backslash key next to it. After a couple of weeks with it I have got used to the key size and it happens less often and I dare say in a few weeks more it will be a non event.
In summary, I am very impressed with this board and would be happy to recommend it. If you consider a standard standard keyboard costs around a tenner, this board is easily worth paying the extra £10 for.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 May 2017
New addition to the budget set up for my brothers birthday coming up mid May. Very simple, not too loud and offers 3 varieties of LED colours which is ace! Looks great with a black extended mat and preferably a matching mouse aha. Good price for what you get and it's on Amazon prime so fast delivery all round

Overall very happy with my purchase

No complaints to be made!
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on 5 June 2017
What a great addition for such a small price!
The keyboard comes in the hassle free cardboard packaging and wrapped in soft wrapping, I was surprised by just how heavy the box was.
It is a lovely looking keyboard with the raised buttons and little screws on the top make it look premium.
The cable is braided so won't twist like my old keyboard and the usb is gold plated.
When plugging it in windows installed the drivers within seconds and the lights came on and it looks fantastic, the colours are bright but this can be turned down on the keyboard using the 'fn' keys, the lights are also smooth across the board so no patchy lights here and there.
The red lights look very good and the purple is very nice but I set mine to blue to match the gaming mouse I have. You can also set the lights to rotate and again the speed can be changed using the 'fn' keys.
I am an 'older gamer' and have a wrist injury so use wrist supports for my mouse and keyboard, the keyboard with the legs folded out was at a great angle to use and the ability to lock the windows key was fantastic.

Overall I think this is a great keyboard especially for the price.
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on 1 June 2017
 I have used many TeckNet products and have been satisfied every time as there products are of high standards and have a great customer service. The TeckNet X703 Mechanical Keyboard is my first keyboard I've used from TeckNet and once again I'm satisfied, this is also my first mechanical keyboard and the sound of the keyboard and function is perfect and I believe it'll satisfy peoples need in a mechanical keyboard.

A big benefit of the TeckNet X703 Mechanical Keyboard is that it cost under £20 where as most keyboard are priced around the £100-£200 price range. But you don't lose any features such as a good mechanical feel and sound from the keys. The only downside I have found with this keyboard is the the USB interface is USB 2.0 which would've been ideal if it was USB 3.0 for faster transfer speeds especially whilst gaming for little to non delay. I can however confirm that this keyboard doesn't suffer from lag.

I would highly recommend this keyboard for those who are looking for a mechanical keyboard but are on a budget.
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on 9 June 2017
I ordered this keyboard as I have heard Mechanical keyboards are much better than standard keyboards and I have to say I am definitely not disappointed. The keyboard feels really nice to type with and is incredibly fast and accurate for gaming. The keys are responsive and can easily be used for every day typing as well as gaming. As other reviews have noted the space bar is a bit noisy but you get used to it and isn't really an issue. I would have liked more colour options for the LED's and am surprised their is no green option with this keyboard but overall for the price you can't really complain. I am very happy with this purchase and would happily recommend this keyboard to other users as it has since become my daily driver, be it typing whilst working or when playing games
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on 16 August 2017
Oh I love this keyboard! Such good value for money. When you use it, it's clearly not a microswitched "mechanical" keyboard and it's a stretch to have it described as "mechanical feel," but it does feel pretty wonderful to use.

For the price it's unbeatable.

I keep telling my friends in Discord and they keep saying, "yeah, yeah, we have proper mechanical keyboards" but they have no idea what this one feels like. It's very, VERY good, and for what I've paid compared to what I know they paid for theirs, I think I'm the winner here. ;-)

FWIW, I definitely DO recommend it - no "would recommend" here - I DO recommend it. Great keyboard.
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