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Customer reviews

2.3 out of 5 stars
2.3 out of 5 stars
Red Reaper [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 July 2015
This 2013 dark fantasy/action movie [aka The legend of the Red Reaper] opens well enough, the Teller Witch casting runes-stones, great scenery, decent enough music, good picture quality and a quaint `Norse' type thatched hut on a headland and a basic intro telling the story of how Aella, a [human/demon cross] was handed over to Ganish, her immortal demon father 100 years previously, by her mother -the Teller Witch. After 40 years she is freed by a human /reaper alliance and vows vengeance on the Demons. Into the mix is the backdrop that Lady Indira is betrothed to Eris, heir to the throne, but he's in love with Aella, but who will survive to rule, the Demons [Wraith like clones from `Stargate'], Reapers or Humans.
You're 5 minutes in and the titles are still rolling but this is already beginning to take on the form of a TV matinee and it soon crashes into visions of the future, seeming dream states and flashbacks upon flashbacks as you're thrown into the middle of the story, while it's not until halfway through that the character background and past events become clear, thus it all becomes long-winded [lose a *]. Half of the deleted scenes actually explain the storyline and should have been kept in and the repetitive stock shots [always a bad idea] deleted instead, but no, this tries to be too arty at the start and loses it's way too easily as it fails to make it clear what its aims are [love, romance or vengeance]. Adding to the misery, the sword fights are often too slow and unconvincing, the acting is mainly stage theatre, costume continuity varies from scene to scene and voices are mostly monotone or heavily synthesized [lose another *]. Yet despite this, there is some beautiful scenery and some good fight scenes and acting in there, sadly the overuse of stock shots and repetition of scenes is annoying [lose another *].
The single disc features play, scene selection, set up [5.1 default or 2.0] and deleted scenes [about half a dozen or so] but despite all this, it's still -for the most part, entertaining [in a poor Zena: Warrior Princess way] but could have been much better. Definately gets a ** due to the attempted [and unintentional] humour and the determination of Tara Cardinal who stars in the lead, produced, wrote and directed on a limited $3.8 million budget. At almost 100 minutes it's about 15 minutes too long and would have made *** if the slow first half had been shorter, for once the first half is over, the action starts and things begin to improve. Worth a try if you like Zena, Red Sonja and films of that ilk.
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on 25 June 2017
I have only once before felt a film needed a negative review this one definitely deserves a minus star rating, its just not available. For a film that says its 'non stop action' I had to wait for 50 minutes before any action took place, that 'action' and any further action was more like handbags at ten paces. The storyline was extremely weak and lacked depth, it appears that the director, the script writers and actors must have paid the producers so they may have a go at making a film. The scenes (the dream/vision scenes not withstanding) were dis-jointed and frequently made no sense. The costume and make-up continuity did not exist, with 'battle' scars such as wounds and blood suddenly appearing with no fight scene prior to suggest a reason for any bood or wounds, costumes would suddenly change from fully clothed to almost naked and back again with no intervening scene to suggest why the change. The hair styles were far too coifured to be from a supisedly medieval style film, dialogue scenes where the person not talking was on screen so no indication of who was talking and why, new characters would suddenly appear with no history within the storyline to show relationship etc. Purportedly super warriors fought like sissies with no idea of weapon handling or how to fight in anyway. Not only do I feel robbed for having purchased this DVD but also feel mad at myself for actually watching the whole film, thereby wasting my time as well. All I can suggest to ithers who are considering buying this movie DO NOT PURCHASE IT, buy a box of chocolates or whatever it is you like but not this movie, it should be sued under the trades description act
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on 21 March 2015
DO NOT BUY THIS MOVIE... I have no idea why Amazon recommended me to buy this movie,,,, It is the worse movie that I ever purchased in Amazon. The Director is bad, the camera effects are so bad that you cannot say if the camera man was falling to the floor or they did it on purpose. The acting is poor to say the least and most of the action sequences are really bad and hard to believe that somebody thought it can be released to the public.
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on 7 August 2014
Oh dear. It was obviously made on a very small budget, and bless their cotton socks, a lot of the actors are really trying. Too much so in the case of most of the supporting cast, many of whom are reminiscent of the hammy overacting we see in TV parodies. The plot (for what it is) is weak and predictable; frequent narration is needed to try to maintain a storyline. The dialogue is poor; and many of the fight scenes are weak. It's almost 'lets wave swords at each other and clatter them a bit and everyone will think we are fighting'. As far as the 'special effects' go, there is a plastic prosthetic pasted onto the heroines back and a fair amount of obviously fake blood.

My advice - save your money. Wait six months and it'll probably appear as a late night film on one of the less popular cable TV channels.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 August 2015
I was very upset with this film first thing is the front cover there should be a law for this sort of thing I saw none of what it was advertising it was like watching a b movie at it's worse the acting was terrible no story line don't buy this.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 10 August 2014
The 5 star blurbs stating Spellbinding and Awesome must have been written by a friend or relative, certainly not by anyone who had actually sat and watched the movie. As for Fantastic Non-Stop Action underneath the image of knights riding into battle well don't stay up too long waiting for it as you'll be disappointed.
Don't let the costume on the front lead to expect a Red Sonja type action figure either, the story of a half human half demon hero/heroine is not particularly original and sadly it promises way more than it delivers and for a 1hr 40 minute film it drags badly at times.
All credit to writer/producer/director/star Tara Cardinal for pursuing her dream but maybe she should have listened to those who were putting obstacles in her way. There are also moments when it is visually annoying with red and blue tinted lenses and it often seems as if it is filmed through a grey filter and the music just doesn't seem to match the action.
There was a time when low budget fantasy movies were fun like The Sword And The Sorcerer [DVD], Hawk The Slayer [1980] [DVD] they had reasonable stories and good laughs, I really miss those movies.
Renowned comic book writer and artist George Pérez has a cameo role as does Troma supremo Lloyd Kaufman.
There's a few deleted scenes and you can see why they were deleted.
If it hadn't been so blatantly oversold it might even have just scraped 2 stars but there is really no excuse for using blatantly fictitious sources.
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on 11 August 2017
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on 28 April 2017
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on 25 June 2015
Biggest load of amateur rubbish I have ever had the misfortune to watch. The cover and summary does the actual film an injustice. The two reviewers, filmnews.net and dvdfilm.com need to actually view the film before making comments like spellbinding and awesome. My three year old nephew could act better than the rubbish seen in this film. I pity the people who actually say it was brilliant because that shows what little taste and refinement they have.
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on 15 March 2016
All the fun of watching larpers larp in a derelict factory at night. The chainmail bikini is never a thing in this cheap-ass, dressing-up box fantasy. The involvement of Uwe Boll ought to tell you all you need to know when choosing this product but his name is hidden deep in the small, small print on the back of the box.

To sum up this flick in one word: 'Tedious'.
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