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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2012
I have tried all kinds of natural therapy for menstrual pain without success and resorted back to Ibuprofen (very unhappily), as the pain was unsupportable
Working with the knowledge and wisdom in Red Moon is changing a) my perception on the menstrual cycle into something positive and beneficial and b)has reduced my painkiller intake dramatically (after the first month of using this book.)
If you are a woman, pain or not during menustration, you need this book! We have the most wonderful gift if we open our eyes and hearts and work with it consciously. I bought a copy for my friend who loves it too.
Working within the boundaries of our cycle and understanding it on a deeper level, learning to respect ourselves in the process, is a blessing! Being a woman is a blessing. Share the knowledge in this book with other woman!
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on 18 February 2004
This book is like a gift about understanding the menstrual cycle.
I really cant recomend it enough, not just for women but for men too so they can try and understand our cycle natures.
As soon as society realises that women pass through an altered state of awareness that is linked to the menstrual cycle, then the world will be come a more understanding place, this book explains how this affects us all. It will help you understand and celebrate your cycle instead of repressing it!!!! like society has made us do for years.............
The book begins with a story of o young woman and her first bleed and explains how us women are conected with the moons cycle.
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on 22 October 2014
I am finding this book very disappointing and I very much doubt I will be able to finish reading it. What I wanted was information on my cycle, how to see it in a positive way and to integrate these changes completely so that I no longer have pain. The first part of the book uses characters to get the message across but these characters and the story do not connect with me at all, I just find it irritating, I feel like I am searching for meaning and wisdom in a story that has no meaning to me. This is not the book that is going to help me, even the descriptions of animals in it and how they relate to the cycle and the feminine aspect don't resonate with me despite me being quite into animal medicine and the Divine Feminine. What a shame, I had really high hopes for this book.
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on 26 August 2013
Having suffered endometriosis severely up to my mid 40's i still have all of my reproductive organs and have cycles but i have had surgeries - there are so many misconceptions reagrding cycles and related matters, i have only ever encountered severe hardships with peoples attitudes towards me having these regular cycles , bullying!! , yes even in my mid 40's as a single women coming from organisations it should not be coming from in the UK like jobcentre Plus and the attitudes of staff towards me at the time not being able to work as i was either trialing drugs for endometiosis or waiting for operation/s or getting over them so much so i had to enter the world of appealling to be left alone whilst doing intensive treatment with a drug used for prostate cancers in males !! Please note that , they are very sympathetic to those males BUT being female its a very different ball game !! at one point i felt and still do my femininity was being threatened and made an appoitment to have a total oophorectomy something i did not want to do in my heart but felt life and society was not *accepting me * as a women , i noted a reviewer the very thing i am saying here , i truly feel like reciting those words on accepting to those organisations where i feel the malinfomed and ingorant behaviour comes from !. Yes , i did pay a little price i am fully willing to pay for having these regular cycles but not every women will and even though i did it does not mean people with endometriosis are infertile ! abnormal or bleeding any more so than any other women and no more frequently in my case ..

I have always said and say today that i do wish having periods would be accepted by society and i very much do feel that it does help with my creative side , i am also an artist and i write poetry but i may not be employed for it but maybe so in the future . I have been looking at this book and others by the author and i just felt like screaming out YES finally what we want to hear . In a world were sexuality, gender changes and color of skin is rightfully accepted we are STILL in the dark ages with this matter only . They do speak about womens rights , but not if you have a period it seems , well to me i have fought so very hard from age 10 if you like when i had my first symptoms of endometriosis and all my life as a single women fighting for my rights . I changed my operation for removal of organs and i remain gloriously full woman and i want to celebrate the fact and this book will help me go further and rejoice that the author is appears to be an amazing person who is doing so much for the world and women like me and for young girls beginning her life as a women . I can only thank you and all the people here for how you have made me feel tonight . with good wishes and grateful thanks .
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on 6 January 2011
A friend recommended me this book a couple of months ago, when I decided to get back to my normal cyclical life after years on the pill. No other book could have been more perfect for me at this stage of my life. It has become a valuable daily support during these transitional days, helping me to tune back in with the moon and my womb...It's truly empowering! If only I had read it years ago, I believe it could have changed my life in a way, supporting me during my journey into womanhood.
I am recommending it to everybody now, even men should read it - as a educational tool.
I could read and re-read "The Awakening" story every night. It makes me shiver and travel back into my past - if only I had been told such a story when I had my menarche...
Thank you Miranda for such a wonderful gift!
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on 26 August 2002
This book is a treasure. Every menstruating woman would benefit from it's approach to understanding and celebrating menstruation.
I bought this book to celebrate my daughter's impending menarche with her. Instead I am celebrating my moon cycles and will use that knowledge to assist her with understanding and celebrating her cycles when her time comes.
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on 19 November 2012
The book is ok, but I find it quite repetitive. It over-stresses the cyclic aspect of the nature of women over and over again. It uses allot of achetypal imagery which is nice if you are in to this kind of things, and it gives you some short written excersise to do to start getting back in touch with your monthly cycle.
I bought it thinking it was going to go more in depth, while for me te book remains very superficial and a bit too obsessed with the relation of women cylce with the moon. Though it does not give any explanation on why, for example most women will no mestruate either with the full or the new moon, but rather in phases in between. So the reader is left to wonder... why if every women is soo linked to the moon my cycle seems not to have any syncroncity with it??
Basically the books looks at achetypes but it forgot to add that in today modern society, lyfe style, food, city environment and so on, completely alter this famous cycle. She also does not mention the energy that a woman will go through in her cycle if this does not much the moon phases. Do I still have inward energy even if my cyle comes during the waxing moon??
I guess a good book for biginners, but a bit to stereotyped...
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on 16 December 2009
The author simplifies the whole menstrual cycle and explains why women feel the way they do, when they do. The advice given is invaluable.
All women should have a copy.
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on 27 January 2011
A lovely book. Women are cyclical beings and this should be accepted by society, and by women themselves!

That we generally consider menstruation as "abnormal" and something to "get through" with minimal fuss is telling. By getting in touch with their menstrual natures, women can bring benefit to many areas of their lives and enjoy their changing energies, rather than resisting them and trying to enforce a linear mode of behaviour.

This book would be useful to any woman, and to anyone who lives with a woman! Would also be a nice gift for a girl's menarche.
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on 4 April 2014
Great book, I would especially recommed it to parents of young daughers and to daughers themselves. Focuses on the female cycle as as whole and explains it through a beautiful metaphoric story. A very empowering and eye-opening read!
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