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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

on 18 August 2017
Gret Rob Grant book, really enjoyed this after watching the series
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on 7 July 2017
So much more story to these books than the tv series. If you love the dwarf, these are a must. Well written and funny.
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on 21 April 2017
'Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers' and the follow up 'Better than Life' were joint efforts from the original creators of Red Dwarf, Rob Grant and Doug Naylor - before they (unfortunately) decided not to collaborate any more. The end result is the Red Dwarf of old; high quality laughs and good solid storytelling with a sprinkling of science fiction; basically, 'the good stuff'!

It's such a shame that Rob Grant felt the need to move on; I often wonder what the show would have looked like if he'd stayed on, then again, we quite possibly wouldn't be enjoying the ongoing adventures on Dave either!

IWCD covers the early years that were played out in the BBC series, expanding immensely on the back story for each of the characters and filling in the gaps that the series couldn't. It is a fantastic read for any Red Dwarf fan, particularly if you preferred the older stuff!
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on 12 December 2016
One of my very favourite books (although technically it's two books, I know). 'Red Dwarf' (sometimes known as 'Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers', due to the sign that appear on the first edition) and 'Better than Life' cleverly weave together all of the stories/plots from series 1 to 5 of the classic sitcom, with the added bonus of more character development, more insight into their thoughts and motives and more background information.

Almost every plot and subplot from the series can be found in the books, albeit in a different order. Whereas the programmes can be viewed individually, and if you miss one it doesn't matter as the rest still makes sense, in the books they flow as one continuous story, and it's a real page-turner.

In my opinion Rob Grant and Doug Naylor work best as a team; they later went on to write separate novels and although both were enjoyable, I don't feel they were up to the standard of these first two. There is a perfect balance between comedy and sci-fi and I am in awe at how they took all these seemingly disparate storylines and made them into two excellent books.

If you're a fan of Red Dwarf and you like to read, you will love these novels.
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on 30 October 2016
Simply put this made me chuckle quite regularly throughout the book. This laddish sci-fi comedy has a lot going for it. I have seen some of the episodes on TV and enjoyed them but not the early ones so it was interesting to hear a back story for the characters too.

The choice of Chris Barrie is actually inspirational. Naturally he does a decent version of Rimmer but his ability to voice the other characters so effectively is a real eye-opener!

A very good choice for some light-hearted sci-fi silliness and a good intro if you're wondering what Red Dwarf is all about..
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on 2 September 2017
I was hooked from start to finish. If you loved the show then you will enjoy this book. Meet all your characters anew and see them in a different light while at the same time seeing them from the first season of the show in places. An enlightening look into how Lister came into the job of tech on the Red Dwarf, you will not help but hear the characters speaking to you as you read it, seeing the world anew.
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on 26 April 2004
For the past eight years I have been a dedicated reader of Sci-Fi, beforethis I had a very short concentration span and very rarely got into a goodbook. The Red Dwarf series taught me that not all books are hard to followand that even I couldn't put a good book down once in a while. I was a bigfan of the TV series so the books were a natural progression and I wasn'tdissapointed, the two authors (Rob Grant and Doug Naylor) quite obviouslywork exceptionally well together and have produced the funniest series ofsci-fi books since Douglas Adams Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy. In factI could safely say that together they continue the genius that was DouglasAdams. The concepts and characters that make up Red Dwarf are fantastic,perfectly thought out and expertly developped. Things like Better ThanLife, Cat, Polymorph - in fact I am going to stop there because I could goon and name everything, but it is all brilliant stuff which immerses yourinquisitive minds into a world of comedy, claustrophobia, space and smeg!
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on 30 May 2016
This is only a review on the quality of the condition of the book. It said the quality was "good" but the spine is more creased than Gordon Ramsay's face. I would say that the quality is poor. But if you want to know about the quality of the book itself, it's great! I owned it new but a "friend" borrowed it and never saw it again.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 January 2003
Red Dwarf is the funniest science fiction book I have ever read, featuring a cast of unforgettable characters. First there is Lister; he celebrated his 25th birthday by taking part in a Monopoly-based pub crawl on earth and somehow ended up stuck on Mimas, one of Saturn's moons. He desperately wants to return to earth but cannot raise the funds; tiring of living inside a storage locker and stealing taxis to earn money, he decides to sign up for service with the Space Corps and jump ship as soon as he is back on his home planet. First Technician Alfred J. Rimmer is a truly remarkable and hilarious personality. Rimmer is basically in charge of keeping the vending machines operating on the ship Red Dwarf, and Lister finds himself working under and bunking with this incredibly strange and rather pitiful underachiever. Rimmer is the proverbial born loser, failing at virtually everything he does. He desperately wants to pass the astronavigation exam and become an officer, and he works incredibly hard at preparing for the test despite the fact he has already failed it 11 times (actually, two of those times he got an X for unclassified, such as the time he wrote "I am a fish" 500 times on each answer sheet after panicking and convincing himself he did not actually exist). Rimmer's preparation consists of establishing incredibly exact, inclusive schedules for studying; the problem with this approach is that his constant revisions of the schedule take up all of his preparation time, and he usually ends up cramming three months' of study into a few hours just before the exam begins. Lister annoys Rimmer to no end. As fate would have it, an explosion ends up killing everyone on board Red Dwarf. Lister, having been put in stasis for smuggling a cat on board, is reawakened by the ship's computer Holly three million years later when the radiation levels have returned to safe levels. Holly also resurrects the quite dead Rimmer as a hologram, and the fact that he has died does nothing to help Rimmer's attitude. Lister and Rimmer are soon joined by a highly evolved yet fastidious, incredibly vain feline descendant of the cat Lister originally smuggled on board. This incredibly strange crew attempts to return to earth, and their efforts are as funny as they are ill-fated.
Lister is a simple man just trying to get by in life, wishing for nothing more than a basic, happy family existence such as that of George Bailey in It's A Wonderful Life. Rimmer's inferiority complex and stubbornness are unmatched.. His failings and pessimism are comically ridiculous yet somehow plausible, and one can't help pitying a man who fails in life, in death, and even in his own fantasies. I have not seen the Red Dwarf series, so I cannot compare this book to its television counterpart. I can declare this book hilarious; anyone with a sense of humor (even those who hate science fiction) will, I believe, enjoy this book immensely. If you read this book apart from its sequel, though, you will be disappointed by the ending because it is not really an ending at all--I would recommend buying the sequel Better Than Life along with Red Dwarf because you will surely want to follow the comical travails of Lister and Rimmer as far and as long as you can. Only the late Douglas Adams has ever produced such wickedly funny science fiction as Red Dwarf.
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on 5 June 2017
Item was available to download and watch straight away. My daughter is a big fan of this series and was delighted with the purchase.
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