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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 16 June 2005
Lucia covers all areas of inner child aspects - the naughty child, the spiritual child, the hurt child, the playful child etc. Each chapter eases you into working with your inner child and the exercises are gentle. I have covered most of this book over the past three years and after working with the exercises, I've always been left with feelings of calmness and a sort of relief, for having released emotions in a peaceful way.
Lucia works with the inner child as a pathway to a better hold of your emotions, better understanding of your psyche and as a way to increase creativity. She does not focus on sexual abuse - this does not make her cold, but simply perhaps not 'qualified' for this sensitive area and therefore correctly doesn't counsel too much on it. Penney Parks and numerous other authors are 'qualified' and have written excellent books on healing a sexually abused inner child. As a survivor myself, I found this book the best introduction to inner child work and still refer back to it.
If you are new to this method of healing and self-improvement, if you wish to improve your life in a caring, comforting and safe way, then this is one of the best books to start with. Inner child work is so rewarding and Lucia is a wonderful guide for your journey.
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on 4 February 2001
This book was recommended to me by a friend at a time when I was quite low. You can either read it straight through and then go back and do the exercises, or do the work as you go. For me I found it best to read straight through and then go back and do the work. At times because of the emotions that it brought up I had to put it down for a few days, deal with the emotions and then read on. I couldn't believe that here was someone writing about the stuff that I had felt for years and years.
Just reading through was healing but doing the work is an added bonus. I feel that I am so lucky to have a friend that knew of this book and had used ut successfully herself. It was the book that started me on an amazing journey of self discovery and I would recommend it to anyone.
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on 22 November 2002
I bought this book purely on the strength of its reviews, and I was not disappointed!

Lucia writes in a very calming, loving way which helps you through some of the more 'challenging' exercises. This book will make you cry! It breaks through so much pent up pain, aggression, shame, fear. You learn to love your Inner Child with the utmost care and nurturance.

Also, this book helped me stop smoking! There's a section on talking to your body, as you would your Inner Child....and by having a written conversation with my throat and lungs (don't laugh - it's a brilliant exercise!) I lost the need for cigarettes, quick as that. This book can help you heal on so many levels.

This will improve your life so much, you'll wonder why you lasted so long without it.
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on 3 March 2011
I've been working privately with clients for years now and this is the absolute best book for building a much stronger understanding or why we sometimes get stuck. It's my opinion that many of us live lives on the foundation of a childhood that was traumatic and run around as adult children. I resisted the idea of having an inner child for at least 10 years and struggled on with trying to make sense of a world through the eyes of what was a fairly reactive and offensive adolescent ( No offence meant to my adapted child, he was doing his best!). This book outlines a step by step program for reconnecting the pieces of yourself that may have become fragmented and I've never found anything else like it.

This program cuts right through our tendency to rationalise or justify our old behaviors and allows us to establish new ways of being. I had this book on the shelf for two years and then one day, when the muck really hit the fan, I picked it up and plowed through it. It took me two weeks and I've never looked back. I don't recommend many books as they are often just a recycling of stuff we already know, this book however is original, brilliant and top of my list for my trauma clients to read. It has a warmth and compassion that really helps, even the really rough drawings work in such a way as to let our own drawings be permissible.
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on 15 December 2009
This book was recommended to me by a friend and when I received it I realised why. It takes me on a journey of self discovery as to why I always felt left out of my family, what was missing and the power of just the odd line or paragraph even word reduced me to tears. I was intrigued as to how this could happen so I read the book and am in the process of doing the excercises and I am feeling much more empowered already.
It has made me realise what was missing inside and I am growing in confidence, self esteem and I realise it wasn't my fault I felt the way I did throughout my life (I am a 44 year old female).
Because of the revelations I have accepted the way others were towards me and am concentrating on stopping people pleasing, stopping being co-dependent and just being me, as i am just that, me, a person, not superwoman, not super mum, just me.
This book is changing me in so many ways and it is a book I would recommend to anyone who feels there is something missing inside them (the hole in the soul) and the only way to fill it is to help yourself as i am helping myself
Good luck to everyone who buys this book it is a godsend
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on 27 December 2011
very practical book not too wordsy which i think is just right for doing self development work - its about doing the work not just reading about it.

the exercises are excellent but do open stuff up and get your emotions going so be ready for it
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on 20 December 2014
This book was recommended to me by my tutor on my counselling course. For many years I have felt alone and my inner child wounded and never having left me. When I experienced more difficult experiences in my life, my inner child felt hurt even more and neglected. I knew that it was time to listen to that child and face the painful things because it would hold the key to unlock my healing and allow me to find peace as well as become stronger and more insightful and confident to make sense of myself and the world. Lucia Capacchione the author allows your inner child to be heard, come out and be creative and allow you to heal and find answers you may not even know you wanted to ask or knew. It allows you to meet your inner child, embrace your vulnerable child, accept your angry inner child, be your own nurturing and protecting parent towards your inner child, deal with the critical parent within and come face to face with the wounds of childhood. It gives the inner child a right to be heard, come out to play, celebrate it's creativity and discover it's spiritual self. She states it's the part of us that feels emotions, is playful, creative and intuitive. Healing our inner child holds the key to intimacy in relationships, physical and emotional well being , wisdom and even can help those recovering from addictions. She also claims that illness can be a result from wounds of our inner child and so recognising it is significant to recovery. The exercises require you to write and draw, just like child therapy works wonders through expressing emotions by a child's innate ability to draw. Most of the writing requires you to do so with your non-dominant hand to bring out that childlike quality of learning how to write and childish writing as well as tap into your subconscious mind. This book will lead to many self discoveries and heal a much valued part of ourselves that is precious and lives life with wonder and authentically when healed. It unlocks our authentic selves and who we truly were and authentically are without the social conditioning or the hurts placed upon us. It's helpful whether your childhood was positive or not in capturing your inner child and making it an integral part of your being and living. One of the best books in regards to understanding and healing your inner child.
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on 30 October 2009
A must for anybody who is on a self discovery journey and / or is at the stage in their life where they are ready to put any childhood issues to bed.

Easy to understand and put into practice
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on 1 May 2014
Depends just how many of these books you investigate and which one you take to most for all of them give you options as to how to deal with inner pain and the results of dyfunctional or alcohol based families. To try and work with too many is confusing but as the price is often just the cost of postage it is worth getting a few send and then deciding which one to work with. This particular one seems straighforward is is my choice. I think the cover probably gives the best insight into it in this case.
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on 21 May 2014
Brilliant book, would recomend this study book to any one learning inner child therapy. Its very helpful, simple to use and easy to understand. Its helping me with some core issues and is a perfect approach to unlocking the inner child, good for those seeking help or those administering the councelling, healing practices to those in need.
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