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on 6 January 2015
I got this for my Mum as an emergency light source at night to be placed on the top landing outside her bedroom, wish I'd chosen a different type now. The 'night light' feature illuminates the main beam of the torch in a dimmed capacity, this is fine but my mother finds it dazzling to her eyes if she gets up in the night as it points directly up. Other lights I've seen have the night light function on the handle which is a much more sensible idea. The torch itself is very small, (my fault should have realised from the photographs), so I can imagine it getting put down and lost easily, (by my mother). It is also a particularly unattractive off cream colour that looks like old plastic that as faded over time. Build quality - average. I guess it functions as described but would I buy another - no, I'd source an alternative.
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on 14 November 2012
These torches work OK but have a design weakness in that accurate alignment of the torch with flimsy plastic fins in the housing is essential. I bought these for use as emergency lights in a church. In no time at all both torches had been forced into the holders whilst misaligned, bending the flimsy plastic fins, thus preventing the torches connecting with the charging contacts meaning they either stayed on all the time (until flat) or had to be switched off. Obviously they would not get recharged. I straightened the fins and got them to work properly. We'll see how long they last. I have since found better products avialable on Amazon which do not rely on precise alignment, charged by induction rather than via electrical contacts.

If the product was redesigned so that the torch and holder cross sections were not round but, say, triangular (not eqilateral) the torch could self-locate independently of the fins which may still be necessary for elctrical safety reasons, but would be better if eliminated.
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on 5 January 2013
Neat little torch giving enough light in a home to help when the mains fails. It also gives a gentle light at night which is turned on by a light sensor. The switch turns off both the nightlight and the emergency light function, there seems no way of turning off the nightlight but keeping the emergency light function which I think is a shame. If I wanted to turn the whole thing off I could remove it from the socket, so having a switch to do this doesn't make sense to me. Hence 4 instead of 5 stars. But overall a very neat product.
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on 14 December 2012
I bought the twin pack as they were recommended by a colleague to meet the new fire regulations for emergency lighting in my holiday let. They arrived promptly. One is fine but one is faulty - whilst it charges up OK, the connection between the torch and the base station is inadequate, meaning that the torch does not function as a nightlight, even thought it works as a torch once removed from the base station. My email (via Amazon) to the vendor was met with a prompt apology and offer of replacement - so far, so good. However, three weeks later no replacement has arrived, so I am disappointed - and about to miss my deadline for their installation.
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VINE VOICEon 29 March 2014
The torch is bright. When in it's charging pod it can be left on, left like than is becomes a light sensitive night light. As a night light,even though the torch is dimmed, to be the night light, it still is really a bit too bright for a gentle light. It leaves quite a bright streak up the side of a wall. But I am sure there is a possible use for that! I like the convenience of always knowing where the torch is charging, and having a brighter night light in a more central part of the house.

Left like a night light, if the power goes while it is the pod, the torch comes on fully. So you have an emergency lighting station. This could be useful besides stairs or emergency exits. I have not tried to see how long the torch would run for on it's battery, but it lasted for several hours when we last had a power cut. The torch is small enough to put in a pocket or handbag should you want to use it as a portable light source.

The only real minus part of the design is that is does jut out from a socket quite a long way and easily gets knocked by feet or vacuum cleaners etc, with the dragging cables on cleaners tangling themselves around it.

Overall it is a product I would recommend.
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on 6 April 2014
I bought these as I thought they would be perfect for children to use for reading in bed then pop in charger as a night light. They are a great idea and when they work are great, but the build quality is very poor, or possibly it is the design of the chargers. The lights themselves have little slits that slot onto corresponding slides on the charger, however these small plastic slides on the charger bend very very easily, so if the children don't line them up exactly with the slits on the torch they bend, which means the torches don't sit correctly in charger and don't charge. We bought a few as we have 4 children and they are all the same. I was really looking forward to having these but unfortunately they are not suitable for children.
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on 6 December 2014
Saw some at a holiday home that we rented and thought that they were great. Bought them as soon as I got home and I've had them for a short while and I am still impressed. Great rechargeable torches, good automatic nightlights and brilliant emergency lights. If they last a few years I will be well pleased. You have to explain to youngsters (of all ages!) what they are for and how important it is to have them available for emergencies to stop them playing with them and leaving them on the wrong settings. Also need to explain that if you have them lined up right they just drop into the charger. If you have to push them they are not aligned and you will damage them!
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on 21 January 2016
This has been plugged in on the landing since I bought it in May 2014 (19 months ago). It's still going strong, with no noticeable deterioration in the light it gives off.
It illuminates the top of the stairs with a gentle light, so that the children and guests can find their way to the bathroom at night.
As a torch it's very bright, perhaps even a bit too bright if you're using it in the night to check on a child. I usually partly cover the lens with my hand.
We take it on holiday to use as a night light in the childrens' room that they can also use as a torch to find their way to the toilet in an unfamiliar place.
I've had similar night lights/torches before and they stopped working within a year so I'm pleased this one has lasted so well.
When it does eventually break I'll buy another one.
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on 6 February 2014
I was concerned when my old style/original Safe T Lite gave up the ghost after several years of good service, as I had heard this new style was not as good.
On the contrary, it seems to me that if you need to use the light as a torch at any time, this design allows easy access in what may be an emergency situation.
I will be putting this one into my little self catering flat as a night light in the corridor, for guests to be able to find their way to the loo etc during the night.
In the meantime, I am testing it at home to ensure that it functions properly. So far so good. Light not quite as bright as the old one, but just bright enough to make your way along a corridor safely. I think this is the one point which could be improved upon. Otherwise great little piece of kit.
November, 2014
Torch stopped working as an automatic night light some months ago, but left it plugged in as an emergency torch. This too failed and when I finally got round to contacting the company, they asked me to return the faulty torch and within days I received a new one - in full working order - delighted with the torch and with the service.
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on 19 February 2015
Firstly the torches are very small and poorly made. Yes they look like the picture but where not as big as expected and of very light plastic. But worst of all, one did not work!!!
Following the instructions they were plugged in to charge.
One held a charge and one did not and was totally useless.
They are being collected today (19/02/15) for a full refund thanks to Amazon.
Not very impressed at these two "children's" toys for nearly £25!!!
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