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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 7 July 2014
Kirsty Moseley is amazing.
Have read all her books.
Can't wait for more.
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on 31 December 2014
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on 24 June 2014
Timing in life is everything….

Bronwyn is unhappily married to a cheating, git of a husband. She'd long since decided to wear a brave face and remain in her wreck of a marriage for the sake of their son…

Harrison Baxter, “…breathtakingly handsome” ladies man. He's confident, flirty, and basically the exact opposite of her husband. He says and thinks the most beautiful, heart melting words.Harrison and Bronwyn feel an attraction, I felt it too, but they both know the deal. Bronwyn is married and OFF limits!!

The years skip by…
Will our heroine break her rules?
And what about Harrison?

Reasons Not to Fall in Love is a standalone novella, with each chapter charting a different year in the life of Bronwyn Reynolds. It's mainly from her point of view but, at the end, we get a lovely glimpse into Harrison's mind with his perspective, loved that addition; it pushed the read to a solid 4 I-REALLY-liked-it-stars.

Kirsty Moseley knows how to write lovely, SEXY, hot attraction. I could feel the heat radiating form this couple and wanted their happy ending. I highly recommend this beautiful short, especially if you're a fan of sweet romances. Kirsty Moseley is the Queen of sweet romance.

Complimentary copy provided by the publishers, Carina UK.
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on 15 June 2014
*I received a copy of this book in exchange for honest review*

A novella from Kirsty Moseley…Yes, please!!

Bronwyn Reynolds is unhappy in her loveless marriage. She is married to what I can only describe as a good for nothing a***ole. She is working two jobs whilst he sits around spending his time drinking, grumbling, and having affairs. Her treats her like s***, and she’s only staying with him for the sake of her son Theo.

“Many women went through their lives in an unhappy marriage. I was no different to any of them. Not everyone found their Mr. Darcy and lived happily ever after, some people just had to take what they could get and be grateful. Clearly I was one of those people.”

Harrison Baxter is her brother in law’s sexy business partner, the man she has sexy thoughts about. A man who is so not like her husband. Harrison is a ladies' man, but has always had had a thing for Bronwyn, but knows she is married, and off limits, but can’t get her out of his mind and can’t resist flirting with her every time fate seems to bring then together.

“Harrison Baxter. The one that made my panties wet every time he smiled at me”

Reason Not To Fall In Love was a heartwarming entertaining read. I felt for Bronwyn at times the way she was treated by her husband over the years had left her will low self-esteem. I’m sure there are many women out there who are in the same situation in loveless marriages as it easy to stay than to leave. But at the same time I wanted to shake her and make her see that she worth so much more.

Bronwyn and Harrison were great characters. You could feel the magnet pull between. Love the flirting, chemistry and the banter they share. Love that Harrison saw something more in her, always made her smile, and I couldn’t help but want them to be together.

“I don’t just want one night Bronwyn; I never did, not with you.”

“His voice did funny things inside I was lost for words”

Overall I really enjoyed this novella it may be a short read, but it was a good read, (There will be no comments from me about how long it was ;) ) once I started I didn’t want to put it down, and one I easily read in a few hours. It was another well-written story from the talented Kirsty Moseley who kept me guessing with a few good twists. Loved the last one. If Kirsty choose to continue Bronwyn and Harrison’s story then I will happily read it, but if she doesn’t then that is okay with me as I liked the way it ended for them. Bronwyn and Harrison do not need the drama they have their HEA.

If you're looking for a short heartwarming entertaining read, this is the book for you.
4 stars
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on 11 June 2014
Reasons Not to Fall in Love by Kirsty Moseley
4 stars!!

“Many women went through their lives in an unhappy marriage. I was no different to any of them. Not everyone found their Mr Darcy and lived happily ever after, some people just had to take what they could get and be grateful. Clearly I was one of those people.”

This is a really quick read at 81 pages, but this is 81 pages crammed full of a beautiful story. The story is also really relatable, many women are stuck in a loveless marriage, normally tied together by children and are willing to sacrifice their own happiness for that of their children. Bronwyn is no exception.

Bronwyn had been with her husband since she was young; they got married and had a child. Her husband had lost his job and was making no real attempt to regain employment; it was left to Bronwyn to makes ends meet. Holding down two jobs while her husband drank, gambled and had affairs, Bronwyn was finally reaching the end of her tether.

Harrison was her brother-in-law’s business partner, at many a family function he had always made a beeline for Bronwyn, he knew that she was off limits as she was married but he couldn’t help the flirty innuendo banter that always slipped out when he was in her company. Bronwyn thought that Harrison would be a fantastic catch, if only she wasn’t married.

“The little glint to his eyes was making butterflies swoop around in my stomach, and if I wasn’t married, if I didn’t have a five year old waiting for me at home, two jobs and rent to pay, I would push him down onto the tiled floor and ravage his body until he begged for mercy.”

Fate always has a way of bringing people together and this story is no different. Would these two ever be together when they are both in the right place and at the right time and under the right circumstances.

The flirty banter between these two was hot, you could tell that there was a mutual attraction between the two, but Bronwyn is not a cheater, she was just full of regrets. Her husband continually embarrassed her, treated her like s*** and did not take their vows seriously, I was reading this just waiting for Bronwyn to finally see the light and it takes a major incident for her to finally see that she is worth so much more.

I couldn’t help but feel that Harrison was saving himself, or at least no other woman in all that time had captured his attention like Bronwyn had, it made their story all the more of a fairy-tale. There are many twists in this story that keep you engaged throughout and keep you rooting for these two going forward.

“I don’t just want one night Bronwyn; I never did, not with you. I have been pining for you for the last two months.”

As usual for a Kirsty Moseley read it is well written and totally captivating, it seemed that I had only been reading ten minutes before I realised this novella had finished. To me this is the beginning of a serial, although this instalment covers many years, I am hoping for a day by day account going forward! I sincerely hope that this is not the end of Bronwyn and Harrison’s story.
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on 10 June 2014
I think this is one of those stories that people can really relate to. Young mum Bronwyn is stuck! She has had a baby to her high school sweetheart at a young age so she did the right thing and married the father. The only problem is that it’s the right thing for everyone else and not her. Fast forward a few years and she’s stuck! Yes she appears weak but I think we have all had situation where it’s just easier to live with it than to fight it…it just becomes part of life!
And just when she thinks that she is destined to live a life of boredom with a lazy husband who can’t be faithful she meets Harrison Baxter and he stir up feelings that she didn’t realise she still had. He makes her heart beat again and her skin tingle…but unlike her husband she will not stray.
Harrison falls hard for the sister of one of his friends, and when he finds out she is married he backs off…or he backs off a little! When he meets her at family events he just can’t stay away! He wants to get to know her better, to steal her from the life that makes her so unhappy.
Will they ever get the chance to be together? Will they get their HEA?
Well you will just have to read this story to find out!
I really enjoyed this book! It wasn’t the longest story I have ever read but I felt that didn’t detract from it. I felt drawn to the story the characters well telling me and they were really likeable. Was Bronwyn strong to begin with…no! Did Harrison come over as a bit of an arse to begin with…yes! But to me that's what made them real! No one is perfect in real life. The story that they told was one that I could totally immerse myself into and just read. It wasn’t always hard hitting and there wasn’t a huge amount of angst…but again that worked with this story! It was just a great story!
So if you are looking for an easy read that puts a smile on your face then this is the story for you!
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on 22 November 2014
~~~~~~~3.5 Stars~~~~~~~~~

Bronwyn is married with a son.......she should be happy but happiness is something she has never really known especially when it comes to her marriage to the lazy waste of space, irresponsible, gambler Finn.
She has to work two, minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet and keep a roof over her head and that of, her cheating husband, and son.
One day at the dinner where she works, she meets Harrison. Harrison is good looking, cocky, self assured, a bit of a jack the lad the total opposite of her husband.
Bronwyn is attracted to him, but she ignores the pull between them because she's married and her self esteem is at an all time low.
Harrison is a bit of a player not usually one a woman type of guy, that is until he meets Brownyn the one woman he could see himself settling down with, who happens to be married.

This is a short novella, which is well written. My only gripe is that its too short, the characters and the relationship Harrison and Bronwyn could be more developed.
Reasons not to fall in love is fast paced and gives a true to life reflection of what can happen when a marriage does not work out as it should or when someone get married for all the wrong reasons.
Sometimes the universe throws a curve ball right in the middle of your situation, how you react to that curve ball is the important part. Harrison is brownyn's curve ball, she has every reason to walk around that curve ball and continue on her unhappy path or she could take it as a wake up call and create a new and happy path for herself and her son.
3.5 Stars From Natasha
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on 30 January 2016
I picked up Reasons Not to Fall in Love because I absolutely adored Kirsty Moseley’s The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window. It seems weird really doesn’t it? We liked one book so we pick up another by the same author hoping for the same magic to be recreated. You would think that this can only end in one of two ways: we either love it or we hate it. Wrong. There is a sneaky third option of jut liking a book. That is how I felt about Reasons Not to Fall in Love.

The story is about Bronwyn Reynolds, a small town waitress who has a crap life. She is used by her husband, she works hard so she can look after their child and she has lost her sense of self. The story is about her finding out that there is someone special under her waitressing pinafore and it takes the love of a man to help her realise that.

At 92 pages long you have to be impressed by the heart warming story that Moseley has managed to cram in. You don’t feel cheated by the characters, or by the story. It is a story well told and is another that I like to think of as a commute read – one for the commute to and from work. I liked it but it didn’t blow me away.

Reasons Not to Fall in Love by Kirsty Moseley is available now.

Follow Kirsty Moseley (@KirstyEMoseley) on Twitter.
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on 12 June 2014
Hmmm… I’m really not sure how I feel about this book… one hand it’s a well written, short, fast paced story… on the other hand its way too short and leaving you wishing for more details…
This book is spread over a eight year period and tells the story of Bronwyn Reynolds… who become pregnant at seventeen and married the father Finn… as the years fly by Finn continues to drink, gamble and cheat which all start to slowly break Bronwyn’s confidence, self-steam and self-worth, leaving her believe she doesn’t deserve better.
Harrison is a family friend who is known for his man whoring ways but he isn’t a home wrecker… from moment he met Bronwyn, she set him in a tail spin but he kept their relationship platonic…
Bronwyn was instantly attracted to the hottie Harrison but hide it well because she was married even though she was very unhappily married…
Bronwyn and Harrison would make the perfect couple… but Bronwyn would need to find the courage to fight for own happiness and leave her dead beat husband first???
This book takes you on a journey showing the struggles of a broken mother, who deserves so much more than she has been handed in life…
I just simply wished this story had been longer and I hope there is more to come from Bronwyn and Harrison…
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on 9 August 2015
Another fantastic book by Kirsty Moseley!!
Stuck in an unhappy marriage Bronwyn works all the hours to support her husband Finn and their son. After her sister gives birth she goes to visit her in hospital along with her mother and comes face to face with her brother in laws work partner Harrison Baxter. Harrison Baxter is a gorgeous flirty man with an eye for the ladies. Over a coffee in the hospital she realizes she could be in trouble with this man!!! Will they be able to leave each other alone knowing that she is still married??? Only time will tell!!!
I loved this short story it had everything in it a strong story line, heartbreak and a dash of suspense, my only wish would be that it was a longer story I hope to get to read some more about Harrison and Bronwyn!!
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