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on 11 April 2015
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on 2 May 2012
Had nothing but trouble with this mouse since day 1.

1) The battery life appears to be random. It can stop responding at any time for no obvious reason, even after being on the charging dock for a full night. I can always plug the cable in, but that seriously defeats the concept of wireless.

2) Software, several iteration of it that I've had the pleasure to use, is pretty bad. Each time you launch it - the mouse freezes for about 15 seconds while the software is "Reading the settings". Not even writing, just reading them. Every time you assign a key or a macro, you need to wait the 15 or so seconds again, while it writes the settings into the mouse, before you can try it out. This happens regardless of whether you're wired or not.

3) Setting up game profiles just didn't work for me. Maybe I'm an idiot and missed something obvious, but I couldn't get the right profile to switch on at the right time and to actually work. It seemed to be mixing up which sensitivity settings and macros belong to which profile.

4) Macros were a bit tricky. Couldn't get them to work initially, but it seems the problem was me failing to add manual delays between macro keys. Maybe this bit helps someone.

5) The worst thing about this mouse is that it seems to freeze and lose all the settings, macros and profiles about once a month on average for me. I can tell by all the lights on the docking station and the mouse itself lighting up, even though they're disabled. And then I get to deal with software again...

Technically, not the worst mouse I ever had. The Logitech MX Revolution, from the dodgy early batch that would lag and temporarily freeze the PC when moved, takes the crown.
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on 5 August 2010
Got this mouse and never looked back!

I have also the logitech G9, which has its flaws but that in another review.


- intuitive software; synapse works great if you have windows 7; mouse settings are saved to the mouse
- great look and feel
- dual wired / wireless mode
- short recharge times
- bios can be set to allow hibernate and or / charging when your computer is off so the mouse can be charged when your computer is off / sleeping
- re-wake is short, in the milliseconds
- high quality materials used ONLY
- you can use this mouse on your carpet
- exceptional wireless range / not bluetooth
- you'll love the wheel
- has a switch off button, since you need to eat lunch in-between battles
- great packaging, useless after, but nice artifact; i'm gonna keep it!
- you wont regret buying it. seriously, you wont.


- no weight control; is standard in mice in the same league; having said that, the weight is perfect
- battery life could be longer with intensive use (only about a day); however, you can then switch to wired mode and play on and charge at the same time
- no phone support in the u.k. not that you should ever need it but after spending this kind of money, you'd expect razer to provide you with a butler to offer you a tray of chocs after losing a round of MW2 multiplayer

in any case, if youre on a budget, you may not want to save months to buy this mouse. have a look at the logitech MX series or the razer deathadder family. there you will find some BANG for your BUX - it just wont be BANG, BANG, BANG! It doesn't always have to be :)

if you have the money left over / spare, buy it now. if you generally dont like razer, look at the competition: logitech G9 (great mouse for half the price), roccat kone(+) and the cyborg RAT series. i still have the two latter and they are really very good mice.

in short: a quality gaming grade mouse, which will have you happy for years! LOVE razer.
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on 22 February 2012
I've spent the good part of 10 years with a Razor mouse, i've got through around 4 different devices and up until now, thought Razor represented quality.

I've had the Razor Mamba for over a year now and have had nothing but problems. The main complaint is the mouse tracking, I've had times when the mouse completely stops responding to the left and right movements of my hand. The mouse will NOT track at all on anything but a Razor mousemat but the most annoying thing of all is that if you lift the mouse from the mat, even by a couple of millimetres it will have to 'retrack' which pauses the mouse for a second.

It may seem like a really small problem however i bet you don't realise how many times you move your mouse from the mat each time you reach the end. Until i got used to it it caused the mouse to stop responding about 10 times an hour.

Other than the tracking problems, the mouse is excellent. Disconnecting the wire to make it wireless is fiddly at best, which basically means i've given up and kept it wired. But while i was using it as a wireless mouse, it worked fine (except again for the tracking).

Eitherway, My advice? Don't spend the money - It does nothing a normal mouse doesn't do and it does it worse. The best mouse i ever owned was a Razor Copperhead for half the money, something that i'll be returning too in a couple of months after i throw this thing against a wall!
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on 27 April 2009
Ok I got this mouse after my MX1000 started skipping and my old Explorer wired mouse was getting stuck.
A special metion should be made about the packaging it is really something it displays the mouse like a sculpture.
After unpacking and plugging in the mouse you can download the drivers from the razer website, no disk is included. The razer software gives you control over a bunch of functions including asigning key presses and macros to each of the buttons on the mouse. There are also other more advanced options like fine tuning the sensitivity and polling rate. Adjusting sensitivity can also be done on the fly through the 2 buttons that are on the side of the big Button 1 on the mouse. This is useful but I figure once you find the one Ilike most I won't be playing around with it much.
So how does the mouse itself actually feel? Ergonomically I think the mouse is really good, decent wheight, confortable to hold buttons have a nice feeling when pressed. I do find the Logitech MX1000 a bit more confortable but I like the bigger side buttons on the Mamba.
The scroll wheel on the Mamba feels good and it has very distinct clicks as you scroll. This is very good for changing weapons in a FPS game but maybe not so good for scrolling down long forum pages. Alos be aware that the wheel does not have a side scroll function like the MX1000.
The main feature of this mouse is of course that it is wireless and I can say that there is no noticeable difference in response from the mouse in either wired or wireless mode. It is indeed very nice that if your battery goes down you can just plug the cable to the back of the mouse and continue using it. Before with my MX1000 I had to keep a second wired mouse handy just so I could continue playing if the battery in the MX1000 died during long play sessions. Talking about batteries I think that the batery life in the MX1000 was slightly longer. In any case you must download a firmware update for the Mamba which corrects a bug that was preventing the batttery to charge fully. The only other slight annoyance I found with the Mamba is that when it goes into sleep mode it needs a couple of seconds to start working again properly, this was not the case with the MX1000.
I highly recomend this mouse, yes the price is steep but one has to consider that the mouse is the main interface between you and your computer and is used in probably every application and game. So with that in mind I don't think it is a bad investment at all.
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on 19 March 2011
Brilliant mouse, iv owned this mouse for almost a year now and if you buy this you wont be disappointed even for £100
Living with it;
First off, this is easily the most comfortable mouse iv held, sure the Logitech's are ergonomically perfect but the Mamba has this plus its made of really nice material, its like perfect skin.

The Software is pretty good, you can individually program how sensitive each mode of sensitivity (of which there are 5) is and then the mouse remembers that even if you take it to a computer that doesn't have the software, so once you have everything perfect and the way you want it, if you reinstall windows for whatever reason there is no need to reinstall the software unless you want to make any changes, BRILLANT.

From sleep mode (in wireless) the mouse reawakens in milliseconds, so its not noticeable and the sensitivity is exactly the same as it is in wired mode, very impressive.
The downsides are that the battery only lasts for about a day, which is poor compared to other wireless mouse, I also have a portable wireless laser Logitech, it takes normal battery's but I only change them about once a year!
If your battery does run out you can quickly unplug the cable from the dock and plug it into your mouse in seconds so you can use it and charge it at the same time.

The weight of this mouse is perfect, however you cant adjust it if your into that sort of thing, which im not so its not a problem for me.

Using it;
The buttons on it all have a nice positive click and feel well built, the thumb buttons which can be a bit hit and miss on most mouse aren't on this, really easy to press but not accidentally.
The scroll wheel however isn't simply good, its the best iv ever used on any mouse, its weird to get excited about something like that I know, but trust me its soooooo good, you can press it down without accidentally scrolling and each turn of the wheel up or down is very clean and precise.

Looks really good, has a nice but not intrusive blue glow on the wheel, the dock also looks good in its blue glow. Buy this along side a Razer keyboard and people who see your PC will be impressed, or think your a massive geek. One or the other, one this is for certain they'll want a shot of it.

Summary :- buy it, buy it now, rubbish battery life is made up for the fact that everything else is perfect.
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on 17 February 2013
I bought this mouse nearly 2 years ago now when it was brand new for a cool £100. I have not been impressed with it.

The first 6 months with the mouse were heavenly, it worked exactly as it should and it is the EXACT right size and weight for my tastes. I have quite large hands but I am sure even the smallest handed person would be able to use it. The wireless worked great as well, although my only niggle was that the light HAS to be on when it's charging and as I have my computer in my bedroom that was far from ideal (I ended up simply covering it with a T-Shirt each night).

Unfortunately after the first 6 months it all started to go wrong. The wireless mode started acting up and within another 6 months had stopped working altogether, although as soon as the mouse starts randomly disconnecting itself (despite having a full battery charge) it almost doesn't matter how frequently it does it. The battery life indicator also completely packed up displaying randomly either full charge or complete lack of charge. On top of this the two rubber side grips lost both their coating (becoming slippery and horrible) and their adhesion (so they started peeling off the mouse). I have since disposed of both. Finally after about a year the coating on top of the mouse began to go and it has now all but lose the beautiful mat black finish it had when it was new. I have far less sweaty hands than the majority of people I know, so that is not the cause.
The mouse's sensor is perfectly adequate although I am not fully sold on the whole 5600 DPI is better mantra, I often use cheap sub-£10 mice and they all feel as 'accurate' and as sensitive.

While not related to this product, I also owned a Razer Copperhead before this mouse and the rubber side grips and the protective coating wore off on that too before it started double clicking. I gave Razer another chance with this mouse, and they will definitely not be receiving a third.

In summary, this mouse is great for 6 months, but if you can't afford to spend £200 a year on mice (as I can't) then I would look elsewhere. 1 star may seem somewhat harsh as I am still using it every day (more out of laziness and a sense of the mouse owing me several years of service given the price), but it has to be connected via a wire and it is nowhere near it's former self.
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on 30 July 2014
The mouse itself is excellent. I use it wired, rather than wireless.

The profiles are good - I had many set up for different games. It was annoying the there was no default "Windows" profile. It stuck on whatever the last game you played was. Trying to use Windows on the settings for an FPS game wasn't much fun.

The precision was good though - at the time, Razor was the best you could get!

But, the software is just awful. I've used a lot of awful software before, but this was something new. The error messages are very unhelpful, and the software generates a lot of them.
Even when it's working, it seems to take forever to sync your profiles to the mouse.

A few times, the mouse randomly lost my profiles for reasons that I never found out.

The final straw was the latest firmware upgrade. I can no longer use the mouse due to errors about not being able to connect to it. (I'm using the mouse to click on the button!).
I think it might be because I don't have the dock any more - just wired mode. But I don't really care any more - ditched it.

These days gaming mice aren't as rare. Logitech's alternative looks just as good technically, and the software looks better.
So why would I stick with Razor? They need to up their game in terms of software, because other people are matching their hardware.
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on 15 June 2010
I was after a wireless mouse that had extra buttons for gaming. Someone recommended this to me, but it seemed a little pricey. However, I had some spare cash so I splashed out, and I'm glad I did. It's very responsive, feels nice in my hand (I have quite small hands but have no trouble using it), the mouse wheel has very defined clicks, which are great for FPS's (my game of choice), though as someone else has mentioned it does take ages to scroll on web pages- I have taken to using page up/down! The finish is nice too, with a kind of rubbery soft feel to it. The lights on the wheel and dock are a really nice shade of blue. The cable to charge/plug in dock is properly sheathed, so there's no chance of it getting damaged easily. The only niggle I have (very small one) is that if you plug the mouse in directly, rather than using the dock, the cable is not very easy to get out- I find I end up mashing the buttons trying to do this.
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on 19 November 2011
Having tried the logitech G500, G9x, Mionix 5000, Sidewinder X8, RAT9, RAT7 and Xai I can honestly say the quality in terms of materials and feel were not as good as some of these mice which are half and in some cases a third of the price! The mouse doesn't feel solid compared to other mice i've tried and it's also a little on the light side (again personal preference). The wireless and button feel on the other hand is good. I'm not a huge fan of the glossy material used on the sides which I found quite slippery. If your the kind of person to lift the mouse on a regular basis (while turning in an FPS or something) then you may get frustrated with this. I would have given the mouse a 4/5 if not for the outrageous price... I honestly can't see how they can justify this price with the flaws i've mentioned, just my opinion but not worth the money in this instance.
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