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on 18 June 2017
My son loves these although a bit tight for his head
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on 3 April 2017
Why make headphones with 1 metre cable? absolute.... waste of time and from a razor a company who "know" what they doing lol joke well i will never purchase a razor product ever again especially as the mouse i bought from them also died within a year.
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on 1 September 2015
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on 23 December 2013
Backstory ( if you interested in just headphone review skip to 2nd paragraph):

I like my headphones chunky. I always did; for my phone I use Sony MDR-MX500 and I love the sound quality on those, for my PC I got tempted and bought Dolby Surround headphone by my trusted company Sharkoon (S7), they were perfect, if not for the s***ty cable it came with, made out of cheap plastic which after 8 months cracked exposing the cables inside and soon after I started having trouble with noise, crackling and other fun stuff, and as you might have guessed warranty did not cover that, so straight to bin they went. It was time to hunt for new headphones, I really wanted sennheisers but they were a little out of my price range, soon enough though I found this baby with detachable cable, it was a quick decision to buy.

Razer Electra, where do I start?
Lets go with Build Quality:
Its Razer so I expected nothing but a perfection. I was not disappointed; they are very sturdy and yet comfortable, I could wear these all day and not feel a thing, also I wear glasses; not a problem. These are not the type of headphones which try to squeeze your brain out so its perfect for glasses owners as do they not lift them up or push'em into your head. The cable is also exceptional, made out of extremely soft rubber which makes it impossible for it to coil or tangle like any other headphones, also as a nice tough the cable is detachable. Out of the box you get two cables one normal cable and one with the microphone so that you can use it for skype or google plus or any other chatting based platform of you choice. These also fold inward making them much smaller and easier to place ina carrier bag or a backpack for those who like to carry their headphones around.
The only bad thing I would say about these when it comes to build quality is a plastic which they use on the joints ( the bit which you use to adjust the hight of each earpiece) as in it squeaks when moved about. They are perfectly fine when weared on the head, but if you a person that wears headphones on their neck and plans on wearing these for like a phone music I would think twice before purchasing these. Overall 4.5 STARS

Next is Sound Quality:

What can I say besides superb.
THE BASS. For those people who cant live without it, it has lots of it, but also just enough, not like some other headphones out there which put wwaaayyy too much bass, Im looking at you Dr. Dre, so bass 5 STARS.

Mid-tones are there nice and crisp 5 STARS.

High-tones are excellent also, they have again, just enough, so when a hi-hat hits you don't feel like someone is stabbing you with the needle in the ear. You can have lots of high pitched sounds going on in the song, at the same time and you will be able to distinguish each own no problem, so high-notes 5 STARS.

Also compared to my Sony headphones they do not leak the sound nowhere near as much, so you can blast your favourite Miley Cyrus Hits in secret.


This is were things are not that peachy. As good as Razer is with making good Hardware they are far from perfect on the software front. Just the idea of signing up to be able to use the damn drivers had me cringing. But once I forced myself to do it and install the thing I had to spend a minute or two calibrating the "surround sound" which is actually not that bad, nowhere near as good as the sharkoon S7 I mentioned at the beginning of the review, but it will do for amateur gaming or a film watching session. There are couple of bugs tho so beware, they are not PC breaking bugs but it will make you restart the driver which will make you set up the surround sound yet again for some reason. Drivers get 3 STARS.

Closing comments.

If you looking for comfortable, well build headphones with good quality sound for either game playing, film watching, or music listening then these are very good headphones for a fair price. They overall very good and versatile.

4.8 STARS out of 5
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on 16 August 2014
Before you start to read this review, I need to tell you that I am an audiophile. I like my music in high quality and of high quality. I am going to raise a thing or two about this product, but it's only being said because I am picky.

Right, to the review. I have to say, I am really impressed with the level of detail that Razer has put into this piece of hardware. I'm going to categorise some key areas for you guys.

Comfort: 4/5
Usually, because of the way these earcup pads are made, I wouldn't buy these headphones. I'm a fan of thin leather and extra padding inside the pads for that extra bit of comfort. Even though it is thicker leather, it's still comfortable, even with longer use. It is a tighter fit than most, but that is fixed by adjusting the length of each side. Word of advice: for a comfortable fit, try and adjust the headphones so that most of the force being applied is at the top of your head rather than around your ears.

Build: 5/5
Can't fault it here. The headphones fold into a smaller shape so you can shove them in your bag, plus the 3.5mm jack cable detaches which is useful. The headphones are heavier than most, but it has been built so well it makes up for it. Razer are known for good build quality and this is certainly no exception.

Sound: 4/5 (so close to 5/5 you won't believe!):
If you want a pair for gaming on your PC, please LOOK NO FURTHER. These are perfect for the job; WATCH_DOGS sounds so much better because of these. If you want them solely for music, you can do better. I only say this because trying to setup the EQ on my phone to listen to music took so long to configure. The problem is the bass; there is too much of it! Because of this, if you aren't prepared to fiddle with the EQ, you'll get muffled midtones and washed out highs. Not great, Razer.

For the price, there isn't that much better in its class. If you know Razer like I do, you can't go wrong by buying these.
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on 24 December 2012
I've only been using these headphones for 8 hours but so far they have blown me away, i've tried many genres of music on them and what they produce is just a thing of beauty.

These are comfortable, light, noise isolating and loud.

Couple these with a sound card with built in headphone AMP such as the Asus Xonar DG 5.1 PCI Sound Card or Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 Sound Card (PCI Express 1.0, Smart Volume Normalizer, Xear 3D Virtual Speaker Shifter, Magic Voice) for PC and be prepared to be BLOWN away.

What makes these headphones really stand out is the way they handle bass, they can handle everything you throw at them, you can actually feel them bounce a little off the ears in some songs.

All that for only £50, Dr Dre Beats move over, a new king of beats / music in general has arrived and for a fraction of the price!

These are so good, i plan to take them out of the house with me.

If you're after a headset for music (both indoor and out), look no further, it even has a detachable cable system so you can buy various lengths of cable to suit your taste (the included 1.3m cable will be sufficient for outside but people wanting to use these with indoors may want to invest into a longer cable)

If you're after a headset for gaming (thus most likely wanting to use the microphone that comes on one of the wires), you'll have to buy this adapter StarTech 3.5mm 4 Pin to 2x 3 Pin 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter - F/M to get it working with a PC.

I've tested this headset with PC gaming by playing a few hours of Black Ops 2 and it's just as amazing at gaming as it is at music.

Oh and if you want to make these baby's wireless (for PC / laptop) get this Lindy USB Wireless Audio Extender :)

For another fiver, there's also a version that wirelessly transmits the microphone signal also.


The range isn't fantastic, about 5-7 metres but if you just want to move about and do things within your room, it's ideal.
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on 26 April 2014
Firstly, don't get me wrong, the sound quality on these headphones is pretty good, I have no fault with that.

However, I found the headset excruciatingly uncomfortable to wear. Comfort is, of course different for everybody but beware, it is better to buy a pair that are more reliably comfortable. The inside of the cup is oddly raised in the centre and poorly padded inside, so it is easy for your ear to be crushed by the hard plastic, making them unwearable. I must admit however, the headband was comfortable, but that doesn't make up for the cups.

I returned the product to Amazon and they happily issued me a full refund, which I am very grateful for, and I have since bought a different headset.
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on 5 October 2013
I really like these headphones, I knew what I was buying so it would be stupid to complain about not having a microphone attached.

I'm no audiophile so I can't do a quantitative review, but to me these sound really good. The audio positioning is excellent for CS:GO, although I feel there are probably better options if that's a real concern of yours. Just last night I was playing CS:GO and I heard a single footstep behind me, the sound of someone dropping down from a ledge, it was enough for me to turn, get the kill and win the round. It made me think about how good the headphones are. I've also played a bit of Arma 3 recently and I had trouble using sound to pick out exactly from where I was being shot, I'm not sure if Arma 3 is meant to play like that or if it was a limitation of the headset.

These are also probably the most comfortable headphones I've owned and I have no trouble wearing them for hours at a time. They don't crush your ears and they fit tightly enough to stay on but not enough to cause any aching over several hours. Before buying these, I went through several Creative Arena USB headsets (the white ones, which are no longer sold), they were quite tight and after a couple of hours I needed a break from wearing them. They were however fantastic at keeping the sound in and at higher volumes, I didn't have to worry about bothering people.

If you need something that keeps the sound in, I would look elsewhere, but I can't fault Razer for that, the headset is advertised as being designed for maximum comfort and good ventilation and I'd say it achieves that.
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on 1 May 2014
I picked these up on sale (£30!) because I needed a single 3.5mm jack headset for gaming on my laptop, being Razer I assumed they would have an inbuilt microphone and was underwhelmed by the extra lead provided which came with an in-line mic (the kind you get on earphones that enable you to talk in calls on your phone). I watched a video that displayed the audio quality to see if the sound was of decent quality and it sounded pretty good before I bought them; however, when these arrived (super speedy delivery I might add, as usual) I connected to my usual VoIP server and my gaming buddies were in agony at the terrible quality of the microphone. I tinkered with the settings and still nothing. It turns out that a single 3.5mm jack doesn't distinguish between the input and output so whenever someone talked at the same time as me they'd also hear themselves. Don't buy these if you intent on using them as a headset/mic setup.

The other problem is that they get very uncomfortable very quickly. When you first put them on your ears become enveloped in a nice faux leather (very comfortable) which gets sweaty when you keep them on for more than about half an hour (not so comfortable). They start to get really uncomfortable around the hour mark, where the inside part of the cup is oddly raised up, rubbing hard plastic on your sensitive outer ear. The only saving grace in comfort is the headband, feels very sturdy and it's one of the comfiest i've experienced.

The only reason these get a 3 rather than a 2 is down to the first problem kinda being down to my own lack of research and the sound quality being rather good. The bass feels amped and it tends to make everything sound a lot beefier and generally better sounding.

If anyone reading has come to the Razer Electra for a gaming headset, turn away now and buy some Steelseries Siberia V2's.
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on 7 October 2013
I bought these as a mid-range pair of headphones primarily for gaming and music. I was honestly blown away by the sound quality and, for the price, I would absolutely recommend these to anyone. They easily compete with some of the higher-range headphones I have owned. Oh, and I forgot to mention... they are just so sexy.

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