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on 14 August 2013
Having just gone a brought a Nexus 4 I wanted to look into the full functionality of the phone and the NFC was something I was interested in. Seeing these stickers on Amazon and reading some positive reviews I made the purchase (for 6 squid cant go wrong)
They arrived today - 2 days after placing order - and I immediately downloaded the NFC Launcher from the Play Store, you will need this to programme the stickers. Very easy to use, simple follow the listed items for what you want to add to each 'tag' and when you press 'save' all you need to do is hold the Sticker under the phone and it programmes it. Its as easy as that. Tested it and the 4 stickers I have just programmed - in around 15 mins - work as they should and I cant be happier.
The stickers are approx the size of a 50p piece, more specifically 29mm in diameter, so they can be easily hidden in and around the house, work, car so you can use them as you wish.
I have one located in my entrance hall so when I get home my mobile data turns off, wifi turns on and a SMS is sent to the wife letting her know im home (annoying in some cases as she is already home, but nevertheless, at least she cant moan about me never texting her)
The one in the car is set to call my colleague in the mornings, and I have one at work setting the phone to dock mode, wifi on etc etc...you get the idea.
As yet I think the largest data a have programmed was 116 bytes and this works fine, I believe these have a capacity of around the 140 byte mark, so adequate for most programmable options - worst case, use 2 stickers, you get 10!!!!!!

I would seriously recommend these for anyone wanting to show off to their mates, or their boss (both of which i now do) and for anyone who just wants to use the functions of a phone to its max - something I've never been to bothered about until now.

Great stickers, the glue holds really well so no chance of them falling off, and i still have 6 left to programme. AWESOME!!!!
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on 20 July 2017
Good stuff
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on 24 May 2017
Not much to say. Perfect item, great price.
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on 30 August 2013
These tags are exactly as described and do exactly what I expected them to. Excellent buy for the price. They stick well too.
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on 1 September 2013
I am using these with my Galaxy S4, and the are great got one on my car dash to turn driving mode on and off, one by my bed to turn phone to silent and load up Music Streaming and then tap it again in the morning and it turn it back to day mode. I also have Text to speech to remind me what its doing :)
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on 10 June 2013
Bought these on a whim after learning about my phones nfc capabilities. They do the job just fine, all 10 work. You may struggle to think of uses but I found a few handy ones! I put one inside the battery cover of my tv remote and if I touch my phone to it it brings up a tv guide on my phone. On my bedside cabinet, the sticker opens IMDB as me and my girlfriend are always like "OMG who is that?!" when watching films
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on 5 August 2013
I got these to play about with to see how the NFC works. The tags themselves are good and easy to peel off and stick to something once. I have put one in my car dock, one on my bedside dock and one on my PC dock to run various tasks. I found that they work best with "NFC Task Launcher" from the play store.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 February 2014
First thing I want to say is....I'll never understand why people buy products that they have no idea what they do or what they are for...then slate the product because of their ignorance...I'd read a lot about the NFC first before going ahead and buying some...Knowing what they did and what was on offer...My reason for saying this initially is because I read a lot of reviews about various tags and the negative ones were clearly bought by those that don't have a clue and can put off potential buyers who might just love this relative new concept....Anyway.!!

Since I've had my new phone (LG G2) I've been wanting to try out some NFC tags..I was not really aware that these even existed to begin with or what they actualy did...yet.I'd tried NFC by talking to my tablet and a friends phone passing on info....Anyway...I sent for these tags in the hope they would do what I was expecting...and they were perfect for the job and were a great price..
You need to download a Tag writer from an App store to be able to program them...which was a doddle by the way and programming even easier..My reasons for choosing these wonderful little devices was due to the fact I change the way my phone is set up according to my situation...Daytime..Nightime...Driving..etc etc..and being able to do this with just a stoke across a tag was perfect for me...They are also re-writable which is even better in case you make mistakes so there's no panic..:)

If there is a slight down side with HFC and usuing tags ..it will not let you activate GPS unless your phone is rooted (well my phone anyway)...and this is no fault of the tags being sold here,it's a privacy thing....They have a sticky back and reasonably descrete so placing them where your likely to use them is up to you...The ones supplied were 137 Bytes...more then enough for simple tasks..I think it requires 4 for WiFi..3 for Blue Tooth etc etc...so you can set up quite a complicated system of turning things on and off and opeing things.

One other thing...You will need a tag writer app which you can get from your app store...I used Trigger as it was probably the easiest and best one around..there are others to choose from, so try a few more if your not happy with Trigger.

Delivery was super quick (almost next day) and I would recommend these without hesitation from the company..they came very well packaged so not to damage them...a hard carboard insert in envelope.

So..if your looking for a cheap way of using your phones abilities to the max then look no further.

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on 7 July 2013
These are just fantastic. I have one in my sofa cushion which I use on my Galaxy S3 to run a Tasker script to wake my media center and start a remote control app and another one for my upstairs media center. Haven't been able to figure out any more uses as yet but I'm sure I will.
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on 10 July 2013
Work well but a warning to people, trying to write my contact card to a tag - mobile number alone was 136 bytes, adding an e-mail address took it to 146 bytes which wouldn't fit on the 137 byte tag. Keep this in mind when deciding which tags to buy as the information these tags hold is limited
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