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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 August 2017
I put off reading this series as I wasn't sure. When I started I couldn't stop. The attitudes of the American travellers are so middle American. Truth justice and Mom's apple pie. Their defiance in the face of overwhelming odds is heroic in an old fashioned tradition of Yankee grit. That they are facing an enemy of evil proportions which defy description makes any victory a cheer of good over indescribable bad. The premise of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat will put many off but the hordes are really beyond anything you can dream off. They reek of evil. I kept thinking of the unstoppable Mongols of Ghengis Khan but having conquered they now prey off their human slaves. The Americans are determined to destroy this system if it takes the death of every single human on this new planet to do so,. Such is their fervour to impose the American way on these downtrodden human cattle. Once you read this you will not stop till you have devoured the series.
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on 25 July 2017
Went straight on to get the next book, which pretty much says it all!
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on 19 July 2017
Enjoyed well written if this is your thing recommended
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on 22 January 2011
A friend recommended this book to me, and Im extremely grateful to him for introducing me to an excellent writer with an amazing imagination. This book is a cross between Science fiction and a historical novel, a regiment of Yankee soldiers get caught up in a storm at sea and end up in an alternate universe where 10 foot ape like creatures called Tugars roam the planet in a massive horde, feeding on humans who arrived in the planet long before the Yankees arrived.Forstchen really builds up the characters in this superbly written novel and I will certainly seek out the rest of the books in this series.
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on 15 October 2002
These are good, enjoyable books, but no way are they worth five stars.
The concept is ingenious, and carried off well enough to avoid the possibility that it could all become too preposterous. But the writing is sloppy and, more importantly, the continuity errors are awful. It seems as if Lee's comment about "it is good war is so terrible..." comes up twice in every book, basically whenever Keane is looking out over his troops.
Even more annoying, you might notice that in book 2 there are two characters - Hamilcar, and Baca (sp?), both of whom are Carthaginians. They don't meet in the book, but both ultimately end up escaping to/being rescued by the Yankees. Come book 3, the Carthaginian representative/envoy to the Republic is one Hamilcar Baca. The two characters appear to have merged into one. It's basically as if Forstchen didn't bother to read back over his old novels before writing the next in the series.
Still, despite the flaws they are a good fun and not too challenging read, and enjoyable. Worth buying but don't expect a classic.
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on 18 June 1998
Whether you thirst for fiction revolving around the courage and gritty fighting of the Civil War days, or want to whet your fantasy whistle, this book about overwhelming odds, on an unfamiliar world will fit the bill. You will be rooting the whole way for a group of Yankees, who are brought to a world filled with unimaginable horrors. You will be inspired by the courage, the thought of freedom elicits in the local down-trodden populace.
This is the book and series that got me hooked on both the Civil War and fantasy type fiction. It is by far one of my favorite stories.
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on 27 October 1997
No one could sum up this book better than the gentleman in the bookstore who reccomended it to me: "Reading it's like eating popcorn; it's tough to stop." Boy, does that ever hold true. Character development is excellent; you really care about them. The author demonstrates his knowlege of all aspects of the Civil War time period, from strategies and tactics, to the manufacture of weapons and the training of troops, and he combines all of these elements into a very readable, very fun story. A great book to start a great series.
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on 30 April 1998
A vast spectacle on a distant planet burning with a nightmarish war and the deadly intrigue beetween hated rivals fires this breathtaking account of Colonel Andrew Keane's Union regiment as they are transported unexplicably to a world where they must contemplate battle with the Merki, a terrible race that has enslaved humanity. The story seamlessy chronicles the regiment's efforts to coexist with the human population while the account of the peasant's rebellion against their human feudal masters and the war that follows is expressed in an exciting staccato fashion. Especially enjoyable is the detail in which the regiment's efforts to transform the medieval civilization of humans into an industrial society is written and the depiction of the Merki as not just bloodthirsty man-eaters but as a people trapped in a cituation as desperate as that of the humans. The characters are a wonderfully written cast that range from the heroic Andrew Keane, to the malevolent Rasnar, and Qubata, the leader of the Merki horde forced to fight a war that he knows can only end in the destruction of his people. Engrossing and passionate, William Forstchen has created a perfect initiation for any novice to the genre of sci-fi/fantasy and a near flawless genesis to a his "Lost Regiment" series.
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on 14 October 1997
William Forstchen has created a great tale that includes the best of a civil war drama and a science fiction novel. An infantry regiment is transported through a hole in space to a world where humans are not the top of the food chain. They refuse to submit to the carnivorous tyrany of the dominant species. With their modern weaponry, they inadvertantly cause a rebellion against the eight foot tall warrior race that rules the planet. The natives join the Yankees in their resolve to be free of the tribute of human flesh required of them every twenty years. The book is filled with outstanding battle sequences, but goes beyond that into an area that is not covered in most war novels. That area is logistics. It adds a further dimension to the story when to survive, the new government must create an industrial society out of midevil Russian serfs. I lost a night's sleep because I could not put it down after I had read the first chapter. If you like science fiction or military fiction, I think you will like "Ra
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on 20 March 1997
During a sea voyage just after the Battle of Gettysburg, several Union Regiments are mysteriously transported to an alien world. They are not the first; civilizations from ancient Rome to medieval Russia to the pirates all roam the planet here, but they are dominated by the ruthless Merki, aliens with only medieval technology but the muscle and power to completely rule the humans. And worse than that, the Merki eat humans.

And so the battered Union soldiers with their advanced rifles battle the Merki horde with every rifle they can find or make and as much Yankee ingenuity as they have.

This book (and its sequels in the Lost Regiment series) probably won't be a top-ten for most readers. Forstchen tends to draw out the various meetings and you can't go a page without a spate of swearing (which gets tiresome after 400 pages), but it is a solid title with lots of adventure, story, character-play, and all that. Overall, just a good, fun book.
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