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Customer reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 April 2017
I bought this DVD as I was impressed with Janin's skills and performance in Chocolate. However I felt let down by the portrayal of the fight scenes in this movie. It was great to see such acrobatic moves and spectacularly choreographed fights, but I feel these need to be backed up by combat techniques that at least look like they could work. Just forming a shape with a protruding elbow near someones head, with absolutely no impression of impact, just doesn't work for me.
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on 3 April 2017
action packed worth the watch
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on 19 February 2012
I won't further repeat what is stated in the product description concerning plot, etc. What I will say is that, with her well deserved critical acclaim arising from her world class fighting skills in Chocolate, it's good to see that Jeeja Yanin isn't just a one trick pony. In her debut movie Chocolate, Jeeja Yanin was given limited scope to reveal some of her true acting capabilities, since she was confined to a sparse script in order to convincingly portray the demeanour of a mentally challenged teenager... and she did it very well. In Raging Phoenix the plot is somewhat beefier, if not still a little fantastical (but how many martial arts movies have a 100% flawless plot)? I can't think of one, and Raging Phoenix is no exception. However, unlike Chocolate, this film does seek to further explore Jeeja's vocal and acting skills, (not just her lightning quick fighting skills), with the script putting her through a whole gamut of emotion, pain, rejection and loneliness, which she handles superbly. (Look out for the part where she rescues some girls from the clutches of human traffickers, she can dance as she seriously kicks butt)! Co-starring alongside Patrick Tang of Knockout fame, it would be precise to say that Jeeja Yanin is one of the most gifted and true martial artists ever to hit the screen in Kung Fu cinema history. If you like martial arts with a contemporary spin, treat yourself to this excellent movie. It is sure to become an all time classic.
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on 3 January 2012
I bought this because Chocolate was excellent. I was extremely disappointed by this lame piece of nothing very good. The story (such as it was) was pathetic, the action was spoiled by the break dancing nonsense, and rather than enjoy the film, I just found myself waiting for it to end so Icould stop watching it without having to come back to it later.

You might enjoy it, but don't say I didn't warn you.
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This is a difficult film to give a score for ---the acting in the early part of the film is frankly 'terrible'
I myself while watching was beginning to lose the will to live, and yet, the stunts, and 'martial-art's' held my attention....just.
However when the group catch up to the 'Jaguar' who were responsible for kidnapping many women, the action became constant and frankly 'mesmerising'
So ? the film, if you like 'martial-art's' was worth watching if but once.
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on 15 April 2014
Not one for the purists - might avoid lovers of technically faithful martial arts films. Not one for fans of flowing direction.

At times the plot jumps inexplicably like they couldn't be bothered to think of a linking scene. Ignore these shortcomings, however, and this is an enjoyable film.

The acrobatics in the fight sequences are phenomenally choreographed and executed. They are completely over the top and infeasible with fighters one moment taking a tap on the head and then in others absorbing more punishment than a battle tank before going down but you just end up marvelling at how they were put together. The stunt work was simply incredible.

The plot-line is serviceable and the romance seems more Bollywood than Hollywood.

It's an OK action romp that is redeemed by superb, larger-than-life action sequences and sparring/training sessions.
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on 18 June 2014
The only word to describe this film is ''Rubbish'' with a capital R. The alternative would be to use a four letter word with a capital S but that would be a bit rude.
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on 31 March 2011
This second effort from Jeja Yanin takes a new route with a more modern martial arts film. While her character in Chocolate immitates classic martial arts stars in Raging Phoenix she works in a post modern mix of martial arts and hip hop dance. If you like old school martial arts films you may not find this one very interesting. The plot is decent for this kind of film. A gang of human trafficers kidnap women special to a group of men who come together to help fight against the gangs and free them. Deu/Neu played by Jeja Yanin (the box and subtitles do it different not sure which is correct) is almost kidnapped by the gang and is rescued by Sanim played by Patrick Tang who introduces her to the group and agrees to train her in their unique art style. She then joins them in their mission to stop the trafficers.

It's simple and has some comedy to mix in with the action and acrobatics which are impressive with a fun mix of martial arts styles.

If you enjoy modern asian action movies go ahead and pick this up while it's cheap it'll provide some fun on a quiet night in with some popcorn.

If you're obsessed with Bruce Lee movies and don't like anything outside of the 70's then avoid this you'll hate it.
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on 14 June 2011
Ultimately a slightly disappointing combination of the usual acrobatic high-flying bonecrunching Thai martial arts with a faintly silly then utterly ludicrous plot. The gorgeous Jija Yanin is kidnapped by some bad guys but rescued by some bloke (Patrick Tang) using crazy martial arts. He introduces her to his mates, who use the same box of tricks, based on being drunk to confuse the enemy: unlike Chinese drunken style, which involves random movements to simulate a drunk, this style actually involves being drunk (not sure what that would do for the co-ordination, but I'm not Thai...). Jija learns the style and becomes top-class at it in the space of about a week (hmmmm....), and the group set out to track down the bad kidnapping guys, whose thing to steal girls to turn their tears into perfume (I did say this got ludicrous, didn't I?) and who had stolen Patrick Tang's wife on the day of their wedding.

Eventually, using Jija as bait, they find their way to the bad guys' underground hideout, which turns out to have enormous chasms reminiscent of Mordor, crossed by rope bridges to allow for some interesting fight scenes. But, damn, if someone threw me headfirst into solid rock, I'd be _hurt_, not able to carry on fighting for another 10 minutes. With that caveat, the fighting throughout is acrobatic, extended, and great to watch. Jija herself is pretty damn good and just about believable as a kickass queen.

But the whole thing is let down by the ridiculous plot (almost as bad as elephants being trafficked to Australia...) and, by the same token, the overextended nature of the fights: I know it's convention, but real fights don't go on for 10 minutes or more, across and between bridges, up and down rock steps, bouncing off rock walls, and so on. It's very well done, and I bet a good many bruises were sustained, but it ain't remotely real. Chocolate was just as silly but rather more fun, I think.
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on 19 April 2010
Raging Phoenix is quite a mixed bag. On the plus side, we have stunning action, a sweet and really hard hitting main actress plus a quite advanced and mature music-video look. The direction and camerawork are much more advanced than in the previous thai-productions and create a entertaining, kind of new age teen movie with uncompromising action scenes. The story supports that structure and tells the story of a group of young people fighting against a gang who kidnapps "special" girls. When Jijan should be kidnapped, she gets rescued by the groups leader. Together with the two other members (who all share a kidnapped wife/sister background)she learns a special fighting technique which combines breakedance, drunkenboxing and muay-thai. Together with her friends she fights the gang to rescue the wife of the leader of her group.
And that's the point that brings us to the minus side: While the first half of the movie is a great flick about friendship and martial-arts, nearly everything goes down with the last third and the ending. When Jija and her friends advace into the lair of that mysterious human trade gang, the movie becomes more and more abstract in the ending. With the idea of women getting kidnapped because of their smell and turning their tears into a perfume, combined with a female thai bodybuilder waiting for them as the head of the gang, the screenplay flushes all the great ideas and self awarness of the first half down the toilet. Only the really great and typically hard fighting scenes safe the ending and a wonderfull charming and innocent Jija makes that movie fun to watch at anytimes. A bit more storywork and a bit more polished action direction (the fighting seems a bit soft sometimes) would made a better movie then Chocolate was, certainly.

The video of the blu-ray is outstanding. Presented in full frame 16:9, the colour and constrast make Raging Phoenix the best thai-release on blu yet. You have sharp pictures, with vidrant colours and great detail. The ending suffers from the digital processing in the blue-screen scenes and turns blurry at times. Overall the transfers is good, even great at times and does the movie justice.

The Blu comes with a Thai DTS-HD Master track with burned in english subtitles. The soundtrack is dynamic and music playback is quite dimensional. You have action spreading into the room and clear, sharp soundeffects. The soundtrack is very good, but nothing special.

Final thoughts:
Raging Phoenix is something new in every way. When you like Thai-Action, you're in for a treat; and a surprise. This movie combines infamous stuntwork, a wonderfull actress, alternative storyelements and comic-relief into a quite entertaining and at times abstract action-movie that relly tries to push the limits. Even when it fails at times, the main actress doesn't. Jija is absolutely stunning. With this flawless Blu-Ray release, fans of asian actionmovies should buy this. Others should better give it a rent because of the abstract ending.
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