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on 31 January 2017
Loved the book. Really love that era of motor racing. Not sure how they have the cheek to call the Hamilton/Rosberg era "the silver arrows". They are a mere shadow of the ones in this book. The book also fills in a lot of background about the drivers/circuits etc. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 12 July 2014
A very good read for anyone interested in the great german grand prix cars of the 1930's. But as for the photographs and reproduction quality thereof it is shockingly bad. Very disappointing and I am surprised that the author would have allowed such shabby quality to be produced. It must only be scans of the original.On enquiring of several booksellers of the quality of the photographs all confirmed it looked as if they were just scanned, photocopy quality, they are unclear , lack definition. Sad to say , not worth the money if you expect any quality photographs to bring the story alive.
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on 6 May 2017
Excellent, honest service. Book exactly as described if not slightly better and excellent communication with any questions. Delighted with purchase and I will be back to buy more. Very trustworthy seller.
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on 29 August 2000
For all those who remember, each era can now be called a golden age of motor sports. The 50's with Fangio, Moss, Hawthorn, Ascari, and the last of the front engine race cars, dueling on their narrow wire wheels and hard tires. Then the 60's and the new rear engine machines which foretold of the rise of the English racing empire, Lola, Lotus, Brabham, McLaren. On to the aerodynamic revolution in the 70's, the Turbo 80's and to the dollars driven 90's. All can be Golden if you wish it. But none can be called an age of Titans. Chris Nixon has brough this era of Titans, these men who were both charming and brave souls, too life in his book as no one has before and their personalities are what shine through. He gives us first hand interviews with many of the charters who were at the center of this drama. A drama which was played out against a backdrop of potitical intrigue, one that was destined to change the world. And yet here these men and their machines stood out amid the darkening skies of the brewing storm. Not because the stood fore or against the Nazis, but in spite of them, and we see that their stars burned bright. We may never get closer to these Titans than we do in this book, but to read it made me feel as though I have stood in their shadows. A golden age indeed.
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on 25 January 2011
On retirement I decided to delve into motor racing and particularly the era of the Silver Arrows 1934-1939, I do not include anything after that and it is a tragedy that some people refer to the current Mercedes team as Silver Arrows. This book is just my cup of tea, not only does it deal with the period that fasinates me but it does it in a way that provides the basis on which all else is based. It does not detail all the information available, but for each year it gives a detailed comment on each race, a biography of some of the more important people concerned, a map and description of some of the circuits used, and a copy race report from an English motoring mag. of one of the races. It also deals with politics of the time. I also have the DVD RACING THE SILVER ARROWS DVD - MERC VS AUTO UNION 1934-39 but the book is just the bees knees. If you haven't got it and I'm suprised if you haven't, then get it, you'll never regret it.
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on 10 April 2001
Racing the Silver Arrows is a truly comprehensive chronicle of the triumphs, tragedies, heroism and humanity surrounding the Auto Union and Mercedes Benz Grand Prix teams in their 1934-39 golden age. Chris Nixon writes with an engaging blend of enthusiasm and authority, focusing primarily on the human stories behind the petrol fumes and statistics - stories from both on and off the race tracks. We find retold here many marvellous human dramas, of love, rivalry, high jinks, death, chutzpah and above all heroism. Inevitably the 'story' jumps around rather, but never palls and is further brought alive by a wonderful collection of photographs and a set of neatly captured memoirs from some of the survivors. Not normally given to such gestures, the book moved me recently to make a tour of some of the key historic sites of the era through Switzerland and Germany (I was *sort of* passing through the neighbourhood anyway...). A truly inspirational book for anyone with the slightest interest in motor sport, or in heroism of any kind.
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on 17 July 2001
Chris Nixon's book will not dissapoint any fan of the Silver Arrows racing years. The books content tells a yearning tale of the Nazi backed and supported propaganda tool Hitler used MB and Auto-Union to show the world what great machines the Germans had created. The pictures are stunning and even today the speed which these machines reached is just fantastic! 250 M.P.H down the Frankfurt Autobahn! It took another fifty years beofre modern racing machines surpassed those kinds of speeds again! The book is well written and the B&W pictures are worth a thousand words.I found this whole book utterly fascinating! I know this sounds corny - but I just couldn't put the book down at night. Its just one of those great stories of a time past. The shots of Alt NürburgRing will make you want to see the Famous 'Ring for yourself! IF you are a fan of MB or AutoUnion's - Silver Arrow - racing cars... then this IS the one book you MUST have! Also note - there are two videos on this subject(also by teh Silver Arrows title) that are also worth 5 stars IMHO. :-) Enjoy stepping back into the 1930's and see what real machines and MEN did battle on Europe's famous tracks/'Rings.
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