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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Headphones|Change
Price:£49.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 5 November 2013
After recently misplacing my old every-day headphones, I decided to upgrade and spend a little more money on something I'd be inclined to keep a little more safe. Having been impressed with RHA's cheaper set of headphones in the past (the MA350s) I thought I'd try out their more expensive MA600s. Now £50 isn't that much for a pair of good quality headphones, but having received the product and witnessed the whole package, these headphones FEEL a lot more expensive than their price tag.

Everything about these headphones is fantastic. From the moment you open the fancy-pants packaging and see the information and diagrams, the array of ear buds and the actual headphones on display, you just know that a lot of thought and care has gone into this product. They have a full balanced sound, with a healthy kick in the bass. Now considering they're only £50 the sound could easily rival more expensive options from other companies, and compared with other headphones from the same mid-range price bracket, the MA600s are head and shoulders above the competition. Also as I said before, they come with a tray of 8 different sized ear buds so finding the perfect fit would not be a problem.

So basically if you're wanting a high quality pair of headphones but don't want to dip into the expensive high-end market, these headphones are perfect. They represent true value for money without skimping out on sound or quality of build.
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VINE VOICEon 19 December 2013
Style Name: Headphones|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When it comes to listening to music, headphones are not to be scrimped on... which is why I would recommend these to anyone wanting an amazing sound from their iPod / music player

I was blown away with the quality sound of these headphones. The noise isolating is outstanding, and is a blessing in disguise when commuting. No longer are you the annoying commuter who shares their tunes with everyone else, but more importantly you cancel everyone elses noise out..... Pure heaven!

Another reason for purchasing these are for the genius idea for the cord structured cable. Impossible to break. No more kinking of cord or breakage within the wire.

Lastly, you get a great sturdy case with an array of different sized silicone plugs to fit your ear perfectly, we're not just talking about 2 sizes either!

The bass and acoustic sound is by far the ultimate selling point to this product. 10/10

A must for anyone who loves listening to their music in piece and enjoys quality sound.
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In recent years, especially with the proliferation of the mp3 players and now smartphones, the quality of the in-ear headphones has dramatically improved, while the price has been steadily going down. This has enabled many new manufacturers to enter the market, and while this has been a great blessing for the consumers, it makes it harder and harder to distinguish the genuinely good products from the inferior ones. This is my third pair of RHA headphones, and these are meant to be an improved version of the RHA MA-350 and RHA MA-450i that I've used and tested before. With this latest pair of headphones RHA can truly claim parity - if not downright superiority - with some of the biggest names in the world of quality headphones. Here are a few of my observations.

***** Sound Quality *****

For any true audiophile, as well as for the most people who care about the quality of sound that they listen to, this is the single most important characteristic that they look for in the headphones. And overall I have been very impressed with the sound quality of these small headphones. They deliver a rich, well-articulated sound, and they are a joy to listen to. Most noticeable improvement over the previous RHA headphones that I had tested is that sound doesn't feel any more "rounded" and smoothed-over. The headphones delivered fairly rich bass, as well pretty crisp high notes. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music genre - classical, pop, techno. For each one of these categories the headphones performed quite well. This is as close as it's possible to get to the true audiophile bliss with the stand-alone in-ear headphones.

***** Noise Cancellation *****

Like most other passive noise-cancelling headphones, these use the design and the physical features of the headphones themselves in order to block the outside noise. Having said that, my impression is that MA-600 is at least as good as the best in-ear passive noise canceling headphones that I've tried out. I was able to listen to my music while blocking all of the surrounding household noise. Even having the headphones themselves in my ears served as a great noise-cancelling device. So if you are trying to work or study in an otherwise noisy environment, and don't have any earplugs handy, you may want to consider using these headphones just by themselves.

***** Build *****

The headphones are pretty well built. The in-ear buds are fairly small and feel and look like very solid. The headphones cord is built out of dual-insulated oxygen-free copper cable with at least two layers of insulation. The cord feels lightweight and durable. The body of the headphones is built out of solid aluminum, which helps with both the sound quality and durability. Overall the headphones feel very strong and durable.

***** Fit and Comfort *****

These are very small headphones, but they fit in my ears fairly securely and comfortably. This is another one of the selling points for these headphones as far as I am concerned. The headphones come with eight dual density silicone ear tips, and it's almost certain that at least one of them will fit any ear or a listening habit. The headphone cord can either be left to "dangle" downward from the ears, or it can be wrapped around the ears for added stability. (For the times when you listen to the music while exercising for instance.)

***** Functionality *****

RHA M600 don't have any of the special functionality that distinguish some of the other headphones out there. If you want the ability to control your audio device directly from the headphones, then you should check out RHA MA600i instead.

***** Accessories and Other Observations *****

The headphones come with a really nice and durable carrying case, which can house the assortment of the ear tips as well. The attention to the detail that went into the construction of these headphones is also evident from the luxurious and quite modern-looking packaging. The headphones come with a three year warranty, one of the longest for any product that I've seen.

***** The Bottom Line *****

You will probably not find many, if any, better sounding in-ear noise-cancelling headphones. They are also compact and comfortable, and they seem fairly durable. If you an audiophile looking for a solid pair of in-ear headphones, then you won't go wrong with these.
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on 14 September 2014
Below is the review I wrote soon after purchase... and then the left earphone stopped working properly, out of the blue, with no visible damage and certainly no extreme use, going on-off as if the cable wasn't connecting properly. Because Amazon are so amazing they responded immediately with offer of refund or replacement, which makes my life a little easier. But it is still a crying shame for these headphones, which I really wanted to like.

The sound is excellent for this price range, if you can find the right tips. The tips issue is major for all earphones, and I admit none of the provided tips is adequate for me - I only use Comply memory foam, which are expensive and don't last long, but are the only ones to fit my ears properly.

Back to these earphones... the design is generally good and the materials are solid, but everything is really heavy, including the earphones themselves, the control bar and the cable, making it really cumbersome using when running or at the gym. This also increases the thudding sound all noise-isolating earphones have to an extent - but here it is monumental. All of this is exacerbated by the ridiculously long cable - why would anyone need such length? (an issue, admittedly, with many recent earphones). And one more thing, unfortunately: considerable noise impediment when used with smaller mp3 devices, such as an iPod mini (which is the biggest thing I would consider carrying when running).

In short, use these when sitting down and you'll love them - but buy something else if you need them for exercise.
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on 20 November 2013
I've been using these for about two weeks now and was in two minds whether to get these or wait for the A-Jays Five which should be out soon.

A brief history of my headphones goes from Sennheiser CX300s to Beats by Dre Tours to a pair of SoundMagic (temp pair whilst Beats were being repaired) to the Monster Turbine HDs (Replacements for the Beats) so I've had my fair share of headphones ranging in price from £20 to about £160.
Eventually the Turbines, which were my favourite pair, broke for the second time (they're weak around the headphone jack) I decided to give up on these £120+ headphones, because despite their quality, they never last, so do not justify their high price.

Upon reading some other reviews, I gambled on the RHA's as the pair below this had gotten a good review, and also, the 3 Year warranty with, from what I'd heard, excellent customer service.

- Solid build quality
- Well designed remote - the groove for the play/pause allows you to find it easily
- No cable noise! (a must for walking/running)
- L-Shaped jack - so it doesn't stick out of your device and bend about
- More than enough fittings for your ears. I started off with the flanged tips but just this morning switch to one of the others and got a better fit.
- 3 Year warranty - I don't think any other mid range headphone company supplies this.

- packaging isn't as nice as the Monster headphones but who cares for £60+ less

Sound Quality:

The important bit. I gave these headphones a couple of hours of burn in - left it on shuffle on my iPod.
So after two weeks of listening with about 2 hours each workday I can safely say these have an excellent sound, on par with the Monster Turbines, if not better.
The bass is well rounded, and provides the right level of kick, but also allows the mids and trebles to shine through and doesn't drown them out like the Beats did.
Danny Brown's XXX and Old albums sound superior with these headphones and I even noticed a lot more levels of sound to the song Clique than I had previously.
The Arctic Monkey's AM album comes to life, and the Italians Do It Better: After Dark 2 compilation sounds dark and moody with heavy bass as it should.

Honestly, for £60 I don't think you'll find a better all round pair of headphones, especially as these work with iPhone, Android and probably some functionality on Windows Mobile.
The A-Jays Five offer different models for each platform and that's what put me off, as I'd want the remote to work for all.
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Style Name: Headphones|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am very impressed with these in-ear phones. I use headphones and earphones a lot (several hours a day) and the two really important things for me are sound quality and comfort of fit. These score very highly on both and are easily the best in-ear phones I've come across.

It is plain from the moment you see the carefully designed packaging that these are designed to be a high-end product, and this goes through to the build quality and sound quality too. The phones are made of aluminium and come with an aluminium "card" with a variety of silicone tips so you can find the ones which best suit your ears. The cables are double-insulated oxygen-free copper, and the whole thing comes with a 3-year warranty, so it's obviously built to last. The silicone tips fit snugly and securely, and I find that they remain comfortable for several hours. They exclude external noise pretty well and don't leak much of what you're listening to, either. You also get a very nice little zip-up case to carry the phones in, which will also hold the card of silicone tips - or other things: in my case, my Sansa Clip+ mp3 player. The case is a nice little bonus.

The sound quality is excellent. I have never heard such a good bass response from in-ear phones, and the overall balance seems very good to me, with a bright treble and well-rounded middle. I've taken them as loud as I can bear and there's no audible distortion at all. Everything from 16th Century choral music through orchestral and chamber music to The Who and Adele sounds very good - and far better than I expected from in-ear phones, to be honest.

All in all, I think these are excellent. They are well made, they give exceptionally good sound and remain comfortable for a long time. They're not cheap for in-ear phones, but I think they are well worth it if you want really good portable sound. Warmly recommended.
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on 6 May 2015
These headphones come off as very nicely built and they have a very good sound indeed. However, as with two other pairs of RHA headphones I've tried something always fails. One time it was the cable, the other time it was the connector. This time it's the remote control. First the volume buttons started Playing/Stopping the music. Now the whole button is fully loose ready to fall off. Good sounding headphones with very poor construction. I am surprised as I would expect something more reliable for the price and for the fact that they offer 3 year warranty. I am askig for a refund.
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on 3 February 2016
Ive had a few RHA headphones and loved them, this time round i thought I would try the more expensive RHA MA600i as they looked like they would be pretty durable for commuting and higher quality etc. So i got them and yes they are durable by the looks of it.... BUT the cable is so stiff that it keeps pulling the headphones out of my ears. I have tried all buds that came with them and it still comes out when walking due to the stiffness of the cable.

Sound wise cant complain they sound to me very much like the MA350 not worth the extra 50 imo if your just looking for sounds.

So yea overall im disappointed with this particular RHA headphone.
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on 29 December 2015
Replaced a plastic pair lower down the RHA range of ear phones which came with one of my MP3 players and had impressed me. They are dynamic and accurate but not overly blessed in the bass department. I have three MP3 players; in some cases these ear phones sound beautiful but in others they sound a little harsh. On the go, these ear phones fit comfortably into the ear and provide a very satisfactory listening experience, without insulating the listener entirely from the outside world. They say that with hifi you should start with your speakers and then match everything else to them: these ear phones will do justice to the majority of MP3 players and should therefore be a first purchase. Beware of wrapping these earphones around your MP3 player when it is not being used, as the metal trumpet of the earphones can scratch the player.
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on 12 September 2014
I bought these to be given at Christmas after reading the reviews on external sites. I was looking at Sennheiser or ajay's to begin with and came across someone mentioning not as good as the RHA 600.

And I am glad I did - I'm no audiophile, but I appreciate good quality sound, these are awesome. The bass whilst not as heavy as previous headphones is deep (and I do like bass) and works well with the mid and the treble - I also downloaded various graphic equalisers to give it extra oomph. The sound is excellently balanced and I will be definitley sticking with RHAs in the future.

Compared to other earbuds I have these are slightly on the quieter side, but as mentioned above the sound quality more than makes up for this.

The only issue I have must be my ears, as I tried all the earbuds except the double flanges earbuds and could not make them stay in. Then i found the comply TX 200 earbuds, no they aren't cheap, but now I have the most amazing audio sound and they do not fall out, and I can drown out most background noise whilst commuting to work - luxury

Well worth the money considereing they come with a 3 year guarantee - which was the clincher.

Also, I forgot to mention is the comfort of these earphones with the above mentioned foam buds, I can have them in while working away and would not know they are there after several hours if it wasn't for the music coming through them
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