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on 13 June 2011
I have seen a few other Queen DVDs and have a penchant for concert Blu Rays in general so I had high expectations going into this. Queen Rock Montreal not only lived up to my expectations but in many areas exceeded them. Not only is the concert filmed just before the synthesizers-period, with the band absolutely playing the hell out of their instruments, but the technical aspects of the concert recording are top notch too, leaving the whole thing great in all departments.

The sound quality is absolutely superb, crystal clear and very big, which really brings to attention all the skill and virtuosity with which Queen played the gig, and that's not just the mix but the recording quality itself too.

The video, which is of course excellent in the main concert, has been scrutinized and cleaned up on the original 35mm prints before being re-scanned for maximum quality, there is even a fairly detailed description of the process in the linear notes. Consequently, the concert looks amazing and clear in a way no other Queen concert does as of yet.

In terms of the concert itself, there is no question of quality whatsoever. Queen are absolutely electric and deliver a wide array of some of their hardest and heaviest material in about as energetic and impressive a performance as has been captured on film, and mix it up with a few quieter numbers for balance and variety, leaving a full and complete Queen concert experience.

The band don't even just stick to the big radio hits either, playing material such as 'Dragon Attack,' 'Get Down Make Love,' and 'Sheer Heart Attack,' that you wouldn't necessarily expect in with the 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' and 'Under Pressure,' level songs.

The highlights for me were the excellent performance of 'I'm In Love With My Car,' with Roger both singing masterfully and nailing the drum fills to perfection as well as their fast and hard rendition of early number 'Keep Yourself Alive.'

The band's performance is excellent, the track listing is excellent and the audio visual quality is excellent. What more could you possibly ask for in a concert Blu Ray ?

In terms of extras, you get commentary from Brian and Roger, A hilariously bad 80s TV special on Queen, An interesting rehearsal/interview for Live Aid and of course the excellent Live Aid performance itself, which doesn't even require describing it is that well regarded.

Overall I highly recommend this product, I enjoy a lot of Live Concert DVDs and Blu Rays and this is definitely one of the finest I've come across, especially if you like the harder rock side of Queen.
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on 23 April 2017
Very good!
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on 17 April 2017
very good
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on 4 October 2007
This concert footage is fantastic and shows a great hard rock performance. All band members are on excellent form and deliver a great show. The bonus Live Aid footage is also amazing, arguably the best live performance ever made by any band.
I wish Queen would consider releasing some earlier concerts such as Earls Court or Houston 1977.
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on 28 January 2009
Where to start? As a long time Queen fan I thought I had enjoyed as much as possible of the bands music and performances... I was wrong! This Blu-Ray DVD just blew me away! The picture (only on my 32" HD Ready TV) is ... a m a z i n g !!! Hard to believe this was 1981! Never have I seen Freddie and the boys look so crystal clear on TV! Add to that the amazing stage light show throughout the concert, the colours and images just ooze off the screen! I could not stop smiling! :-)

The performance itself is great, a very polished and tight performance. A kind of one off gig (not part of a tour). Includes their first ever live performance of Under Pressure. Some great versions of Save Me , Play The Game and Dragon Attack. The sound is great, but (as ever) recommend a surround sound system. The DVD extras are again ...a m a z i n g ! : Audio commentary with Brian and Roger (very funny), an 1982 American interview and of course the Live Aid performance with DTS option (including the rehearsal). I now hope to god they release more Queen concerts/videos (especially "Rare Live" or "Wembley") onto Blu-Ray format!

If you enjoy the music of Queen and have a Blu-Ray player then this is a total must! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this DVD. Im soon to buy a Full HD 40" TV - can it really get better??? I .. cannot .. wait!

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on 12 December 2007
First my CV (you wouldn't be looking at reviews of a Queen DVD if you didn't mind a bit of self-indulgence!)

1 - Joined Fan Club in '77
2 - Invited to the making of "We Are The Champions" in Oct. '77
3 - Saw the band 5 times between '80 and '86.
4 - Caught one of Mercury's tambourine's at Wembley '80
5 - Caught on film playing Mercury's tambourine at Milton Keynes on "Live at The Bowl"
6 - Memorial concert '91
7 - Taylor and May concerts throughout the '80s and '90s
8 - Saw the new incarnation with Paul Rodgers in Cardiff '05.

Some of the comments below are so wide of the mark that it's worth putting this show in context and then comparing it with later releases. Firstly, and perhaps most crucially, this is an important release as it documents the very last time the "real Queen" of 1970-1981 existed. After this gig, their cynicism, self-indulgence, inter-band squabbles and Mercury's declining interest in touring saw a slow descent to the abomination that was the "Magic" tour cash cow: by which point they (and Mercury in particular) were a parody of their former selves.

However, rewind five years and we get the real deal. Shot in 2 x 35mm and intended for theatrical release to "tour" venues, this film has lost none of its explosiove energy over the proceeding 26 years. All the band members are in great form but it is Mercury who captivates. His voice is quite unbelievable. It's easy to see why Queen are rarely covered and at the '91 Memorial concert, most of the participants had to change keys/miss notes to get through the gig. Along with Sinatra, Plant and Presley he was the most recognisable and influential of Post-war male singers and this DVD is his live testament. It's that good.

Visually it's technically excellent with the 35mm cleaned up nicely. Also, Justin-Shirley Smith has done a great job with the DTS 5:1. A lot of the film was discarded after the final edit for the orginal '84 release so whilst it looks great, a lot of the time you wish there were more wide-angles, long shots etc. but the director instructed his team to keep tight on Mercury and, considering he was the greatest front man ever, this is bearable. After all, we're not watching Phil Collins here............

Which brings me to the reason for the docked star. The extras include the whole Live Aid performance (great), a few tracks from the Live Aid rehearsal (appalling sound) and a voiceover from Taylor and May throughout the whole Montreal concert. This could, and really should, have been something special. Instead we get a couple of old gits mumbling "didn't we look thin" and "what's this song?" when we should have had a mixture of tales of technicolour roistering, technical insight, super-stellar rock gossip and, well, some humour! Brian May gently chuckling in your ear for two hours may be good enough for A**ta D*b*on but it's way short of my expectations! The only good joke is Roger Taylor saying that Mercury looks "a bit like Phil Collins" at one point and we hear May collapsing in giggles.

So. An important realease? Sure. A testament to Freddie Mercury? Absolutely. Another chance for May and Taylor to be as lazy as possible knowing we'll buy it anyway. 100%

It probably pips "Live at the Bowl" for sheer bravado and energy and makes the "Magic" DVDs (London and Budapest) look like the Stars In Their Eyes junk they are. (If you look closely at these 1986 gigs, you can see Taylor at the back of the stage making a gallows to hang himself in shame.) Strangely, it would be 24 years before Queen played with this much energy and passion again, and that was with a stroppy Geordie with a bad weave filling in for old Fred. Funny huh?
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on 15 January 2016

I did not expect that!

This Blu-ray is amazing. It's hit after hit after hit. The sound and performance are breathtaking, there is grrove, attack, agression, melody. All the musician's performances are unbeliavable, so good they are. The way they handled "Under Pressure" was top notch.

There are no sysnthesizers or a fifth hired musician yet. It's all about Freddid, Brian, John and Roger. And th sound job they did here! I watched it in my home theater in 5.1. and the soudn exploded from the speakers.

This was indeed a nice surprise, and yes, it is the best Queen concert available.
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on 1 November 2007
I recommend it unreservedly, especially as this is video documentary of the last time Queen ever played as a 4 piece band. It is also unique in that it is the only Queen gigs ever performed with the main reason for it to be filmed (stage, lighting, crew etc had to be re-assembled for this). They have done the best they can with the visuals - no luxury of beng able to re-edit it as Mr Swimmer & Co. decided not to keep anything that hit the cutting room floor.

Oh and for those of you 'concerned' about the Live Aid footage/royalties etc. I qoute from Dr. May's website:

"It goes without saying that we are putting the LIVE AID stuff on the DVD because it's great, and we're proud of it, and it's good for the value and visibility of the disc, but also because it will make lots of money for Bob's LIVE AID. We actually didn't want to be SELLING the DVD by using any kind of 'moral blackmail' - like ..... "Every copy bought makes money for starving Children in Africa". No. That was a decision. We'd rather people bought it because they loved it for its own sake. We've taken this opportunity to put some bits of that event, which made that moment in time, out there for the first time, that have never been seen before, plus getting the maximum quality out of the original video take ... But rest assured that Bob Geldof's continuing LIVE AID work will be benefiting very well indeed!!!

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on 12 November 2015
This is there best live performance on film perfect clear sound
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on 3 January 2011
I'm stunned! If it wasn't for the clothing and hairstyles, the fact that Freddie left us 19 years ago and that the surviving members are obviously looking a lot older now, you could be forgiven for thinking this footage was recorded only last year rather than almost 30 years ago! The picture and sound quality is absolutely superb, and of course, the concert itself was fantastic. If you like Queen (and you have a blu ray player), there really is no excuse for not owning this one!
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