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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2006
The vast majority of Star Trek novels are somewhat diverting and we make do with them because there is only one series left in production. But every once in a great while there is a Star Trek novel that you wish had actually been an episode. For me, "Q-In-Law" is one of those rare novels. I am not surprised it was written by Peter David, who is my favorite Next Generation author (with "Imzadi" my favorite STNG novel), but I am rather surprised that he has written a story that is intended to be a stitch from start to finish.

As the cover proclaims in a wonderful bit of understatement, "Two fo the most powerful forces in the galaxy are about to collide..." Just the idea of Q meeting Lwaxana Troi should be enough to make you read this book. Add the fact Q has popped in on the Enterprise crew to examine the human concet of love and that Lwaxana attains the cosmic power of the Q, and let your imagination run away with what wonders are contained within this volume. There is Romeo & Juliet subplot involving a pair of rival space faring merchant families in which Wesley becomes involved, but the focus of all the fun is clearly on that great love triangle of Picard, Q and Lwaxana.
Once you read this book if you are lucky you might be able to track down the audio book version, which features John DeLancie and Majel Barret as the readers. You cannot have much more fun than that, boys and girls.
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on 9 July 2002
Q-in-Law is the 18th installment to the ever-growing collection of Star Trek TNG paperbacks.
The storyline of Q-In-Law involves two rival alien families who are attempting to develop a lasting peace between themselves: the Enterprise's bar, ten-forward is the venue of the discussions. Picard is all up for this and donned with his dress uniform, he is ready to make diplomatic history once again....
Until one of the attending Federation Ambassadors turns out to be Lwaxanna Troi...
...And Q decides to pay a visit!
Q and Lwaxanna soon become intrigued in one another and form a force, which the ever stuffy Picard cannot even contemplate defeating!
This book is possibly the best piece of Star Trek fiction I have ever read and this can be put down to the hilarious conflict between Picard and his embarrassing rivals. There is also a hilarious 'sex' scene between Young Wesley Crusher and a gold-skinned alien babe. The author, Peter David captures the characters of the TNG cast perfectly, making it one of the best Star Trek comedies I have ever read. Thumbs up to Mr. David!
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on 12 May 2012
This is such an obvious idea it is a wonder the TV show producers never thought to combine these two great characters in a similar way in the series. The interaction between Q and Lwaxana Troi is superb. Peter David does a great job of bringing these two strong characters to life on the printed page and the results are explosive fun. He has not written a comedy by any means but there are some great fun one-liners in there. The Wesley Crusher teenage awkwardness thing was done to death on the show, but Peter David does a great job of describing the cringeworthy embarrassment in hilarious detail. And it seems that even aliens can have a tough time making a wedding go off without a fight. One of the most enjoyable ST books I have read.
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on 6 July 1998
I absolutely LOVED the book version of Q-Squared. Peter David did a 5 star job with it. After reading the book, however, the audio cassette was a big disappointment. Only the barest threads of the story are included, and many of the funniest moments are left out altogether to fit the story on one tape (for instance, Wesley's "gift" is hardly even mentioned). That said, the performances by John DeLancie and Majel Barrett were very well done, earning back a star on my rating. I really recommend getting the book instead. You just miss too much here.
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on 23 September 2011
Lots of good interactions between Q and Worf! This book just flows exactly like one of the episodes. Not a deep read, but fun and lighthearted. Very enjoyable!
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on 18 November 2012
Highly rated book but must admit cannot see what fuss is about. Found 2 main characters rather grating. OK for TNG fans.
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on 23 May 2003
What do you get if you mix the unstoppabably fantastic Q and the sharp witted Lwaxxana Troi - you get a fantastic mix of humour and adventure. Q has fast become one of my favourite Star Trek characters in the Star Trek Universe. After reading books such as the Q Continuum and I, Q both of which i recommend, Q in Law was a must. From the moment Lwaxxana says to Picard 'Why are you worried about a letter of the alphabet', you know your in for a fun ride.
Peter David has a superb unsurpassed talent when it comes to writing books about Q. Q is perfectly encaptulated and the banter between him and Lwaxxana is great.
The only smear as with any books staring him, is the appearance of Weasley Crusher, but he takes up few pages so dont let it put you off. Along side the Q and Lwaxxana storyline is that of fueding famalies (if you have read Romeo and Juliet, the story is the same), Q in Law could have still worked without it, but at the same time it hardly does it any harm.
For the most superior wit in the continuum, jump on board, Q in Law will now disapoint. Still don't believe me, well its your loss.
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Overall, I thought this was a very good book, although it was a bit slow starting on the first few pages, but I am glad that I persisted with it as it definately got better. The combination of Lwaxana Troi and Q is brilliant. She certainly brings him down a peg or two, and at least he gets her away from Picard for a while!!
The Enterprise is to host a wedding ceremony for the Tizarin races. Lwaxana Troi is representing Betazed and Q is an uninvited guest, who brings the wedding parties to the brink of war. Luckily Lwaxana manages to save the day, but I won't say how!
The best comment in the book is when Q says to Picard "Jean-Luc, get some hair, your brain is getting cold!" I thought this was brilliant, and still laugh about it now!
I am new to the novels, but I am certainly going to purchase more now! Good reading. I completed the book in 3 days!
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on 9 April 2000
I really love this book. Peter David is my favourite Star Trek author, and this book really makes you laugh. My favourite part is when Lwaxana is chasing Q through the ship, because I liked seeing Q for once getting what he deserves. The other story about the Tizarin wedding was also well written and the two stories balanced each other well. Buy it if ... you like your Star Trek books to be funny with lots of character interaction and lots about Q. Don't buy it if ... you hate Q or you want to read about things getting blown up.
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on 1 April 2016
Not a bad read
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