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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 19 February 2011
Aside from a few annoying issues, there's plenty to admire about this little radio.

Firstly the excellent sound quality - I was highly impressed with the clarity - perfect for the bathroom/ kitchen/ bedroom, just don't expect to hold any major parties with it.

It's of high build quality, with a slightly rubberised exterior, giving it a durable feel, useful if you intend to carry the radio from room to room. The risk of it slipping from your grasp is minimised due to the grip.

Aesthetically, It's easy on the eye - I was torn for a while between this and the Evoke Flow, but after seeing both in the flesh, I personally much prefer the One Flow for a more minimalistic feel. The volume and select dials produce a satisfying click as you move them. The ariel extends 2 and a half feet, so be aware that you need a decent amount of height clearance in order to fully extend it.

The menus are easy to navigate, with home and back buttons, and connecting to the internet is very straightforward, you only need to do this once and the unit automatically joins your wifi each time you turn it on. The display is great, providing a plethora of information from signal strength, volume level, current mode, station information, current time and remaining battery life (assuming you purchase the rechargeable Pure Chargepak at an additional £30).

Digital and internet radio works extremely well. The clarity is truly excellent. The Lounge website allows you to organise favourites and folders from your computer, but I've found it's easy enough to do this directly on the radio itself. But it's extremely useful when searching out the many thousands of internet stations available.

I also quite like the Pure Sounds. Essentially these are recordings of thunderstorms, birds singing or waves lapping the beach, but also more bizarre things such as an old man snoring, or a pig farm. My cat was most upset when I played some barking dogs.

However, this unit is not without it's faults.
One of the main things that attracted me to this radio, was the ability to listen to Podcasts/ listen again, but sadly, there is vast room for improvement here.
Firstly, forget about pausing and returning later to resume playback. My experience has been that I get around 20 seconds more playback, before the message 'Station not available' is displayed. You then need to go back and restart the podcast from the beginning. This happens even if you pause only a few seconds.

I asked Pure why this was, and they told me that the radio is losing connection and is only playing what's left in the buffer. They did at no point attempt to blame my internet connection, which suggests they are aware this is an issue. They did explain that they are working on an update to ensure you can resume from where you previously were. But for now, the pause function is wholly redundant, Annoying if you're used to listening and returning to podcasts on an iPod.

Secondly, the latest editions of podcasts are not available as quickly as in iTunes. Be prepared to wait a day or so more if you want access on the One Flow.

I like to stream my music library using the Flow server feature. This gives you access to your entire music collection anywhere in your home, but again, this can be a frustrating experience, since the unit loses connection to the server all too often in the same way it does the podcasts. These losses of connection are not related to internet connection, I have an excellent connection which has only dropped out two or three times in the past 18 months.

Overall, this is a great radio, but the streaming capabilities require an update in order for it to become truly great.
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on 22 December 2011
The Pure One Classic DAB is robust and stylish with the facility to pause and record radio content a worthwhile addition to the Pure range of features.
The rubber/plastic casing is classy (excuse the pun!) and has a nice, smooth (pun intended!) feel.
Pre - sets are terrific and the sound quality is excellent. Indeed, the various chrome button controls are appealing, effective and very easy to operate. All round a great piece of equipment.
One reservation has to be the cost. With a further, relatively hefty, amount required to purchase a battery pack, the total cost of this radio is not insignificant. The unwary might buy before realising that the battery pack is an 'almost essential' extra (in my opinion) and, with that in mind, an additional - but necessary - expense. Other than this qualification, the Pure Classic One Dab is a fine piece of kit.
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on 29 April 2013
I have had this radio for some years now thinking that eventually we will receive a decent DAB SIGNAL in my part of east anglia how wrong i was!(it struggles to pick up a signal) but its fine on FM, i have it in use on a daily basis and cannot fault it.The only down side for me is the material that encloses the case a kind of black synthetic rubber?it certainly shows finger/handling stains which cannot be removed and at times feels a little sticky if in a warm room...(not in direct sunlight)
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on 1 February 2012
Pure v Roberts: I listened to several radios before choosing this. I found the Pure radios more mellow than the Roberts range which to my ears were slightly too harsh (this seems to be a feature of the Roberts sound; I found a Roberts radio more harsh 20 years ago when I compared it with a similarly priced Sony - I bought the Sony).

MP3 capability: During my pre-purchase testing I was disappointed to find that, like my little Pure Move radio, the Pure One Elite (not the Series II model) automatically switched to auxiliary input when a 3.5mm jack plug was inserted in the input socket, and that the volume of the auxiliary source was not controllable by the radio volume control. However, the fantastic sound was more than compensation for this, and I found that, even at maximum, the volume control on other radios did not make my mp3 input any louder than the Pure One Elite; it could only make it quieter.

Having bought the Pure One Elite Series II (on the grounds that it was £8 cheaper on Amazon than what I suppose we must now call the Pure One Elite Series I) I am delighted to find that it does not automatically switch to auxiliary input when the cable is plugged in (you can leave it plugged in and press the `source' button when you want to swap from radio to your mp3 player), and that the volume of the auxiliary source is controllable by the radio's own volume control (and may even amplify it).

I am puzzled why this modification is not trumpeted by Pure, but all credit to them for responding positively to the comments made by the reviewers of the Pure One Elite Series I.

Sound quality: It is difficult to put into words how impressed I am with this radio's sound. I like a mellow sound and the Pure One Evoke certainly delivers this, but I am grateful for the tone controls (accessible through the menu) which allow me to add a bit of treble.

Handle: I am not a fan of portable radios having handles - they seem to get in the way - but I must admit that it is a notable absence from this model as it is so chunky. As a six foot tall male I have quite large hands but do not find this radio comfortable to hold for more than few seconds. However, the size may contribute to the rich stereo sound so it's a compromise I am willing to make. I have a Pure Evoke 3, which I bought when they first came out, and believe the Pure One Elite has equivalent sound quality. As the Evoke 3 is nearly three times the price that is quite an achievement.

Battery life: I am using C batteries as the radio is constantly being moved about, so mains connection is not practical, and I can change them for another set of C batteries in a few seconds instead of waiting for the Charge-pack to charge up. The battery charge seems to be holding up well.

Display: I like the bright white display, which can be made to stay on all the time even when using batteries only.

Finally: Well done, Pure, for making such an excellent radio at such a reasonable price.

Update March 2013 - after a few weeks of periodically changing the 'C' size batteries, I decided to buy the dedicated Pure battery. A great decision. I use the radio for about an hour a day and the Pure battery goes for months between charges. I think I've charged it twice in the last year.

One little gripe: over the past few months a fault has developed: the digital radio signal momentarily drops out for about two seconds within about 10 minutes of switching the radio on. Irritating if you are concentrating on speech, but as it only happens once each time I switch on I haven't bothered to report it to Pure.

I am still extremely pleased with this radio and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is happy with a very mellow sound.
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on 31 December 2011
I usually listen to the radio on my lap-top but have wanted a portable radio for ages so asked Santa for this one as I have been very good this year! I was a bit worried about buying a digital radio because, having done a lot of research and read many reviews, found that many people can't get their radios to tune in, or the radio can only find a few stations, or it breaks down after a few hours use. I couldn't find any reviews about this particular model which is quite new, but it has a lot of features, more than I need, and it sounded good on the Amazon blurb. As soon as I plugged the battery in and attached it to the mains it started tuning itself and I could listen to Radio 4 whilst cooking the Christmas lunch. The instructions are easy to follow. I can find loads of stations but I am not interested in very many of them. Most of the time I do not need to use the aerial - the only time I do have to use it is when the radio is right next to my lap-top. The sound quality seems crystal clear to me; music sounds good and so does speech. Santa gave me a rechargeable battery pack as well and although the radio has been on in the kitchen almost continuously since Christmas morning, only 1 bar has disappeared so that is looking good as well.I haven't tried any of the features such as "listen later" but if there are any issues when I do I will update my review.
The radio itself feels quite solid, it's stable and neat, quite heavy for its size. My one gripe is that it is supposed to be a portable but it does not have a handle - the radio is covered in a rubbery material which I suppose helps one to grip it firmly, but the lack of a handle was a disappointment. Other than that, I am very pleased with it and can probably squash it safely into my bag if I want to take it out somewhere.
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on 9 March 2012
Did loads of research plus spent ages in a Comet (shhh!) traipsing backwards and forwards plugging in various radios (incl. the more expensive Pure ones) and this was by far the best option for me - I listen to Five Live all day while I work, and have an acute 'musical' (picky!) ear, so speech clarity/pleasant sound is very important to me. The aforementioned more expensive radios were too bassy for speech (and, annoyingly, nearly all have no treble/bass controls), some were too tinny, whereas this one is perfect - had it a couple of months, and I might be sad but it gives me pleasure every time I switch it on! The features are good, I use it plugged in to the wall in my studio, so no battery is not an issue for me....and, as the other reviews say, it FEELS lovely! Enjoy...
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on 12 November 2011
It's just OK. I use it only for internet radio. When it's working, it's fine - good portability with the battery which which seems to last a long time without charging,and sound is acceptable. But it can take a long time to find a connection, even when I place it right by the router. Then it sort of splutters into life. My other Roberts radio finds the connection much more quickly. In addition, it sometimes freezes when first turned on, just showing the Pure one logo. At times I have had to remove the battery to clear it. But once it's on, it usually works fine and as I wanted something to carry round the apartment and couldn't find anything else - I tried two other Pure radios before this and both developed faults - it's OK.
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on 3 January 2012
N.B. this is the Series 2. some places are still selling the Series 1 and features are different enough to recommend getting the S2.

This is a really nice piece of kit. I bought this for my wife with the extra battery pack so she can wander the house.

The sound quality is excellent considering its single speaker, volume is not massive but more than adequate.

I really like the slightly soft matt black coating its a lovely feel and also makes it feel secure when carrying it around. Although the radio is slightly indented at the rear to give a sense of grip I would have prefered something a little more 'grippier'. Thats not to say I think you will drop it its just a personal preference.

The controls are pretty easy to use but i'm not a huge fan of tiny buttons, but the placement of the important ones, tune volume make most operations fuss free.

I like the idea of the pause and play and record feature, shame its not backed up with SD card for more memory. However I've not used it yet other than to have a play so maybe it would be a feature too far for people who are fully au fait with Iplayer et al.

The addition of a alarm feature was one of the things that really swung the purchase. Its easy to use, intelligent, offering a number of times, and mon-fri feature meaning you don't have to remember to turn it on and off.

The rechargeable battery pack also swung it. An expensive option, but running DAB Radios on batteries is an expensive hobby as well. It would have been better had the machine been able to charge standard NiMh D cell batteries, which would have been roughly half the cost of the pack.

But add a separate charger into the mix and there is not much saving to be had going DIY rechargable.

Overall a great package
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on 3 November 2012
I've found this radio to have both good and bad points. The size is very compact for an internet radio in comparison to others currently available on the market. FM sound quality is very good although I bought it for the purpose of accessing a wider variety of music stations which are only broadcast on the internet. I generally listen to BBC Radio 2 a lot so therefore I would often listen again to programmes. However I've found that when I'm using the listen again feature on occasions that the radio just cuts off and 'station not available' appears on the display. I then had to listen to the programme from the beginning again as this radio does not give the option of listening to part of a programme. You have to listen from the start to the finish. This is most annoying and time consuming. My 4 year old laptop is much superior for the listen again feature as I can select the part of a programme to which I wish to listen. The software on this radio would need to be updated by the manufacturer to rectify this issue. I quite like 'The Lounge' website which has now been renamed 'Pure Connect'. Also I feel that the radio controls would have been better placed along the top of the radio as opposed to the bottom right.
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on 12 June 2013
I bought mine a couple of years ago, so this may not be relevant to the latest model, but the surface of the radio has become sticky and no amount of cleaning can change this. It feels like a bottle of beer has been thrown on the radio! It seems that the black surface reacts badly to normal room temperatures. I had to throw the radio away eventually as it was so unpleasant to handle.
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