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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Price:£7.37+ Free shipping (Addon item)

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on 9 July 2014
Product Review: Pulsin Hemp Isolate Protein Powder 1Kg
Purchase Date: 21/06/13 (£12.09)

Reason for buying:
I decided to buy this product because I wanted a clean, healthy protein powder that met the following strict criteria:
- Organic - Sprouted
- Raw - GMO free
- Antibiotic Free - Casein free
- Cold Pressed - Gluten Free
- Free from Artificial colours, colours and preservatives

After spending several hours on Amazon ruling out the products that did not meet the required standard, I ended up with 1 product that had a price tag that would make you put it back on the shelf quicker than you could pick it up. £46.99 for 1kg. Whaaatttttt!, that's how much we spend on our weekly shopping!. After going through another 'less strict' round of elimination, I ended up with 2 manufacturers, one of which was Pulsin and ended up ordering the Hemp, Brown Rice, Soya & Pea proteins in 1Kg bags - All 4 for £55!).

What is Hemp protein?:
Hemp along with marijuana are different varieties of the same species of plant, Cannabis sativa L. Now before you come to the conclusion that buying Hemp will result in you having your front door kicked in at 4am by armed police and being arrested for possession of Class B drugs, Hemp and Cannabis are about as similar as a Chihuahuas is to a Wolf.
Not only are they scientifically different but they are cultivated in different ways. The active ingredient found in Marijuana / Cannabis is called THC. It is not present in Hemp or Hemp Protein Powder.

Ingredients: 100% Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder Nutritional Profile:
Nutritional Analysis per 100g
Energy = 1548 kJ / 370 kcal
Protein = 47.0g
Carbohydrate = 15.5g
(of which sugar = 5.4g)
Fat = 12.6g
(Of which Saturates = 1.5g)
(Of which Monounsaturates1.5g)
(Polyunsaturates 9.7g)
Of which GLA - Omega 6 = 0.4g
(Of which ALA - Omega 3 = 2.2 g
Dietary Fibre = 21.1g
Sodium = 0g
Glycemic Index [GI] = 13

What does it look like & taste like?:
If you imagine taking a pint glass sample from an Algae infested pond and mixing it with a few handfuls of sand, that's what it looks like!. However you will be glad to hear that it tastes nicer than it looks, only just. If you are one of those people that end up throwing it to the bin immediately after tasting it, I fully understand. No other food on earth tastes so 'interesting'. However if you persist with it, you will eventually get used to the taste and you will feel (several servings latter) that it tastes much nicer because your body gets used to the taste and you feel like your body has had something that it never had before but really needed.

Compared to most other proteins Hemp is relatively difficult to mix (although Soya is much worse). I usually add a 75g or 100g serving at a time into a 700ml 'Protein Powder Shaker' and add approx 500ml of water before shaking it a dozen times as hard as you can. After drinking it I usually find that there is a lot of un-dissolved powder left therefore I add another 500ml of water and it usually captures the rest of the powder (after repeating the shaking process).

Health benefits of Hemp Protein Powder:
After faithfully taking the product 3 times a day for 30 days (for the purposes of this review) without changing anything else in my life (diet, fitness activities, supplements etc), I can honestly say that I felt happier, more energetic and my head felt clearer. Although there are many other reported health benefits with Hemp, I believe that they may take more than 30 days to develop in order to make a big enough of an impact for you to notice a considerable difference.

What other Hemp powders can you buy for your money?:
Although there are many different types of Hemp powders available on Amazon, with the exception of 'Good Hemp Protein', which I rate very highly (refer to 'Pulsins Main Rival' section below), the rest of its competitors are either made of 'cheap' ingredients for as little as £10 / 1Kg or 'expensive' ingredients for as much as £46.99 / 1Kg. I have tried both and I found that the 'cheaper' ones have more carbohydrates added to 'bulk up the product' and have some of the protein & healthy fats taken out. The more expensive Hemp brands have slightly better ingredients than Pulsin, most notably an 'Organic badge' which means you end up paying nearly £50 for 1Kg.

Pulsins Main Rival:
Pulsins nearest competitor is 'Good Hemp' which is valued at a similar price, has similar ingredients and similar nutritional profiles. Given that they both fluctuate in price, I usually buy the one that's cheapest at the time. The only problem with 'Good Hemp' is that it's not stored in BPA plastic (BPA = Plastics that have a potential to leak plastic particles in the product').

Pulsin Protein (Vegan) Comparison:

Pulsins Vegan Protein Powders in order of Protein Content:
Soya = 90%
Pea = 80.4%
Rice = 80.0%
Hemp = 47.0%

Although Pulsin sell 3 other Vegan protein powders, they could not be any more different from each other. Hemp and Soya are the only 2 'Complete Protein' (contains all amino acid profiles in the right proportions). Brown Rice and Pea Protein are not 'Complete Proteins' however a 50/50 blend of both taken together makes it a 'Complete Protein' (Refer to Individual product reviews of all Pulsins products for full details).

Price Comparison:
In terms of price, Hemp and Brown Rice are the most expensive (£18-20 per 1kg) whilst the Soya Protein and Pea Protein are usually valued at lower prices (£12-14 per 1Kg).

Taste comparison:
If I had to put the Pulsin vegan powders in order of taste then I would have to put them in this order and taste rating:

1/ Brown Rice = 10/10 (Refer to Brown Rice Protein review)
2/ Pea Protein = 9.5/10 (Refer to Pea Protein review Old Formulation)
3/ Pea Protein = 5/10 (Refer to Pea Protein review Old Formulation)
4/ Hemp Protein = 5/10
5/ Soya Protein = 4.5/10 (Refer to Soya Protein review)

Apart from the taste, The only negative that I could identify was the Protein content. Most Protein powders have a protein value of 70% - 90%. Hemp on the other hand has only 47% which means that if you are buying it to add Protein to your diet (which most people do), you will go through the bag twice as fast than most others. It must be noted thought that the rest of the Powder is made up mainly of slow release carbohydrates (15.5%), fibre (21.1%) and healthy Fat (12.6%). Some of the Fat is Omega-3 and Omega 6 which have a number of different health benefits.

Summary: If you want a complete vegan protein (non meat & dairy) that will give you the most amount of health benefits, healthy Carbohydrates, Fat, Fibre and don't mind the 'Unique' taste then I would choose this product.

However if you wanted a complete protein that is high in protein content, that tastes nice but without the added Carbohydrates, Fat, Fibre then I would go for Brown Protein & Pea (you would have to blend them together as mentioned.

'Feedback - If you found any aspects of this review useful and you would like to leave feedback - please follow the link below - thanks'.
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on 14 February 2013
I rang up Pulsin and they confirmed it isn't isolated. So that's good but I am not sure why Amazon decided to put the word isolated in front of the protein.

So that means that the nutrients of omega-3 fats etc are all there.. well (should be) haha.

It's very competitively priced hemp protein also.. and better than whey so buy it!
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on 30 July 2017
Well, if you haven't tried hemp powder before, you're in for quite the experience. Full of fibre, it has a slightly grainy texture and not altogether pleasant taste on its own. But, it feels like a very healthy protein source. I have 50-60g in a morning breakfast smoothie, and as long as you have some fruit or something in there it tastes pretty good. it certainly seems to set me up well for the day - might take a little while for your digestive system to get used to all that fibre.

I don't think this is technically organic, but they say on the packet it's grown without pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. Overall seems good quality and good value. Whether it's actually any better for you than the cheaper stuff I don't know, but I would recommend it.
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on 16 July 2017
Bought for post workout shake, thinking I was the big guy ignored others reviews of the taste. Do not buy this if you intend to drink it straight, just ain't happening.

Since two scoops is required for an equal amount of any whey equivalent, I don't really see how you could possibly eat with this either.

I will try and put it in my morning smoothies (700ml so quite diluted).

Will get used but not enjoyed.. if you need natural, get flavoured.
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on 2 March 2017
This is great this stuff just mix it into a paste with a little water top up with a smoothie and your good to go
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on 19 August 2017
The taste is really not nice.
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on 10 April 2013
Excellent value on a superb product. My son uses it for fitness and I use it as a meat substitute having a medium to high level of protein in my diet.
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on 13 August 2016
Great product
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on 31 March 2017
Top quality and very good price
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on 14 March 2017
Great value and product
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