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I have noticed an interesting trend over the last couple of years. When it comes to the thriller genre there is a definite lean toward including more fantastical elements in novels. Now it is true to say that some purists may find this cross-pollination unwelcome. I, for one, totally disagree with that. This change appears to have reinvigorated the genre and opened up whole new avenues of storytelling.

Pulse is a great example of this cross over writing. The novel blends together the high levels of action you would expect to find in a Hollywood blockbuster with some masterfully executed science fiction.

I think it is fair to say that the best fiction has its basis in fact. To take something as complex as the regenerative capabilities of a salamander and use that as the jumping off point for a story that spans thousands of years and multiple continents is no mean feat. There are also some wonderfully outlandish moments that made me love the book even more. At one point there is a pitched battle featuring a volcano and a submarine. This added a nice, almost vintage, James Bond touch to proceedings and raised a wry smile.

The different members that make up the Chess Team are a great group of characters. Up front there is the enigmatic Deep Blue, and the heroic leader, King. Then follows the hard as nails Queen, and the brooding giant Bishop. Then at the rear the deadly Knight, and sardonic Rook. I defy anyone to read this novel and not have a favourite member of the team by the time you have finished. All of the team bring their own unique strengths to their mission. If I was forced to choose I would have to pick Bishop as a personal character highlight. The scenes involving him later in the novel are driven by pure adrenaline and this is coming from a novel where the action is non-stop from page one. Bishop is fuelled by a towering rage that he struggles to control. The events of the novel only make this situation worse and it is engrossing to watch his battles, both internal and external, as they escalate.

Sometimes I think that we are a bit hard done by in the United Kingdom when it comes to getting access to great thriller fiction. Pulse has been available in the UK since April 2010 yet the only reason I learned of it was via the author's Twitter account. This book deserves a much wider circulation than it has currently. It is a great deal of fun and held my attention from cover to cover.

The good news is that there are already other Chess Team novels published, and I've already ordered the sequel, Instinct, based on how much fun I had with Pulse. It is worth pointing out however that, with the exception of Amazon UK, they do seem to be a bit tricky to come by in Britain. I do urge you to seek out his work however. Robinson has created a fantastically entertaining on-going series here and should be included right up there with the likes of Jonathan Maberry and James Rollins as prime examples of the modern thriller genre.
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on 8 July 2014
Look no further, this book is a runaway roller coaster hurtling along out of control and then just as it's about to crash, Jeremy Robinson brings everything back under control.

I flew through this book, sometimes waking up at 5:00 am and thinking to myself I can't get back to sleep, I know I'll read a few pages of "Pulse" and before you know it two hours have flown by and the alarm is telling you its 7:00am.

You actually lose yourself in this book and the great story telling that you lose track of time.

I'm not going to waste time recapping on what the story is about, plenty of reviewers have covered that off very nicely, Just buy the book and trust in Jack Sigler and the "Chess" team to whisk you off to exotic and dangerous locations around the world.

Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft meets Jason and the Argonauts all wrapped up inside a modern Delta Force team.
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on 12 November 2013
Having read
Chris Kuzneski,(The Hunters) David Wood (Maddock and Bones), Andy McDermott (Chase and Wilde) , Clive Cussler (Pitt and Fargo series), David Leadbeater ( Matt Drake series), Scott Mariani (Ben Hope), James Rollins ( sigma series) , I enjoyed this first book of the chess team series, as with all the others it's a mix of action that's over the top Hollywood style, history, technology,legends.
Good first book, quite a bit gorier than most in this genre, but enjoyed the story and the chess team members, a unbelievable mix of legends and history meeting 21 st technology, but that's what made it
Will continue reading the adventures of the Chess team
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on 25 February 2014
This is my second Chess Team book and they just keep on getting better !!!

This was a Pulsating read and I fall in love with all the goodies the more I read.

Great work Jeremy
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on 27 August 2014
Another brilliant Jack Sigler book, I'm loving this series! The book is really fast paced and packed full of action. I thoroughly recommend it.
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on 2 November 2013
I've read several Jeremy Robinson books - which "says" how much I've enjoyed them.
The story is pure fantasy; you're not meant to examine how plausible it is.
Bodies regenerating, mega-rich evil guy seeking immortality, multi- headed hydra, Delta squad taking on he "baddies" !
I think the book would make a good movie.
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on 26 August 2014
Great book ,a real action packed page turner
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on 24 July 2014
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on 10 September 2014
Exciting all the way through, plenty of action. Great description throughout however, it did get very repetitive. In particular when describing the fighting at the end.
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on 20 July 2009
Comparing Robinson to Rollins does a disservice to Rollins in books such as "Excavation" etc.

This is the third book I have bought from Robinson over the last couple of years, and states more my need to have books in airports than any expression of quality for Robinson.

It follows a typical pattern of a very interesting premise, which somehow falls flat on execution. I found myself in effect flipping through the book to find the odd paragraph which appealed, much as someone would hit the "skip forward" button when watching a film on television.

Having just re-read "Relic" by Preston/Child, which is arguably a similar genre, it was definitely a come-down to read this book. This book read much more like Anthony Horowitz.
The more pity because it's clear that Robinson has an inventive mind, and I actually liked the structure of the "Chess Team", whereas JAmes Rollins Sigma force, and Tom Clancy's Op-Force can often mean the author has given up and is resorting to pot-boilers.

My advice to Jeremy Robinson is to wait when he gets his next idea, and spend much longer layering a depth of characterisation into the books.
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