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on 24 March 2013
Although this book contained some interesting advice and suggestions for buying/letting property, his constant (somewhat desperate) assertion that his method was ethical left me feeling jaded. In some cases it seems fine to buy a property for below market value (P.62 where the half-converted property had been repossessed as there was no planning permission)and others where it seems exploitative and unpleasant (P.66 where the buyers managed to get an old ladies house for half its market value). I would have more respect for the author if he didn't keep asserting that his methods always culminated in a win-win situation. Profiteering from other people's misfortune and ignorance is not ethical no matter how many times you assert it is - and it certainly doesn't constitute the needy sellers 'winning'.
It is possible to use his method ethically, but you need to make sure greed doesn't cloud your vision.
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on 24 November 2012
This book contains some good common sense information, but it is filled with adverts and plugs for the author's seminars and courses. It is a slim 170 pages long but only about 100 pages contain useful info. There is a 20 page section near the end exclusively devoted to the author's products he is flogging. Obviously he is not as successful in property as he makes out otherwise why bother with the course selling? All of the case studies peppered throughout the book always contain references to how they found XYZ tip, or met XYZ person at one of the author's courses.

Having said this, the book does contain some good common sense information about property investing. This can be summarised as:

1. Buy properties at below market value by looking for distressed sales, repossessions, etc.
2. Wait about a year, and then remortgage at full market value (remortgages are done on a valuation basis not on a price paid basis).
3. Use the resulting cash for a deposit for another property.
4. Repeat.
5. Let out your properties so the tenants are paying the mortgages.

There are no real methods of buying your first property without a deposit in the market today, so I question the subtitle of the book. I was especially sceptical about the chapter on "purchase options" - while they work in theory, I doubt many people have actually used this method in reality to buy a property without a deposit.
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on 8 January 2013
Despite all the excellent reviews, I'm more critical about the book. Firstly, I would definitely recommend someone else to buy it as it is not too expensive and is a nice introduction. When I started reading the book, I really liked it and would have given it 5 stars. Simon's writing style makes this an easy read and he's good in explaining.

After a while, I started to see the book more critical. The book has a couple of case studies which are said to come from real property investors. The investor explains how money was made with a property deal. Suspiciously, almost every author mentions how he attended Simon's Mastermind workshops and how it helped him/her to get into property investing. It becomes fairly annoying towards the end, as the author (to an almost embarassing degree) promotes his seminars in each case study. While I was waiting for more content and more real life examples to come at the end, the content turned into common sense advice. The point where I disliked the book is where I was presented with 11 pages of advertisement for the author's Seminar's in a 167 page book. This annoying self promotion is enough to loose 1 star in the rating. The author states clearly that you should use your time efficiently so you have enough of it to get involved in property investing. I wonder why he puts so much effort in his seminars which raises the question whether teaching what to do may actually be more profitable than doing it.

The second star I have removed is for the super optimistic presentation of the whole subject. Simon rarely mentions the worst case scenario, everything sounds so easy and "magic" to speak in his own words. He teaches to build up property portfolios and mentions that some people (including himself) have portfolios worth over a million. And how nice it is to have a positive net cash flow and not having to work anymore. He doesn't present examples and use cases describing the struggles and dramas happening when the property market goes down or interest rates go up with such a portfolio. And what happens with the money of your friends, which are suggested as business partners if you don't have enough seed capital. Basically most of the strategies are made on the assumption that the property market will go up. It would have been good to present more detailed calculations (he must be using spreadsheets!) which show how the investment performs in different scenarios. Eventually, this is what one has to do. Overall, at the end of the book it is more a motivation book rather than a book presenting inside information.

As I said, I'd still recommend and will keep it in my bookshelf but I'm quite surprised to see so many suspiciously good reviews (seminar attendees?)
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on 14 May 2013
In summary.... find a motivated seller.... same old story, thought this would provide something more than that old story.

But wait... £500 to go on a seminar if you want and he is also providing DVDs and CDs... maybe if i also buy them???

Not impressed, two stars as well its got some intelligent aspects, but not worth the (done in a couple of days) casual read.
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on 18 August 2014
An easy read, with some interesting and helpful points made. It could give clearer and more specific up to date information regarding getting mortgages, or where to get accurate advice. We all know you can go to an independent mortgage advisor already, so tips and advice would be more helpful. However it is an easy read and will be helpful to novices.
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on 12 February 2015
There are quite a few property investment books out there which promise much, but after you've finished reading it realise actually gave you little and most of it could have been consolidated down into just a handful of pages. This is not one of those books! Written so concisely it could have been published by Oxford Dictionary, and as an added bonus its even an enjoyable read as opposed to the stuffy tomes you find elsewhere! This guy not only knows what he is talking about, he walks the walk and if you even put into practice a tiny bit of what flows out of the pages to you, you will have more success than 99% of everyone else out there buying houses. Great for complete beginners with no property to their name and saddled by debt, and even suitable for those that have bought multiple properties and consider themselves old hands. A definite must for the bookshelf and at this price, quite simply a no brainer. Bravo.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 September 2012
Although I already owned the 2010 edition of this book, Simon has done a proper job of updating it to 2012. Simon makes good sense when talking about the crash and the state of today's market. He is a much better authority than the biased and skewed articles you may read elsewhere, with two decades of investing in property. (I know, he doesn't look old enough). Article writers talk about booms and crashes to make headlines and write the opposite story 3 months later. The book's foreword is written by Dolf de Roos whose cd set I would thoroughly recommend as a motivator to get involved in property. I have heard Simon speak a few times and also seen him attending other events concerned with property and personal motivation. Before investing in any of Simon's courses, I would suggest that for about £20 (or the first time for free) you could hear him speak at a property meet such as PIN. I find him honest, friendly and likeable. At Berkshire property meet, where he was an attendee and not a speaker, he willingly gave me help and advice without looking over my shoulder to look for somebody more profitable or knowledgeable to talk to. Simon says that he is only interested in serious people to teach, as there are both dreamers and doers. See my review of Rent2rent. Rent2Rent: Massive Ca$h During A Massive Crash: How to Make £10K A Month Without the Sweat This author is at the extreme end of property, whereas Simon is at the kinder and more compassionate end of the spectrum. Simon places great emphasis on mental attitude (mindset)which in my experience is fundamental to your success. Like Simon, I believe that you need to know how motivated you will be to put in the effort and consistency required to be really successful. There is no doubt that going into retirement with just one property additional to your own is lifechanging, so meteoric success is not essential. This book is not a manual of everything you need to know. Whilst all the basic good advice is there, I would not advise anybody to launch into buying property without training and guidance, unless you want to learn your lessons the hard (and expensive) way. I am of course talking from experience of buying property and believe me when I say that experience matters, as I have made many thousands of pounds worth of mistakes along the way.
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on 1 April 2015
For anyone new to property investing, then this book is excellent.It will educate you in how to do your due diligence in researching property that you are buying to sell on or hold for the long term.It will show you other stratergies on how to purchase properties with little of your own money and other peoples money.There are case studies from investors that have used these stratergies and what thier results have been.I personally have read the book numerous times and always refer back to it.
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on 5 December 2012
For newbies and someone wanting to learn more about property in general, this is a good read and a great place to start. Simon knows what he's doing and is willing to share his experiences. Book admittedly has averts for his courses but not uncommon nowadays for authors to do this in any industry. I'd say definitely worth a read.
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on 19 January 2013
Very good intro in my opinion- though I am no expert. Part of his book does promote the seminars he runs, but it would appear to me that attending them could be rewarding despite the hefty price tag. I would be interested to speak to someone who has attended these courses.
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