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on 29 June 2013
The bike arrived in good time and well ahead of schedule. my only criticism is, there is no tool included to assemble the bike. It was well packed and it took an old man of 65 an hour to assemble it on his own. The instructions are quite easy and straightforward to follow. Once assembled, I was quite surprised at its sturdy construction. It is extremely well made for this price range.

It is recommended to charge the battery for a minimum of 12 hours before first use and to continue with the 12 hour charge for the next two charges. After that, it can be charged until the charger indicator turns green. To preserve battery life, it is recommended to charge the battery after every ride and not to wait until the battery gets low.

The performance of the bike is first rate and quickly accelerates up to top speed. I use it mainly as a lazy man's bike and don't bother to pedal much although I will, when I get used to riding a bike again.

If you are interested in purchasing an electric bike, I am sure you will not be disappointed in its good looks, sturdy construction and excellent performance.
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on 15 March 2013
Went for the E Voyager with my husband for 2 main reasons. One was the price the other the style. Had it now for just over one year and we have found little to criticise.

At the price I paid (£649 which is still the same now in March 2013) I expected a product that would not be altogether Rolls Royce but would be fit for purpose; this expectation was met.

I was really surprised at the build quality and the robust frame which is strong and rigid. The front suspension is absolutely outstanding. If there is any negative comment the bike is heavy to manouevre out the shed and up the path etc., but hey, all e bikes are going to be heavier. One other praise is you didn't get that lateral side to side movement sensation that you get with some bikes with full suspension.

I bought an electric bike because I've always had a bike but now have some issues with breathing difficulties, although I am physically fit in all other respects. If I lived in Flatland this wouldn't be an issue but Derbyshire is hilly so this was my best option.

Not knowing much about e bikes I did quite a bit of research and opted for E Voyager supplied by Pro Mobility Ltd in the E. Mids. Delivery was prompt, assembly was straight forward and it worked a treat and has remained so for over a year. I have done over 3,500 miles with no issues other than a puncture or two. Had to change the rear tube so disconnecting the hub, lights brakes etc takes time, but isn't difficult.

A credit to this bike is the motor, battery and control system. This has worked faultlessly. The best I have had from the battery is 18.9 mile the worst is 14 mile but it is seriously hilly where I live and because of my breathing issues I don't do much pedaling. Im pretty sure that in idea conditions with pedal assistance you could crack 30 mile. More importantly, I have not noticed any significant drop in output or battery capacity since doing so many miles. I haven't made a note of the number of times I've recharged the battery but it must be 200 +. Additionally I purchased a second battery and adapted it to fit on a rack I bought. This was to increase the single journey range. I found I couldn't detect any difference in range or power between the two batteries; again a credit to the original battery and charging unit.

In all I can only give 5 stars to this product because it has been so reliable. Satisfaction is shown in that its performance has remained the same and it is rugged in the sense it is a strong and stable frame. I have had several commendable comments from pedestrians and cyclists while out and about its style with lots of questions about how it performs. I only repeat what I have said here.

I can't comment on other makes but this one really has provided me with satisfaction for my disability and enjoyment in my leisure activity. I am sure other makes are lighter but you get what you pay for. The E voyager is very good value for money in my opinion, and recommend it without hesitation.

I originally wanted the black frame but this was OOS at the time I bought, so I got the red. I have grown to like the colour and people have asked me about the black saying when seeing the red they'd probably gone for it as well. It looks good in the flesh so to speak.

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on 15 November 2015
I bought my bike as a 1 year old and paid half the new price. I needed such a vehicle to ride the 2 miles to work including sections of Portsdown Hill. Being 62 years old and very unfit it seemed a good idea to have power assisted travel. The bike does what I ask of it and I can generally get to work in under 10 minutes. The motor is powerful enough to crawl up the gentle gradients but by pedalling as well I can do 12mph.
I must admit to some disappointment, with the quality of the bike, as mentioned by others. Many of the parts are already going rusty. Most of the brackets are too thin letting the mudguards rub and the headlight wobble. The battery used to rattle but I easily cured this by wedging short lengths of car washer tubing between the frames and the battery.
The bike is undergeared for road use and another disappointment was the distributor's total lack of interest when I enquired about changing the front chainwheel to one with more teeth. Plus why is a spare battery from them £200 when they can be purchased for just £50 elsewhere?
Due to the hilly roads and need for speed on the flat sections I generally only get 4 days of use before needing to re-charge the battery.
I found that it was a fatal move to let the power indicator fall below 2 dots under load. Even with the ultra low gearing the bike is too heavy to haul up a steep hill when the battery dies.
Although I am happy with my purchase, it is a bit concerning to read about the problems lots of owners have experienced. There does not appear to be much in the way of support when electrial issues arise and having to throw away a £650 bike after just two years because spares are not available is not really acceptable.
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on 20 January 2015
Total Naff to put it politely.
All nuts, Bolts and Brackets are cheap BZP and start to rust quickly. Thin Chrome coating on front forks started peeling then rusting within 5 months. Constant rattling from Battery and rear wheel. Electrics started playing up shortly before warranty ran out but despite requests to rectify, NO service as promised was forthcoming, Then Later told I'd have to pay a fortune for service because no longer under Warranty. A few months later all electrics pack up despite fully charged battery, Now find makers of controller no longer exists. I strongly recommend to everyone, Despite its looks and their promises (which sold it to me) give this bike a very wide berth. If anyone needs picture proof I will happily supply.
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on 31 December 2013
I bought this bike having spoken to Cory at Pro Rider where he assured me that it would be suitable for a person who couldn't pedal. Having ordered for a family holiday I didn't receive anything til the 3rd week after the holiday when they sent the wrong bike. It took a further week and a half to take back that bike and send the correct one. The service department, also Cory, said that it would come the next day.
When it came it was damaged which I reported immediately. I was unable to test the bike due to work commitments for a couple of weeks. I then found that if you were not pedaling that it was only capable of traveling on flat or very slight hills 7 degrees only. I rang the service department and was told that it should be capable of more. The part that was broken was 'lost in the post'. They then said if I would be able to get a refund under the circumstances. I was told to write to the main office with my complaint. I received a letter asserting that there was nothing wrong with the bike and I had simply changed my mind. This was from a senior manager - Cory again. You can imagine how angry I am about that. I contacted trading standard who have a file on this company.-draw your own conclusions. I am now left with an expensive bike I cannot ride. I have been stranded when the bike let me down and had to wait and hour for my wife to go back to get the car. Not good for an person with rheumatoid arthritis.
The bike itself is sturdy and weighs 25kg which would make it heavy to ride any way. I was happy that the suspension was tight and on the flat it worked well. We live at the coast so there are no major hills but it is insufficiently powered even for here. The battery pack rattles because it does not sit properly in the holder. The rear mud guard flaps all over the place and you cant put the bike in first gear without the chain coming off. Anyone want to buy a bike used three times?
I would advise anyone thinking of buying this product to think again. If you must buy it make sure you buy it of Amazon then you will be safe from this shonky company.
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on 7 July 2014
Firstly, this is not my first budget electric bike so I know what to expect but in this case I have been left angry, frustrated and out of pocket since I no longer ride this expensive heap of junk. I purchased the bike direct from pro rider and after dealing with the same person named in another negative review and giving the company the opportunity to fix some of the issues since a refund was denied, I attempted to get help/advice from trading standards. Unfortunately, it seems the whole system is set up to make it ridiculously difficult to get any sort of action against these companies. This is the worst thing I have ever purchased and as a mountain bike which should be able to handle at least some hills and different terrain, it is clearly not fit for purpose.

- Due to a fundamental design flaw the battery constantly rattles as you ride along.
- mudguards are useless and metal brackets bend easily
- paint has started to flake off the frame.
- front light bracket brittle (actually snapped whilst riding, almost getting caught in front wheel)
- electric motor not powerful enough. Bike slows to crawl going up slightest gradient.
- gears are useless. Ratios do not let you exceed 15mph through pedal power
- bike too heavy to pedal when battery lets you down.
- when gears actually used the chain regularly falls off
- after a few months the throttle/electric power has stopped working properly. Suspected loose wire.

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on 16 December 2013
I brought a Pro Rider E-Voyager electric mountain bike 4 months ago but didn't want to review it too soon in case of any problems. I have ridden the bike most days throughout this time and have not experienced any big issues with it. It arrived very quickly and was easy to put together. The bike is very strong and robust as well as cool looking. I get lots of `WOWS' whilst riding it past people (particularly up hill without pedalling) and a couple of motorists have got out of their cars at red traffic lights to ask questions about it. Living in West London it is fair to say that the police have also taken an interest by following me several times on my bike and fixated there gaze at me as I pass them in endless traffic queues on the Uxbridge Road but I have never been stopped by them at all despite seeing them several times on every journey that I make so there is no doubt at all that this assisted cycle is perfectly legal. Without pedalling I get about 14 miles before the battery needs recharging. A bit disappointing considering the company suggest up to 30 miles. I way 10 stone 9 pound which is not heavy and most of west London is as flat as a pancake. Only other issue is every time it rains my front V brakes squeak. I did not send it back to Pro Rider because of boxing it and being without it for a week so took it to Halfords who readjusted the brakes for me but they still squeak when the front wheel gets wet, even going through a single puddle. Overall though this is an excellent bike for the money and It is my pride and joy.
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on 25 August 2013
thee bike arived in good time and as every one say is hevy. but I must say this is the best design in e bike I know of .l am very imprest.it is very strong and well billt.fast excelaration. ex, exra..
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on 7 August 2013
Recently I purchased an almost new Pro Rider Voyager E MTB and so far have found it great, especially after sorting out the saddle,replacing the quick release handle type for a more secure plain nut & bolt. Initially the saddle just kept becoming loose - it is now more secure and further theft proofed. On the hills it has helped me enormously. Whereas before I was getting off to walk on steep hills I now ride them. Even off road to-date I've found it great but obviously it is better on the general roads. I also ride a normal MTB in a U3A Cycling Group but with this Electric assisted Bike I can now at, 75 years of age, cycle more often which is great. One vital thing to remember, as an example, is that my normal average Halfords MTB weighs 38lbs against approximately 58lbs the E Pro Rider Voyager MTB. However you don't generally seem to notice this fact with the extra power compensation. One other thing to note is that the E Bike is longer that the norm therefore you have to watch out for country gates making sure they open normally and that you don't have to slide between to get through. You just would not be able to pick it up to put over like you can some bikes, it' too heavy for that and you would not be able to slide it through these gates.
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on 1 August 2016
Today I came across this article reviewing the Pro Rider E Voyager Electric Bike. Obviously there is mixed reviews about this product. The people on this page, who feel that they have lost a large amount of money. May be able to claim it back through the Small Claims Court? If it's within the last 6 years of purchase (in the United Kingdom - 5 years in Scotland). You will need photographs (showing the poor condition of the bike). And proof of contacting the company who sold you the bike - and showing the companys response back to you. The link below may help you???

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