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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2010
I have been playing squash for some time. My previous racket was the Head i.110
I bought this racket about 1 month ago now and never looked back. Without a doubt
this is the best racket I have ever put my hands on.

One thing that strikes me about this racket and other prince rackets I have tested
is that it does what it says on the tin -- often you hear claims of inconceivable amounts of
power and control only to be let down on the court but this racket is very powerful especially on
drives. I also noticed that it is very forgiving when retrieving difficult shots, at this point I often
find the control and accuracy combined with the power at that crucial moment brings a smile to my face
and a look of confusion to my opponent :o)

If you are used of Head rackets, you will notice the handle is slightly more rounded in comparison -- This may
throw you on the first few times you play however I actually prefer this now and for some reason It feels like a more natural
grip, which means I dont find myself constantly asjusting for comfort or correcting it because it has slipped.

The unique part of this racket is the speedports, these seem to make the racket move through the air faster resulting in
better reaction times and more power. The speedports also increase the sweet spot to what prince call the sweet zone -- again
not a hollow claim this really works in practice. I noticed that off centre shots are almost non existent and those light touch shots
have become a reliable part of my arsenal because I am confident I can pull them off more consistently.

I conclusion my advice is clear, if you want a racket that delivers on its claims then this is the racket for you. Power - Accuracy and control time after time, no space age gels or nano fibres, just pure innovation and engineering that you can see and benefit from in
your game.
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on 21 April 2010
I'm not a fantastic squashplayer but would like to think I can hold my own on a the court. I've recently had to buy a new racquet and decided that I'd like a change from my trusty old Dunlop which served me well for a couple of years.
Wow! How surprised was I when I went for my first knock with this new Prince O3 Speedport Black squash racquet. I really did not expect the level of power and the amazing soft feel I got when hitting my shots. Truly amazing difference from my previous racquet and would recommend this racquet any day. It's like changing from an everyday run around car to a luxury sports car.
I was even more amazed by the quick turn around of my purchase. I ordered the racquet on Tuesday and the racquet was delivered to me on Thursday and I used Standard Super Saver Delivery. Obviously not a busy period for Amazon, but just showed me they do their best to get the products delivered as soon as possible. Thank you Amazon.
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on 20 February 2010
This is the third Speedport Black squash racket that I have bought. I have tried a variety of other makes but always return to this. The weight and balance of the racket compliment my game.
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on 29 May 2010
I will never play like him, however, this racquet does what it says "on the tin". I found the weight of the racquet to suit my game of trying to place shots with the occasional powerful drive. It does move through the air a lot quicker and this helps with my confidence when trying to play that winning shot. I would recommend it to any player that enjoys squash and would like a racquet to help them play the shots they wish.
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on 7 February 2009
Great racket with fantastic balance and my squash has definitely gone up a few notches as a result.
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on 27 September 2013
i think this was the special edition, it was heavier than the normal silver racket and the weight seemed to reside in the shaft rather than the head, causing my elbow and wrist to stress whilst using it
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on 28 July 2011
This is the second Prince racket I buy, and regrettably, even though I decided to buy higher end of their line, I am again disappointed. The quality and finish is just absolutely terrible; Prince is just cheaper feeling and looking than any other brand.

A bit about my playing style so that you may relate: I am an intermediate player with 4 years experience who prefers slight hammer type racket (head heavy) but still with good control. I prefer a larger sweet spot and to be able to feel the ball for drop shots. This racket suits my needs perfectly.

The good: Super comfortable play, the best I've played with. There is definitely an easier swing due to the air holes in the frame, as advertised. This racket is just great to play with. Such a shame the quality is horrendous.

The bad: The finish is terrible: the paint job has fine uneven splatters where there should be clean cut lines, and flaking of paint occurred in my first game. The Prince air holes where the strings go through are rough and visibly badly cut. In my first game with the racket I boasted and hit the wall lightly with the bumper which caused flaking on the frame itself as well as a hairline fracture. Supremely disappointed. This happened again a few days later without, again, actually hitting the frame itself. The bumper however, is great quality, but not very useful though if the frame cracks. Lastly, the strings are the cheapest strings you can get; I snapped them on my 5th day of play.

Conclusion: This racket simply does not warrant its high price. Avoid it and spend your money on another company, almost all substitutes I've seen, including lower end options have better finish. For the same price you can get a great racket with great strings. 2 out of 5 stars because the racket plays amazingly but with the worst quality I've come across.
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This is a high quality raquet that has really enabled me to up my game as I have progressed as a player. You can feel the difference in raquet head speed, controllability and the size of the sweet spot is noticeably bigger than most other raquets I have used. The quality of manufacture and finish is as high as I have seen before in any raquet and it uses the most up-to-date and high spec materials out there. Now go buy it.
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on 24 January 2012
i have purchased 2 of these rackets from amazon before and each lasted me over a year before i replaced the strings and used again for a good few more months before they broke.
i then shopped on ebay buying the same racket(or so i thought)for about £75 a total of 3 times, each 1 breaking within 2-3 weeks....i think that these were copies even though they looked the same,the only noticable differance was the strings not being 2 colours,the cheaper 1's having clear strings and the "non fake racket" having clear and white 2 colour strings.i recieved my money back each time from the £75 rackets as they were faulty(roughly 10 o'clock or 2 o'clock as you look at the racket).
I purchased another racket about 3 months ago which unfortunatly has broken this time about 2 inch above the grip...i have just emailed the company seeing if i can get a refund.(im not a bad player that hits the wall every shot and throws the racket about in anger)
i still havnt decided whether to buy 2 more speedport black rackets for me and my anyone else having similar problems??
there is a noticable differance with this racket for power,speed and spin compared to an old dunlop that has been restrung recently that cost £39.99 in the sale a few years ago, but the durability and hole in my wallet are making me wonder if i ought to switch brands and try to get used to a more durable old dunlop has been used and abused as no one likes playing with it,hit against the wall hard several times and its still going strong.

i just read another review where the reviewer gave 1 star after trying to get a refund for a faulty racket and getting no where,making me wonder whether or not i ought to buy from amazon.....

i have been playing squash about 3 years and i share rackets with my 1 of my sons.
my other son has a prince rebel exo3 which break easily or so im led to believe, but touch wood... this 1 is serving all 3 of us at the minute and it was bought over 12 months ago and thats been hit agianst the wall a few times too:)
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on 21 March 2011
So the racket is great, good power and touch.. especially once the strings have bedded in a bit.

However there appears to be a known manufacturing issue with these rackets where in a limited number of cases the frame around the speedports either wear down, crumble or simply break, creating cracks which cause the strings to break frequently.

I rang the manufacturer who passes me onto the reseller who passes me to amazon who blankly tell me they cannot do anything about it. I have had issues like this in the past and any specialist sports retailer would have been able to work with me on this and get a replacement from the manufacturer. This is too much for amazon to bother with though leaving me out of pocket with a faulty item.

I can't stress how unlikely I will be purchasing anything like this from Amazon again.
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