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on 29 March 2012
I don't usually bother to write reviews but I thought this deserved one.
As the previous reviewer I spent some time deciding between the visually similar models available here. I chose this one because it was branded and the most recent addition here, though not the cheapest. Others had negative comments for functions important to me.

I've had it about 3 weeks now and I'm happy to give a 5 star review as it ticks most of the boxes for me.

The most important of which is that it is fully automatic - providing the car adaptor is plugged/ wired into a socket switched by the ignition. No forgetting to turn it on or off, which I most certainly would. You just need to remember to leave the ignition on in the event of an incident (or press the manual on button)

Don't remove the card until you have completely shut down the unit or you will probably lose the last recording

The instructions are clear & easy to understand, (I guess written by an English speaker, not in the usual Chinglish).

When the car is started it switches on and starts recording, stopping recording when the ignition switched off, shutting down completely some 10/15 seconds later after saving the recording.
It also charges the internal battery whilst recording.
You can choose file size to be 2/ 5/ 15 minutes. There's a 3sec or so break between recordings.
When the card is full it will continue by overwriting the oldest file first. I chose 15min as it reduces the chance that any incident would be in the dead period.

Recording quality (HD 1280*720) is as good as I expected, with no jumping or breaks.
It uses a standard (not mini) Sd/mmc card. I bought a 32gig class 10 at the same time as they are quite cheap now.

It also has a motion detect setting and infra red led's so you can set it to see any whilst parked incidents.

It will take still images up to 5M 2560*920 though I've not tested this as yet - (not why I bought it).

Because of the wide angle lens you can't read number plates over about 10 meters (but the audio is clear enough if you remember to speak the number).

My only gripe;
It is a pity it does not have GPS capability for recording Location & speed.

Update 16/10/12

I have been using this for 6 months now and there is not much I can add to the above. Other than the way I have it installed it has been totally fit and forget automatic and faultless, except when the suction cup lets go from the screen occasionally as they all do, it's attached to the printed mottled section at the top of the screen which is not ideal. I'm looking at some way of attaching it to the rear view mirror. (must turn the audio off or remember not to talk to myself in the car)
Unless there is something I specifically want to back up I remove the card about once a month to confirm function (scandisk), which after 6 months use is perfect. There have been a couple of incidents where the video evidence would be invaluable if there had been a dispute.

Update 09/08/2013

Everything still working perfectly, including the economical Komputerbay 32GB Class 10 card I bought at the same time.

I've just bought another one plus card to fit to my Honda S-wing Scooter, (now I've worked out where & how to fit it).

So still very much justified 5 star from me.
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VINE VOICEon 6 December 2013
I bought this video recorder on good faith after reading positive reviews. it arrived in good time, well packed.

The video quality is not what I'd call "HD" and even fairly close number plates are hard to read. Otherwise the quality of the video is, rather dubiously, suitable for recording the basis of what happens on the road in front of you. The problem did not become apparent to me until I examined the videos on the 16Gb fast card that I used.

I wanted to copy and save a video that showed a Richards Reliable Road Transport Articulated lorry carving me up at a roundabout, in the wrong lane, no signals and forcing me to brake before the front of my car was squashed under the trailer! However, the video before that (it is supposed to be set to record in 15 minute lengths) showed up until about 4-5 minutes before that incident. The incident itself was not recorded! If there had have been an accident I'd have had no proof whatsover apart from a trashed vehicle! Not happy. I checked every track and there were none after the one before.

The "blurb" says that the VCR will record for 15 minutes, then automatically start writing another track. However, it does not state that this event *might* take place some time after the last track, maybe five minutes? Maybe ten minutes? When?

The quality, although not clear or sharp, would have been acceptable at the price, but the fact that it did not continue to record one track immediately after the last is unacceptable and undermines its purpose.
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on 25 August 2015
Originally bought this in November 2013 and thought we were unlucky when it stopped working a few months later after intermittently turning itself off. The return process to the company was not particularly easy & various tickets had to be raised before the item could be returned. We ended up taking the item to them rather than posting because of their policies. The camera was eventually returned to us, after repair, in the middle of May last year. We had to buy a mounting bracket for the camera as the one supplied did not fix the camera to the screen.

A couple of weeks ago we noticed that the display wasn't right - very dark if you could see it at all and now the whole unit has died. I certainly will not be buying this make again.
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on 1 August 2013
I would have given this little CCTV a 5* if only it picked up the registration plates of the vehicles in front but it doesnt until they are right under your nose or you are stopped in traffic behind them. I brought this as a lorry shed some of its load and damaged my car on the motorway but I didnt get the registration number and could do nothing. I thought that if I had had this fitted it would have saved a claim on my insurance but it seems that even if I would have had it fitted I would still not have got the registration! Decided to keep as it is better than nothing. I have ordered another (cheaper version) for the back window as something is better than nothing. It is also good to leave running in car parks as if you are hit whilst parked you could probably get a registration! Easy to charge up when you get home. A little bit of peace of mind!
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on 28 April 2013
I've had my video recorder for three months now and paid £66 for the unit which is now selling for about £60.

This really is a fit it and forget unit. I purchased a 32gig memory card for the camera. Set up was easy (and I I'm not really technically astute with high tech gadgets) as was installation in my van. The ultra long cable made it easy to mount the camera at the top of the windscreen and hide the fairly thin power cable behind the trim back to the cigarette lighter power point. The camera has now been mounted for three months and is still as solid as a rock. I have checked the memory card twice since installation and it has been working perfectly. It really is a fit it and forget it unit that just 'does it's thing' in the background. Out of choice I turned the sound recording off but you have the choice when you set it up. I did try it with the sound on initially and it picks up conversation pretty well.

The recording quality is more than adequate if the data is needed to show what happened in an accident. Good wide angle view. However, I would suggest pointing the camera down as much as possible on the horizon to include as little sky as possible as too much light can make to picture of the road a little dull as the exposure automatically adjusts to the amount of light.

I cannot comment of battery as I never use it.

In short, the ultimate fit it and forget unit that diligently works away in the background for that fateful day you may just need it.
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on 7 January 2014
I checked out a few dashcams before deciding on this particular model and am pleased so far.
It is a bit bulky, and does feel light and cheap when you first take it out of the box but the picture quality is good and the sound is good.
No problem to install, just take it from box, insert sd card and take it to the car.
The suction cup works well - don't know about all year round - but it's hard to get it off if you decide to move it.
The cable is long enough to reach from cam.
The picture is quality is good both parked and on the move. Number plates are difficult to read, but this was expected. The microphone works really well so if a number plate is needed just speak it (along with any other comments you might find useful).
To play back I simply remove the sd card and take it to my pc. No need to install any software. Files can be named and copied to pc if needed.
Four stars because of it's size and I don't know how long it will work, but so far am impressed.
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on 20 October 2013
The 720p picture quality is OK, just a tad on the soft side. (I've uploaded a screenshot.) Still, it is possible to make out road signs and number plates if they are close enough. The frame rate is not entirely at a consistent 30fps (even on my Class 10 SDHC card) but it's smooth enough. The wide angle lens is great and gives a nice wide field-of-view.

What I like about this product is that once it has been configured and installed you can just forget about it. It starts automatically when the car ignition is switched on and turns itself off when you turn the ignition off. I have mine set to record in 15-minute chunks, and a full 15 minutes of footage is around 1GB in size. When the memory card becomes full it simply overwrites the oldest files. Files are in avi format and can easily be viewed on a PC.

It serves its purpose perfectly well; that is to constantly record the view in front of me so that if I am ever involved in an accident that isn't my fault I'll have comprehensive video footage to back up my claim.

Finally, someone mentioned that theirs interfered with their satnav. I have had such no problems with mine, although the cheaper TaoTronics camera I bought to go in my rear windscreen did interfere with my radio reception - until I replaced the power lead and then it was fine.
review image
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on 9 September 2013
I wanted something I could leave in the car semi-permanent. This little camera is easy to set up. Instructions are very basic but its really "on/off", "recording interval", "sound". Lots of cable which I managed to tuck under the trim around windscreen and floor beneath car seat (says a lot for how badly made the car is really). When plugged into my lighter/power socket the unit is on constant unless switched off on the camera itself. Good wide angle and night images are better than I thought for the price. Reading a number plate is difficult unless close up. A bit cheeky to give only 4 stars just because it is not what I would consider HD, but for the price I am very pleased.
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on 28 December 2013
I've had this about 9 months working every day in a minibus.
No problems so far, apart from in cold weather when the suction pad falls off the screen.

It will record scenes well, but rarely well enough to read number plates.
Also there's no night vision and you need reasonable light to record an image.

I've mounted the camera in the centre of the screen, because I found if it was mounted on O/S of screen the image made it look as though I was driving straddling the white lines.

But plenty good enough as evidence
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on 1 February 2013
I bought this dashcam more than 2 weeks ago and I must say it does correctly what it should do but...

1- the suction cup sometime fails. I finally found how to get it working properly but it took a few tentative...
2- the 5v power supply is not fitting properly (it stays loose) in my fiat 500 cigarette lighter plug and for that reason it frequently stop recording. I ordered a USB to 4mm barrel connector cable, let's see it if gets better using the usb port!
3- the battery life is ridiculous!!! Example: I keep it in charge the whole night, use it plugged to the power supply and leave the car for some shopping (30 min) with the parking mode activated. When I come back the battery shows 2 bars left. T turn off the motion detection and the parking mode (turning off the device), I plug it again to the power supply and start the car, drive for other 30 min... Once arrived at home I check the battery and...1 bar left????? It seems not getting charged properly with the car power supply

I don't really understand all these reviews with 5 stars, it is clearly a good product but far from perfect!

-good video and sound quality
-fast delivery and very good package
-5v power supply comes with a veeeeery long cable
-suction cup
-5v power supply not fitting correctly (maybe it is only my car [fiat 500])

My suggestion is: 70£ is a good price but you can save it, wait to have 250£ and buy a blackvue or a finevu.
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