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on 25 May 2017
You can basically forget about charging the latest, power hungry smart phones directly from the solar panel right now, it's just not powerful enough to do it in the UK climate for all but the sunniest, cloudless skies.

The ONLY viable way to charge a modern smart phone/tablet off this product is to do it off the included battery pack.

If you accept the limitations of solar charging in the UK and regard being able to charge stuff in the few remote places still left in the UK as a bonus when the sun is shining, then I'm sure you won't be disappointed, but it is only a bonus. As for this product to be a genuine alternative to carrying more battery packs you will basically need a clear sky with no cloud cover at all, get that sort of weather and it will charge a low power smart phone, directly from the solar panel, to 100% capacity, in about 4hrs but only a low power, budget type phone. All you Samsung & Apple phone users can forget it.

It's for this reason that I keep two phones on me, a fully charged modern smart phone for internet access, and an old budget one that I know will be chargeable off the solar panel most of the time, even in the UK climate.

Modern smart phones, especially those that have the newer Type C USB connection need more electricity to charge than this solar panel can provide in anything but perfect, sunny weather, if cloud cover interrupts charging then you will need to unplug it and reinsert it for the phone to detect it and start charging again, not much use if a clouds come along every few minutes..right?

The solar panel will trickle charge the battery pack in most conditions though, at peak output in ideal conditions, the solar panel can charge the battery pack at roughly 300mAh an hour, so your looking at a charge time of 30-40hrs for a full 100% charge! I wouldn't like to guess how long it would take in typical UK weather, so ideally you'll aim to keep the battery at 50-60% at all times and top it up as necessary.

Keep that battery charged though and it will charge anything you throw at it. The battery is rated with a 9000mAh capacity, though only about 6000mAh of that is actually usable, which is enough to charge a modern smart phone twice or a large tablet one and a half times.
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on 1 April 2016
On a recent trip to Kilimanjaro four of the party had purchased power monkeys (two of them Powermonkey extremes). We were lucky with the weather so none of them were exposed to harsh conditions. By the end of the trip only one was still working. When I returned home I tried to diagnose the problem. The battery pack won't even accept a charge from a socket. Great concept, rubbish implementation.
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on 17 June 2017
Really disappointed with this, especially considering the price. The touch sensitive controls do not always works and often require a few attempts to get it going. Also, it's doesn't provide as much charge as advertised unfortunately.
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on 27 May 2017
Failed totally after first charge. Utterly useless. I had previously had a basic PowerMonkey which worked for a while on phones etc but I then chucked it away as could not rely on it. This time, I decided to go the whole hog as I needed something on which I could rely in a remote area of Nepal for a number of devices. It was a disaster. Fellow trekkers had no trouble with other models, which were also far less bulky and comparable in price.
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on 10 July 2017
Can't charge phone directly from solar panel (drains charge from phone) which was disappointing. Full charge with solar takes multiple days even on the equator with no clouds (power bank kept in shade). Full charge gives about 1 1/2 charges on my iPhone SE when I'm not using it. After a month of use, the power bank has started to swell on the bottom, with no reason and I'm worried the battery might burst.
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on 19 August 2017
it works
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on 23 March 2017
I have tried it in various places but the thing is it takes hours and hours to get charged and solar panel is not Good enough to charge it.
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on 19 July 2017
Awesome. Got me out of a lot sticky moment when up on Kilimanjaro.
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on 7 May 2014
I'm very impressed with this. I bought it so I could charge my S4 during the frequent power cuts that I get abroad in the Far East. What gives it four stars out of five is that, to begin with, I thought it wasn't working and it took me a little while to figure out that I had to set it to 'always on' in order to charge my phone successfully. Somehow, I turned it on, plugged in my phone and thought 'off we go' because I heard the little charging beep from my phone. When I checked later, the Powermonkey had turned itself off. With a little testing I was able to figure out how to keep it on all the time (the little guide card in the box does explain it but not in enough detail!) and we all lived happily ever after. Recommended.
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on 22 February 2016
I bought this product because my job keeps me out on the road quite a bit & iam also an outdoors man, loves to be in nature. I was looking for something that would keep my devices powered up when iam away from the mains. Found out about powermonkey through googling & decided to give it a try. The moment i opened the box & took it into my hands i could see its ruggedness & quality build. How it will perform in the long run is yet to be seen as i have just received it but so far it has given the impression of an excellent product. Though i could suggest some improvements here & there. For instance the neoprene like zip case could use a better zipper as the one that it has is not very smooth.
Second & the most important one in my view is the time that it took to charge my Galaxy S4. I have a mains charger that can bring S4 from 0 to 100% in 2 hours & powermonkey took nearly double of that time. When i connected my cell with powermonkey its power was down to 5% whereas powermonkey had 78% power in it. After 4 hours cell was at 100% & power monkey was down to 48%. That got me thinking. I mean S4 is not a heavy battery phone any more, there are plenty of cells out there that have far more heavier batteries. Charging one of those would take even more time. I would love to see a high speed charging capable powermonkey extreme. I also think that to keep-up with the demands of more power hungry devices out there, Powertraveller should increase the capacity of the battery in power monkey say may be 12000 mAh.
Thirdly this device should have been fully compatible for DSLR's as DSLR's are nearly a must in outdoor scenarios these days & to get my DSLR battery charged i have to use a third party car charger along with a USB charging cradle for the camera battery. It should have been more user friendly.
Apart from all these i still think that it is a marvelous product & does exactly what it is intended for. Would be going in coming summer for a hiking trip in Himalayas. Lets see how it performs out there...
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