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on 13 July 2014
Really well written account of the 'true' events that partly influenced William Blattys The Exorcist. The book goes into a lot of detail with regards to the history of the young boy in question and the actual events of the exorcism and the stages of demonic possession.

Great read.
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on 27 February 2001
I must say that it's one of the best books I've read on the subject (exorcism). It's a diary-like book that grips you with the feeling of authenticy. It's a must for those who have seen the movie "The Exorcist" - this is the true story behind the feature. It describes the anguish of a family. The only child (a boy) in the family suddenly becomes the focus of supernatural forces. Read it... I recommend it.
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on 19 November 2009
I read this because I wanted a decent account of the true story on which The Exorcist was based, and that's what I got. The author is very plain about his sources, and how he has used them to write his book. The key source is a diary-like manuscript, recording the exorcism process (which lasted quite some time).

The full manuscript is reproduced in the book, and when I came to read it (having already read the main story), it was very obvious that the main narrative of the book is little more than an embellished, fleshed-out version of the manuscript. I suppose this was to be expected, and undoubtedly the author's embellishments add value, but if you are just mildly curious (rather than seriously interested) it is not neccessary to read both, and just reading the manuscript itself will satisfy your curiosity much faster than reading the bulk of the book, whilst also leaving you freer to draw your own conclusions.

While not a fantastic piece of writing, this book is unique, and as such has no competitors against which to be judged: it does what it says on the tin, and you are either interested in the contents, or you aren't. If you ARE interested, then I recommend this book without reservation.
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on 25 September 2014
I found this book captivating and could not put it down...I read the full book within 3 days...I felt like I was there in the room with R and my heart was pounding out my chest,a book had never done that and it was all down to how it had been written x
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on 3 December 2013
An excellent book with a thorough explanation of the exorcism making the event seem very believeable but sometimes repetitive overall a simple minute by minute description of a scary event
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on 22 June 2013
This book has a very interesting topic but the Kindle version is very poor with lots of repeated characters and text.
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on 15 May 2016
This is the book the film The Exorist was based on
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on 14 March 2011
I read Thomas B Allens's 'Possession' and A J Ryder's 'Book Of Trinity' back to back. Both challenge everything we believe to be the truth. I am so glad I got to read both books in quick succession to each other. They are extremely informative and positivley spine-chilling.

I highly recommend you read both.
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on 9 January 2011
good read. highly informative and simply written. However, there were some parts of the book where i felt the writer was going on a little. So i must admite, I turned a few pages over without reading them.
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on 7 February 2013
Anyone that will write a book based on a alleged diary/record to validate a case of possession is ignorant & irresponsible. The catholic church never authenticated this diary. When father Walter Halloran was asked about the real diary that was allegedly made by father William Bowdern-the exorcist,he answered "I burned it."
If this diary is real then the church should come forward and comment considering it's contents.
If this diary is real,we have proof of not a possession case but a case of ignorance & mental,physical & very possibly sexual abuse of a 13 year old boy.
So far I have read 7 different ways in which this alleged diary was discovered or acquired:
1-a monk at the alexian hospital in st.louis from father R.J.Bishop April 29,1949.
2-William Peter Blatty after the novel,in the mail from a monk at the alexian brothers hospital in st.louis.
3-Thomas B.Allen from a Jesuit in the mail,Allen said that simple on 30 odd minutes show.
4-Dr.Thomas Sachy from....?
5&6-the Booth brothers (film) a)while filming in a haunted asylum in st.louis.
b)from a individual that got it authentically & legitimately.
7-a demolition worker discovered it at the alexian brothers hospital in st.louis.

Let's assume that this alleged diary/record that is on the internet,passed around & given to those that purchase a copy of the haunted boy dvd is real. This would mean that the church and/or hospital involved breached our trust,violated their oath & the boy & family's privacy & confidentiality because it contains information that only priests & the hospital should be aware of. Everything in this diary/record before the dated entries is nothing but hearsay,mostly from the boy's family. It would have been highly unprofessional & irresponsible for father Bishop to include this in his typed transcript diary/record & send it to the alexian brothers as fact for their records. No supernatural events are recorded while in the hospital. He was even seen writing on his own body with his own fingernails,and refused to answer in other than English,his own language.

Or if this diary is a fake/fabrication then all we have to support this 1949 case is rumors & hearsay that started back in 1949 newspapers.
This so called diary is on the web,I read it & it does not have any of the 3 major criteria that the church uses to determine possession:
1-expected to foretell the future-reveal hidden knowledge.
2-speak intelligently in languages other than your own.(f. Halloran:the boy repeated-mimic us)
3-prodigious strength.(f. Halloran:nothing a 13 year old couldn't do,he said "he was no mike Tyson")

In several versions of this case it was said (including by father Walter Halloran on camera,who was part of this 1949 case) that there was a big bang & the lights went out at the end of the exorcism that shook the hospital & surrounding buildings. I read this "diary" and nothing of this is documented at the end on Monday April 18,1949. Father Halloran was also caught in several contradictions,however stated in his later years not seeing any supernatural events.
Exorcisms are performed by the hundreds every year, they are dangerous & irresponsible acts that have ended in death as in the case of Anneliese Michel who died at the age of 23 during her exorcism in 1976,resulting in the priests being charged & convicted.
Many will not discuss the fact of the disgusting abuse this 13 year old boy went through & documented in this alleged 1949 diary/record. It is disturbing:
Several hospitals refused the boy because of the exorcism.
1-a psychiatrist declared the boy quite normal.
2-a physician found him normal-but high strung.
1-no date, one of the ministers invited the boy to his home & slept in the same bed with him.
2-march 17, several sharp slaps on the boy's face-father Bishop.
3-April 3, it was hard to quiet "R" by any means but a pillow in his face.
4-April 10, "R" went into a good sleep-fathers decided to awaken him -"R" was so fatigued it was hopeless to keep him awake seconds at a time.
5-april 17, father Widman,hospital chaplain made 3 attempts to give "R" holy communion. After slapping of "R" the 4th attempt succeeded.
6-april 17, he had threatened to kill those who molested him while in his seizure
Today you would be arrested for child abuse/endangerment.

Anyone can find and read this alleged diary/record on the [...]

It seems no one has moral values when it comes to exploitation for monetary gain.

Many of the facts in Allen's book were proven wrong in a brilliant 1997 investigation.

Was there an exorcism ritual in 1949-yes. Was there possession or the supernatural-no.

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