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on 18 August 2014
I bought the 15W and the 7W panels. Both are superb. I would suggest that the 15W is good for car camping and cycle touring while the 7W is light enough for backpacking. Stated specs come close to real-world operation. In perfect bright sunshine, you can expect to see over 2A on the 15W and over 1A on the 7W. Note that most phones and external battery packs will draw max 1.5A whatever is available (but the 15W panel has 2 sockets) I bought this after returning the AllPower 16W which produced only about 55% of the power that this Portapow 15W panel produces. Negatives are the design of the USB connectors on flying leads. I would rather they were fixed in place (like the AllPower) as this will make the panel last longer. I did a video comparison of the Portapow 7W, Portapow 15W and the Allpower 16W here:
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on 16 August 2015
Well I was pleasantly surprised by this. I use it to charge a large USB battery which is stored inside the pouch on the back. I did some measurements to see what kind of power is produced.

It works even when there is no sunlight, and even through glass. I've noticed that through windows the power getting to the USB ports drops by about 30 - 40%, I had no idea windows blocked that much usable light. That being said, during the day with no direct sunlight (Scotland) the device will still works. In these conditions we are looking at about half an amp, 2.5 wats. That is enough power to charge a phone or USB battery, would take about 2 - 3 times longer to charge than your wall charger.

When the sun comes out to play it's a different story. I only have one tester, so was not able to measure the total peak output power. However, I was able to charge my phone and tablet, both appeared to be charging at near there full speed. What I did though just to get some measurements, I tested the panels individually. There are 3 panels, so I folded the other 2 away and directed the remaining panel at the sun (not through glass). Each panel was able to make just under 1amp, so about 4.5 wats. Combining all 3 must get the power supply up to 12 - 13.5 wats.

I'm surprised to be honest, most of the time the power generated by a panel and the manufacturer description are quire off. In this case, I could see this panel possible producing the full 15 wats on a really clear sunny day.
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on 2 October 2014
So I bought this to replace the All Powers 7w panel I bought which really want up to much.
Firstly the PortaPow is far superior in build quality, it has a magnetic clasp to hold closed and an embroidered logo hinting at a little bit better quality, albeit slightly more expensive. The large panels will charge in most light conditions although very very slowly in the dull.
In full direct sunlight it will full charge an IPhone in Circa 2/3 hours, far superior to the all power.
Although the PortaPow is more expensive than other solar chargers I feel it merits it's £32 (ish) price tag. I personally charge a battery park, then charge my phone from that, typically a full day in direct sun will charge the pack well enough to charge my iphone 4 times.

I wouldn't be expecting miracles from the panel but it's better than some I've tried (also reviewed), just be patient and maybe invest in a high capacity battery pack to charge your device from.

All in all, a decent product with a potential to be pretty useful, just don't buy the cheaper brands on the market to buy this 1 month later like I did. :-(.
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on 16 August 2015
I bought the 15W panel along with the Anker 16mah battery and they have been absolutely excellent together. The Portapow panel will charge the battery in less than 12 hours on an average August UK day. Then once the battery is charged it will charge my iPhone 5 about 10 times.

Using the panel to charge a separate battery is the perfect combination. Don't need to worry about iPhone dropping the charge and the solar panel will trickle charge the battery in any conditions.

Since purchasing this panel 4 weeks ago I have never once charged either my iPad or iPhone from the mains. It has meant I've never needed to worry about not having charge for my phone on numerous camping trips.

Would recommend this panel over all others no question. Excellent Portapow!
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on 25 August 2014
Great gadget - enough juice generation on a cloudy english day to recharge my phone (Nexus 5). Fairly robust construction with good selection of mounting points for strapping to my bike panniers - I have invested in some mini karabiners for this purpose. I have shoved a usb battery in the pouch to give day and night charge capability when out and about. Very happy
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on 15 August 2015
It fits perfectly on my molle bag with 4 karbiners and when not in use, inside snuggly in one pocket. First time in using it, I took it to a music festival and charged fantastically. Worked fine with my iphone 4s, a couple little powerbanks (2500MaH) and a slightly larger one (kit: 4000MaH) I bought on the p&o ferry on route to the festival. It also charged my brother's HTC phone. When I got back, it worked fine with my Ipad2 too. It charged pretty quickly in direct sunlight on a 30 degree day. It's more than adequate for a music festival, and plenty for any camping, hikes or wilderness trips.

I bought another solar charger for £5 less than I paid for this, it didn't charge as well and only served me well as a powerbank. It didn't charge at all in cloud cover either, where as the portapow did. I've only had the portapow a short while but it does look robust and may last a while to come. The only thing I think might go first are the hoops on the side that allow you to attach it to things. Or perhaps the velcro. Both things can be easily mended.

When folded: 230mm x 164mm x 27mm approx (excluding hoops)
When flat: 326mm x 230mm x 20mm approx (excluding hoops)
There is a pocket on the back of one of the panels which I leave at the top when attached to the bag as I don't store my electricals in it. The panel can get very hot and unfortunately that heat does transfer into the pocket. As there is no air circulation in there I thread cables into my bag and store phones, power banks etc in the bag instead. The pocket is useful when storing cables etc when not in use.
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on 28 February 2014
I've never liked portapow's way of having pockets on the device with a trailing lead in them... mainly because putting it in a backpack will compress the device and I worry about damaging the panels if it gets squashed...

BUT, this works fantastically if there is direct sunlight, even if it's very cold... I'm not convinced by it's ability in overcast conditions, but outside in direct light it's extremely good, I can imagine strapping it to a backpack or bicycle panniers to great effect for long outings...

I have some pictures, and a review on Google Plus..
review image review image review image
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on 1 June 2014
I tested this as follows:

Samsung S4 - actual test:
1st June 2014 - Sun with occasional cloud - Morning - flight mode OFF
8:54am ---- 60%
11:05am ---- 100%
= 2 hours 10 mins to charge 40%

Equates to:
5 hours 25 mins to charge from 0% to 100% approx in morning sun with occasional cloud.

iPhone - actual test:
1st June 2014 Spells of strong Sun and spells of heavy Cloud (50:50) - airplane mode ON
11:25am ---- 49%
1:45 pm ---- 100%
= 2 hours 20 mins to charge 50%

Equates to:
4 hours 40 mins to charge from 0% to 100% approx with lots of cloud & spells of strong midday sun, with flight mode ON.

Charging very well in strong sun - charging slower with the sun behind the cloud but still charging. (Sun was not even casting a shadow as the cloud obscured it, yet it's still charging)
Had to unplug it and plug it back in three times due to heavy cloud causing iPhone to show 'this accessory may not be supported'. This is typical for an apple product as they don't accept anything less than a perfect charge. (Samsung S4 just keeps charging) The solar battery would no doubt iron out the bumps in supply if this bothers you. For me it's perfect - I just check the iPhone when it's a little bit too cloudy. If I get a chance I will test two phones at once & test an ipad and post results.

PLEASE NOTE: This test shows typical English sunny days with lots of cloud about, if the sun was constant the charging times would probably be half. And yes as fast as a mains charger. Overall I'm pleased to be able to charge when camping without any mains for over a week & I would recommend this solar charger.
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on 30 September 2014
Started charging my phone and tablet on a dull day (just sitting indoors on a windowsill). It has handy hooks all the way around which is ideal for hanging it.

Needs a good few hours of sunlight to make any real headway on charging anything directly but combined with the 10200mAh battery I'm keeping my tablet and smartphone charged and it folds away nicely for travelling.
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on 21 August 2014
This is only one of many reviews for products iv bought online. but anyway here it goes.

Id been searching for a solar panelled solution to charge my mobile phone while im out and about for months. as i work security at alot of festivals and outdoors so i dont always have access to electrical sockets. so my search begane here on amazon, for months id searched, read reviews about alot of solar panels. i wanted one that was not made with cheap panels. i wanted something for the outdoors in all weathers so waterproof was a must.
So i found this The PortaPow 15w solar charger - i purchased and it came next day. opened it and i have to say its casing its brilliant. the black waterproof cover is brilliant. 3 panels, all waterproof with a pocket at the back to put your device in whilst its charging.
as for powerful panels. well of course like any solar product. they only work as good as the power of the sun so of course the more powerful the sun is the more power the solar panels produce.
it does work on cloudy days as well so thats good. their is also a power meter you can buy to see how much power the solar panels are producing which im buying myself soon so i recommend people purchase that too. so
overall this is the best solar panel charger i have ever purchased and i doubt you will find a better one. if you do let me know.
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