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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 May 2014
To start off, I thoroughly enjoyed Pomepeii, which is what I film is supposed to do. I am also a student studying ancient history and classical archeology, so I feel like I have a right to comment on the accuracy of the film, unlike many of the negative reviews on here.

The film makers perfectly recreated the city of Pompeii based on photography they took from the remains of the town, so A+ for going the extra mile as far as I'm concerned! The 3D effects worked very well and I actually saw someone in the cinema duck out the way from flaming debris!

The acting was very good and I'm very pleased with the casting choice. I also like the opening scene set in Britannia, showing the origins of the main male protagonist Milo. The story line was a bit predictable, but over all still enjoyable.

As far as accuracy is concerned, it's a Hollywood film. Of course it's not going to be completely accurate. Get over it. The film makers exaggerated the effects of the volcano to highlight the disaster and make a more dramatic film. In truth, only about 2000 people out of 20,000 died in Pompeii. Whereas in the film it looks like everyone does. The also combined the devastation of Herculaneum and Pomepeii, again, to make a more dramatic film.

All in all I loved it and would definitely recommend it to friends. And to those who insist on moaning about the accuracy: go and watch a documentary, not a film.
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on 27 April 2015
I enjoyed the movie all the way through. I am not a big advocate of 3D movies as I think they are rip off for getting more money out of us, but this is a movie I would pay to watch in 3D. The visual effects are beyond stunning. I also think they managed to capture the cruelty and prejudice (to the point of genocide) of anyone who was not a Roman. The first half of the movie seems to concentrate on the gladiatorial slaves fighting for their freedom; we hear the angry rumblings of Mount Vesuvius in the background. Being the most famous eruption in history we all knew it was coming, but when the actual eruptions start the movie effects and tension step into high gear.

Watching his whole family/people killed by the Romans a young boy escapes just to be place into slavery and raised as a gladiator. Skilled at killing and with horses his is brought to the city of Pompeii (along the way of course he meets the girl of his dreams), where he is to fight their current champion who is one victory away from earning his freedom. The two form a bond through mutual respect and mutual hatred for the Romans. Now is a twist of fate they must stand together, but how can any mortal stand before a force of nature. I was entertained all the way through the movie either with lots of action and fights or incredible visual effect in the second half of the movie.
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Pompeii' a 'Mediterranean' Jewel of the vast and indeed all powerful 'Roman Empire'
It's residents totally unaware of the danger close by, the year is 79 A.D.
Seventeen years earlier a young boy 'Milo' see's his parents butchered by order of
'Roman' Centurion 'Corvus's (Kiefer Sutherland) Legionnaires, their paths will cross again.
'Milo' the only survivor of his village, is found then sold on to the Romans, he grows up
in 'Londinium' becoming a formidable force in the Gladiatorial arena.
Admired by spectators the Gladiator 'Milo' (Kit Harington) is taken to 'Pompeii' to entertain
eager spectators of the important Roman City.
Early on, there are signs that go unheeded by 'Pompeii's' inhabitants unknowing of what
is yet to come.
Meanwhile the arena is being prepared for the Gladiatorial games to honour their illustrious
visitor, now, Senator, 'Corvus'
After an incident 'Milo' becomes scheduled to face 'Pompeii's' champion 'Atticus' (Adewale
Akinnuoye-Agbaje) in the Gladiatorial finally of the Games, victory would mean freedom by
Roman-Law for 'Atticus'
However there becomes a change in the schedule, 'Milo' and 'Atticus' along with a handful
of fellow Gladiators are pitted against overwhelming odds in a re-enactment of 'Corvus's
celebrated victory over the 'Celts' 17 years or so ago.
'Milo' and 'Atticus' walk away victorious, however after an outburst by 'Milo' 'Corvus' orders
his bodyguard 'The Champion of Rome' to kill 'Milo' - however an inconvenient interruption
to proceedings occurs, 'Mount Vesuvius' begins to erupt, all hell breaks loose.
'Milo' has to battle his way out of the Arena, after a few last words from the Governors wife,
'Milo' realizes he has to save their daughter 'Aurelia' (Carrie-Anne Moss) who had earlier
spoken up for 'Milo' sparing his life....they now have to escape natures fury.
Any shortcomings the film may have are more than made up for by the spectacular spectacle
of 'Mount Vesuvius's' eruption and the resulting consequences.
History tells us in truth that many did escape the volcano's fury.
The film also includes several very good fight sequences, the film because of it's visual content
is certainly worthy of a viewing.
Special Features -
* Directors Commentary
* Deleted Scenes
* Buried in Time
* The Weapons of Pompeii
* The Assembly
* The Journey
* The Gladiators
* The Volcanic Eruption
* The Costume Shop
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on 19 September 2014
Director Paul W.S. Anderson had a daunting task on his hands in his desire to re-create the eruption of Vesuvius and the destruction of Rome's second city, Pompeii. After all, Pompeii was – is – vast. I was fortunate enough to visit the ruins of Pompeii some years ago, and it remains an unforgettable memory. I spent an entire day walking along the ruined streets and marvelling at the cracked and faded frescoes, and really only scratched the surface of the slumbering giant. To please me and the many others who have gazed upon Pompeii's shattered splendour, Paul Anderson had some work on his hands. Thankfully, the film does not disappoint.
The films 1080p transfer onto a single 50GBdisc is stunning. A faultless pallet of colours – rich reds, cold blues and satisfying skin tones – makes for a totally absorbing experience. The rendering of AD79 Pompeii is equally impressive, with detail you just want to reach out and touch. Rough-plastered walls featuring meticulously researched frescoes, impressive red-tiled roofs and an azure ocean you just want to dive into, brings that ancient city to breathless life. It was wholly satisfying to see stepping stones upon which I had once stood to take photographs, and avenues leading around the arena upon which I had walked, all recognisable and all perfectly represented. Pompeii lives once again and resonates in glorious high definition. Unfortunately, that can not be said with equal sincerity about the leading actors in this sword and sandal disaster movie.
Kit Harrington (Game Of Thrones) takes on the leading role as Milo, a much maligned gladiator, who's puppy-dog eyes and introverted performance, although making us sympathise with his plight, makes for an understated and unbelievable gladiatorial hero, and it is down to his compatriot and fellow gladiator, Atticus, played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Lost) to bring some much needed machismo to the mix; though the blood is very much toned down due to the films '12' rating. It is Kiefer Suther, (24) however who takes the plaudits as pantomime villain of the year in his over-the-top portrayal of Senator Corvus, a nasty piece of work who revels in his brutal past and thirsts for Milo's blood, once he discovers that the woman of his warped desires actually fancies the afore mentioned puppy-eyed hero. But it is the mountain who steals the show, and when Vesuvius blows its top – I do hope I haven’t given away the ending – it literally takes your breath away.
This is a visual effects driven movie, and lets face it, we are now getting very accustomed to near faultless CGI spectacle. If like me you play the 'green-screen game' – looking for green reflections in the faces and clothing of the performers – then you'll be interested to note that only once, in the reflection of Milo's black, leather armour, is green-screen reflection obvious. But I quibble needlessly. If you enjoy historic action and long to get transported to a time of ancient majesty, then visit Pompeii. You won't be disapointed.

Set-up options on the UK release include: English SDH subtitles. English DTS-HD Master 5.1

Extras include a film makers commentary, deleted scenes and seven mini-documentaries that chart the making of the film.
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on 11 May 2014
I saw this film at the cinema yesterday and enjoyed it so much that I've now ordered it from Amazon. I disagree with the negative reviews here and can only say that I found the acting perfectly adequate, the script workmanlike, the music outstanding, the costumes and staging impressive, the gladiatorial scenes sufficiently violent and credible and the special effects of the volcano's eruption highly convincing. I am not a scholar of Roman history so cannot say to what extent the film is faithful to the facts, but this is supposed to be entertainment not a history lesson and, to that extent, it succeeds exceptionally well. One reviewer criticizes the film for supposedly showing the gladiators' arena being destroyed by the volcano whereas, in fact, it survives to this day but, in fact, the film only shows it being damaged by the eruption, not destroyed as alleged, so it is faithful to the facts in this respect. I saw this film after it had run at our cinema for a week, yet the auditorium was full to near capacity, which would not have been the case if it had been damned by word of mouth. The only reason I am not awarding the film five stars is because -as can be seen from the posters- the actor portraying the leading male character is no Russel Crowe -he's too young for the role, sports a tousle of hair more reminiscent of the 1970s than the Roman period and quite frankly, looks like a biceps-challenged wimp out of physical scale with the manly gladiators and Roman soldiers he too easily dispatches in battle. You can't have everything.
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on 10 August 2016
Another gladiator movie.
A black guy & a white guy are set to kill each other but end up being brothers & standing side my side to defeat the sick & sadistic roman regime {gladiator}
Also a love story as the white guy falls in love with a woman who has been kidnapped by a roman senator bigwig wanting to force this woman to be his wife {spartacus}
Then mount vestries erupts and the love bird are history
and so is the sicko roman senator and everybody else.
Great movie with a lot of decent extra features.!
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on 28 March 2016
A sort of low rent version of Gladiator with really hammy acting from Kiefer Sutherland, but he is not alone. Weakly scripted it relies totally on its special effects. Placing it at the moment of the volcano exploding gives it a certain pedictable dynamic. If you were like me, watching it because it was 99p and an insomniac it sort of ticks all the boxes it needs to..
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on 31 May 2015
Fantastic film, I have no idea why people complain about it not being accurate, as if that makes it not worth watching.
I have been to Pompeii & seeing the casts of bodies was very disturbing. We all know Hollywood likes to make things dramatic but it's a film, not a documentary about what happened. If you want a documentary go to pompii & buy the documentary on it! All those people complaining and giving bad reviews need to calm down. It is meant to be entertainment. If you like gladiator you will like this.
I almost didn't watch it because of the bad reviews, I'm so pleased i ignored them.
The acting is good, It's gripping & entertaining as a FILM should be.
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on 8 November 2014
O dear. This is not very good. Completely predictable story and special effects driven. Not riveting and the fights were better in Spartacus on TV. Possibly a wet Sunday afternoon movie, with a lot of wine!
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on 8 March 2016
I enjoyed the film for what it is, great entertainment; I only expect historical accuracy from a documentary. I was caught up in the action, cared for the main characters, loved the horsemanship, became emotional at the end and didn't come close to falling asleep in the middle. The only thing missing was the popcorn.
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