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on 14 June 2012
I have had one of these for nearly a year now. I brought the run and bike kit. It all worked out of the box and straight forward to set up. Great interface and I really like the polar online training tools where you can analyse and track performance. Compared to a previous Polar (5 years ago) and a couple of Garmin HRMs (more recently) this is the best I have found. I use it for running, cycling and general fitness and it's great for all of those. It's also designed for swimming, so could be good there as well but I have used it like that.

There are two negative points though:

1. The data is either stored on the watch or on Polar's Web site (or both). That is fine but I was a bit uneasy with this - what if they started charging for the online tools? I'd prefer a copy of the data on my desk top for archival purposes. But as the online tools are so good then okay for now.

2. The chest strap and transmitter started playing up after 6-7 months. At first I thought it was an irregular pulse but when it got to be so low or high that it just didn't make sense then I looked closer. I returned it under warrantee and polar replaced it by return of post, so great customer service. No problems since then. But if you search around online then problems with the chest straps and transmitters seem to be quite common, so perhaps consider that.

Without the two issues above this would have got 5 stars. Even so, it's a great multi-sport HRM.
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on 7 August 2013
I needed to upgrade my FT60 that had been serving me for years. At first I thought of another FT60 or maybe FT80 and I thought I would never need a running computer. I don't have the stamina for running and I have more desire to run than the actual ability to do it. The RCX5 is made for athletes, for thriatlonists and for those who have been training for years and NEED these features. I don't need them. I'm just an overweight woman who wants to get fit. But more than anything I do want to run some day. So I started thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could use a training computer that shows me more information than my current FT60, lets me program my running program into the watch and has the S3 running pod. Soon after using the RCX5 I realized that I did actually need this. My training program has a lot of interval training and it is just wonderful that my watch tells me when to run and when to stop. And for me one of the best features is that it beeps when I run too fast (or too slow). So now I don't run too fast like before and burn myself with it. One huge advance was that I could transfer my training into the Polar web page. I can really see what I've been doing during the run.

It's well built and seems very durable. I have nothing but good to say about the durability of Polar HRMs so I hope this will be as durable as my previous Polar watches. The screen is a lot bigger than my FT60 which is great when training but it does look a bit manly. I like to wear my HRM as a regular watch too so that could be a small minus. I would still rather have the big screen than try to get all the information from a smaller one.

I wouldn't recommend this for a first heart rate monitor or for those who just want to follow the heart rate. It would just be waste of a great watch and all its features. I wanted something more and I got it. If you're serious about training and are a bit of a number geek like me, this is a perfect watch for you. Yes it's made for athletes but it can be a great benefit if you're not yet fit and you are seriously ready to do something about it. All you need is a good running program, good pair of sneakers and Polar.
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on 15 January 2015
I reluctantly moved from Garmin to Polar and never looked back. The watch is an actual watch and the battery has so far lasted 18 months. It is easy to replace if needed. The features are great and the GPS loading is almost instant, unlike Garmin. The choice of screens and sports is great too. I cannot fault it.
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on 12 April 2014
I use this for all of my workouts on the bike, running, and swimming. I currently have it set up for two bikes and find it clear, concise, and easy to use.
The only format that I have yet to master is using the watch in my actual triathlon races (running or biking is fine), as in the transition it becomes one more thing to remember.
When my previous polar was stolen, I immediately began searching for a new one.
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on 3 December 2013
Use it for all my training, it has many different functions and you can track your progress online...

highly recommend it, take fitness more seriously!!
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on 16 March 2014
I love this watch. It has everything I could ever want from my heart rate monitor watch an is built to last. Polar is the best!
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on 12 March 2015
A great running watch. Not as many features as the RS800 but still very good.
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on 7 January 2013
I have the previous model with me and the reason why I bought this was only for the distance. Unfortunately, the reason why I bought it was not working as the distance keep changing everyday I use it even though I never change my distance. I think something is wrong with the calibration.
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on 16 April 2013
I have been with polar for over 10 years. This watch has been problematic from the off go. finally got it calibrated and had about a weeks good use out of it before it became totally useless. Now I have to pay return postage to polar for them to send my some flaky repair. Not impressed.
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