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on 5 November 2015
Overly Simplistic, Misleading, Dangerous and just straight up incorrect in a lot of areas/details.

Ed Miller makes a living from writing poker books and there's only so much strategy you can write about before you will eventually run out of things to say. So Ed has taken one concept and made a book out of it and that's fine. However, he hasn't even correctly explained the concepts he's talking about in this book and uses many examples that will send readers on a path to damnation if they blindly follow his advice.

Ed uses a one size fits all approach to his strategy and makes no mention of adjusting this strategy based on other factors, with the most important one being board texture. He just blindly advises readers to maintain the same frequencies across all board textures.

He also barely covers important concepts such as raising and in doing so over simplifies the game of poker to a game of "make sure we don't fold too much and call call call". You're welcome to try it out but I can assure you you will lose money with such a passive/loose/incorrect approach.

He makes a couple of good points but drags them out into a full book littered with mistakes and bad advice. Ed clearly only has a surface level appreciation of the subject matter and has quickly hashed together a book to profit from the recent interest in such strategies.

Take note that Ed has gone on to write more books since this one, so obviously the one big secret clearly wasn't enough and there must be something else he needs to share

gl guys
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on 23 June 2014
First let me say this book is aimed at players who are playing poker at a reasonably high level. If you are playing small stakes or below, it's not for you (it's much more +ev to play exploitative poker at those stakes, and if you don't understand that comment, this book really isn't for you!). Secondly let me say I'm a fan of Ed Miller's books, as he writes well, and explains things more simply than most poker authors, and some of his other books are almost required reading.

This book is not up to his usual standards though. It's very brief, like an "intro to" GTO poker, and VERY expensive, considering how little it really covers. It's about 50% more expensive than Janda's book and covers about a third of the material. It's readable though, and contains fewer mistakes (I don't recall seeing any tbh). If this book was about £8, I might have given it 5 stars as a good intro book, before you go on to read Janda or something more thorough.

So imho it's okay. But not great. Sorry Ed.
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on 23 May 2014
I've played cash games online now for about 8 years but always cashed out so this year I decided to try and go as high as I could. I found once I got to 25nl that the games got tough so got this to try and help me. The ideas in this book are really easy to follow and the Idea behind how to play the game is really easy to follow. The way in which he describes how to play the game are probably no good if your plying below 25nl. I'm not 100% sure if it works even there yet as I haven't played a large enough sample to say it does for certain. Like all of Ed's books this one also is something different to everything else out there. Certainly worth a read
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on 11 November 2014
very interesting ideas in this book, well written and at times funny. micro stakes players do not hit the fold button enough for this concept to apply though. try the nosebleeds.
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on 2 May 2014
hi im going to review this book in a different way after thinking i was great at poker and taking a massive downfall off 1000 dollars on stars i have decided i need too learn a lot more so i bought this and the other book of ed miller moving beyond abc. so this how i will review im going too start off with $500 as off 2/5/15. and try too hit $10000 within six months off this date so november so will update then .
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