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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

on 16 May 2014
I have played every generation of pokemon games when they first came out. And I must admit gold/silver were my favourites at the time as I loved the huge post-elite four game play. Being able to return to Kanto was great fun and something I have missed from current games. This revamp of the old game is just as good as the original version and I thoroughly enjoyed it. All of the new mechanics merge seemlessly in the game and only help to improve rather than hinder it. The pokewalker you get with it is something I honestly did not use very much, however for the younger ones I am sure it will be appealing as to me it is reminiscent of a tamigotchi. All in all if you like pokemon this is a must buy, and if you only ever liked the first few games then again this is something that you can enjoy. It retains enough of the old spirit that you can't help but enjoy yourself.
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on 11 December 2016
An awesome remake of an awesome original. You might say it's awesome and you'd be awesomely correct.
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on 5 August 2014
Great product and service.
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on 14 May 2015
Very pleased ..
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on 29 March 2010
Whilst being touted as effectively remakes of the old GameBoy Color games "Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal", HeartGold and SoulSilver really deserve to be treated as separate games in their own right; these 'remakes' add so much to the original game that, story-line aside, you are effectively playing through an entirely new experience. One that's well worth having. New features include:

* Having your Pokémon follow you around - this isn't simply a case of attaching another sprite to your own for an 'aww isn't this cute' effect. The most useful aspect is that your Pokémon will find things for you (mainly items for the Fashion Case, continued from DPPt), but also if somebody wants to see a Pokémon, you must actually show them it. This makes for a really nice 'wow, I am actually involved with my Pokémon now' feeling. Warm and fuzzy for old fans, sweet and immersive for new fans.

* The new Menu system is now entirely touch-screen based. It's a little hard to get used to, but once you do, it's very helpful. The PokéGear makes a return and is newly updated to include more use for the phone (your mother spends your money faster than you can amass it, which is handy) and annotations being able to be left on the Map, which also shows if someone has called you but you haven't collected an item/met for a re-match from them. As the phone replaces the Vs. Seeker from DPPt, this is extremely helpful.

* The PokéWalker. It's very simple: the more you walk, the more you unlock, the more you find, the more your Pokémon grows. It's not just a fancy Pedometer: it has two mini games, each costing 'Watts' which are amassed as you walk. The first (10 Watts) allows you to catch Pokémon, whilst the second (3 Watts) has you looking for items in patches of grass. Also, the more you walk, the happier your Pokémon becomes and the more likely it is to 'find' more Watts for you. When you transfer the Watts back to the DS with your Pokémon (make sure you don't spend them all!) they are counted and, when you reach some serious amounts, more Routes are unlocked for you. (Nintendo said in a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine that you need to walk 1,000 miles to unlock all of the Routes, so get cracking!)

* The graphics are updated from DPPt and I must say the Pokémon sprites are the best yet. Johto and Kanto look beautiful.

* The Suicune/Eusine storyline is kept from Crystal and expanded slightly, which is great! The Rockets also have some new Executives on their hands, a la Team Galactic...

* The Safari Zone has been re-introduced to Johto and is, to be frank, absolutely massive. It can be treated as a side-quest all by itself, alongside the new Pokéthlon Dome and the mini-games therein. If you're bored of the main quest and you want a break, head there for some cute fun that's better than the Contests from DPPt (in my opinion of course).

HeartGold feels the most immersive of the series so far. The characters of Rival (mine is called Silver) and Ethan/Lyra are developed, there are more side-quests than before, the 'togetherness' of humans and Pokémon hits home with all of the activities you can do, and what's even better is that the game treats you more maturely than those before and doesn't have any annoying 'let's labour the point' scenes. It's familiar, but it's not so familiar that you feel you've been there before.

So, HeartGold and SoulSilver are a must-have for both:
a) Nostalgia freaks. It's Johto, Jim, but not as we know it. It's BETTER.
b) Newcomers to the Pokémon world. Enough is explained for you to grasp what's going on, without having too much information shoved down your throat.
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on 1 May 2010
I loved gold and silver when they came out and this has taken the best elements from them and added some of the newer things from platinum. The graphics are great and it's great that they remade them as my old gameboy broke so I was unable to play them. Me and my sister bought both soulsilver and heartgold and we have had great fun battling and trading, which is a lot easier on the DS than it was on a gameboy as you don't need to buy a lead. The pokewalker is a nice touch it makes catching some pokemon easier that are hard to find in the wild. I love pokemon and all the games and this has been in no way a disappointment.
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on 27 March 2010
HeartGold & SoulSilver, these two games are just the remake of the exciting gold and silver with new bits in, this game is worth the money because you are able to replay the adventure in better colours and gameplay. The begining is nothing special its the classic pick your pokemon and go, once done thats when the real adventure starts, overall this game is worth the price if your a dedicated pokemon trainer.
Nintendo introduced the new pokewalker (well not new but.. you get the picture) its basically a pedometer just with pokemon features in it nothing special what you can do with it is put a pokemon in it from your Nintendo Ds (its not bluetooth its infared) you can send your pokemon to the pokewalker once thats done you may walk with your pokemon, this isnt a must have thing its just a cool little gimmick just to catch your attention
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on 27 March 2010
You are probably familiar with the concept of the Pokémon games: to be very clear HeartGold and SoulSilver are the DS remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver (widely regarded as the best generation of games in the series. After seeing what a great job they did FireRed and LeafGreen, Nintendo haven't dissapointed here. The game's graphics have obviously been drastically imrpoved from the Gameboy Colour originals, and there are smaller alterations too that make this game simply fantastic: the interiors of the Gyms have changed, caves now have a nice little picture as you enter them and they have been improved too (Slowpoke well looks almost like Helm's Deep!). The games really are superb. Inside the 3D Case edition is the game (of course), the new Pokéwalker gadget (which I have yet to use) and a hologram wrapper for the case. As fasr as I can tell the Hologram is the only difference between this edition and the non-3D case edition. Although I'm frankly bemused as to why you didn't have this on preorder and you're not out playing it, you should take a chance with this game. If you like Pokémon, then this is the best in the series. Obviously HeartGold and SoulSilver are almost identical: if your friend is getting one, you should get the other. Or get both!
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on 5 May 2010
The problem with the Pokèmon franchise has always been that when it finds what works, it's sticks with it. As such, we're 15 years into the series and this game plays almost identically to it's older brother games, Gold and Silver, that it was based on, which is essentially the same as Red and Blue, the games that came before them. As such, if you're a big fan of the series you won't be disappointed; everything that makes the franchise what it is remains the same, and the inclusion of elements from later entries only beefs up the return to Johto region. However, after playing the same format for the sixth time you'd be excused with getting bored early.

If you were a fan of Johto the first time around, I hear you will enjoy this game very much. I, however, wasn't, and have found the same faults in the size of the first region, and the speed at which you are forced through Kanto. The game can be easily blasted through in a few days if you prefer, but chances are you won't be sucked in enough to feel the need to bother.

As an aside, the Pokéwalker would be a fantastic way to extend longevity of the game, if not for the fact it feels entirely separate and cut off for some reason.
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on 25 April 2010
Excellent game but certain pokemons are too weak with a very low level... Eiher they are weak or very strong. Except that, it's awesome !!! Great colors, great graphics, long story. Well, excellent remake because gameboy color games are too old fashioned !
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