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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 November 2005
I thought this was a great read.
Everyone of those glory hunters out there who follow the big boys(chelsea,man utd,arsenal) should read this book and appreciate what being a true dedicated football fan is all about.
to stick with the team through season after season of despair is a tribute to the heartly souls of East Stirling.
i found the book very enjoyable and the trips to the small clubs around the lower leagues of scotland a pleasure .
hats off to the author for writing a highly enjoyable and different slant on football writing.
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on 28 September 2006
I'll admit to being an armchair fan of East Stirlingshire after reading this book. I really enjoyed Jeff Connors honest (and in parts comedy) writing as I ended up reading this book as if I was there, sharing the moments with the author. Its a nice break from books about the successful clubs and to see how life is at the other end of the scale. Its Funny, sad, embarrassing and it sometimes makes you wonder why on occasions the players put themselves through the torture of playing for this club. East Stirlingshire might not have many fans turn up to their games but anyone who reads this book might end up looking for their results on a Saturday..or I am the only one :-)
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on 13 January 2006
Being an exiled, football mad scotsman, I found this book enthralling. It was well written, witty, satirical but above all honest. The author must have had a fantastic time doing this book and the insight into the running of any football club must be an eye-opener for anybody, but I am sure he had to put on his sunglasses (and earplugs) sometime, as the content of the managers' comments would make anyone cringe. I felt like I was visiting the football ground myself (as I have done years ago) and nothing has changed in over 35 years. An honest, down- to-earth book. Not to be missed by any, and I repeat any, true football enthusiast.
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on 19 August 2005
As a Beano I was hoping that this tome about one of our local rivals would be an entertaining warts and all behind the scenes look at the running of East Stirlingshire, instead we get one tired old story after another.
The pre-historic joke about the players who are in the wrong town gets dragged out again and all the while the author sneers at the Shire players whilst sticking the boot into the Board of Directors.
Instead of the nitty gritty of lower league football we get "hilarious" tales of having to stand in the toilet or sit on the washing machine.
And if you are going to write a book on the Shire then I suggest you at least get the FACTS right and correctly state when they have won trophies and been promoted the author here obviously hasn't done his homework as he makes glaring errors about both the Shire and Scottish football in general.
An open goal squandered.
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on 22 June 2009
Pointless is an entertaining read and takes in teams and venues that are barely more than a name on a pools coupon to many people. You have to admire the Shire, battling on in the face of apathy in the local community and derision from football fans far and wide.

But it has to be said there are a number of basic errors in this book that will stick out like a sore thumb to those well-versed in the Scottish game. There has also been a fair bit of cutting and pasting done when discussing other sides (Chunks of an article I'd written on my Cowdenbeath site were lifted verbatim)

But a decent read and one of the few written about the lower reaches of Scottish football.
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on 1 January 2008
I managed to read Pointless in three days, in part this is due to the book being an enjoyable read but is also due to the book being a bit lightweight, more of a magazeine peice than a book. I couldn't help feeling that the book seemed rather slim on detail considering the close access that was provided by the club over the course of a whole season. The history of the club doesn't really figure much on the teamsheet either and you could easily be forgiven for thinking that the club had appeared out of the ether on a foggy day.
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on 15 October 2007
Ok maybe a little bit biased here because since moving close to the area I have been a part time follower of The Shire for 2 years now, but have recently purchased this book. And how glad am I that I did. Fantastic stuff and the first book I've ever read in 3 days, got me hooked from the off and shows you how not to run a football club, in more ways than one. Thank God it's not like that now.

The book is witty, sad and a definite read for football fans all around the world.
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on 26 December 2011
This is a completely unrestricted insider's account of a year with the football club East Stirling (The Shire) in the Scottish Third Division, which at the time (a few years ago) was the least successful football team in Britain. In these days when money dominates football to such a sickening level, this book is a wonderful reminder of what the game should be all about. What's more, it's without doubt the funniest book I read during the year.
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on 29 December 2005
I found this to be a decent first division football book. Not quite in the class of A Season With Verona by Tim Parks but a good effort and very amusing in places. I recommend it if you want something fun and easy to while away a few hours.
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on 30 September 2007
I was visiting England in August, and took a chance on this book when I spotted it at a charity shop. It was either this one or a bio on George Best (who I saw play when he was in the States), and I took the road less travelled. I did not regret it.

At the opposite end of the footy spectrum from Man U, Celtics and Rangers are clubs like East Stirlingshire, who draw fewer than 1,000 fans and struggle to make ends meet, although East Stirling seem to represent the extreme bottom. However, like another reviewer said, I ended up as "an armchair fan" of this club largely because of the way Connor put this book together. I, too, check the tables every so often to see how they're doing now, even though only Derek Ure, Stephen Oates and Shaggy Thywissen remain on the roster.

Anybody who cheers for the underdog and is a bit tired of books full of florid prose about this or that dynasty should absolutely get this book. East Stirling is a lot easier for this Yank to relate to than the likes of David Beckham.
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