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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Size: For Google Nexus 7 (1st Gen)|Colour Name: Red/Black|Change
Price:£2.95 - £124.21
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on 7 December 2012
This case is truly awesome.

The good:
1) The "leather" on it feels and looks
2) The fit is perfect
3) The inside of the flap has a really nice soft touch feel to it.
4) The magnetic strip and the wake up/sleep function that works with it feels perfect - really solid, secure and has a firm reassuring snap to it when it closes.
5) I like how the entire screen bezel is unobscured in use
6) It doesn't add much in the way of weight or bulk to the Nexus 7

The bad:
1) As a stand, its not brilliant. It absolutely works, but offers two positions really and it needs a really flat stable surface ideally.
2) The power/volume buttons are a little more difficult to reach (very minor)
3) The "leather" has started to peel a little bit after 3 months (although I'm less than careful with my tablet and regularly throw it onto the couch or out it into my rucksack with keys etc)

Would I buy this again? Yes.
Would I recommend? Yes.
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on 10 January 2013
In this video I show you the disappointing experience with the Poetic slimline case. Bought from Poetic UK, on Amazon UK, this product comes actually from the states. When I tried to use it, I found out that the case is faulty, it does not work as a case due to a complete misalignment of the front and back, leaving gaps for pocket fluff, dust etc... to enter. Also, it would soon completely fail as the material would get damaged by normal use. This is obviously a quality control problem and any buyer would risk receiving a similarly badly produced example. Add the fact that this is made from really cheap and nasty feeling plastic and that the buttons will become difficult to reach and you are better off staying clear of this product. That is my opinion, but look at the video to form your own, maybe you think I'm too fussy :-).
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on 10 December 2012
Sometimes you can agonise over a purchase decision, only to find that you've been wasting your life. This is one of those occasions. Having scoured the internet looking for Nexus 7 cases, and finding quite a lot that looked frankly a bit annoying, despite some questionable feedback about the Poetic case it looked like the best bet. A slim case which holds the tablet securely, leaves access open to all ports and switches, and basically protects the device without getting in the way. It also works as a stand, to a limited extent. Many other cases mess about with tedious closures (elasticated straps, for instance) and innovative ways to hold your tablet (re-usable sticky strips - why?). This one simply fits properly and securely by hugging the Nexus's shape perfectly and using magnets to keep it closed. It has a magnet to turn on and off the device when you open and close the cover, which is simple and, ultimately, provided more by the Nexus designers than the case designers - but whoever is to thank for this small innovation, it's brilliant.

There have been some complaints about durability of the case: all I can say is, mine looks like it will survive well and has been buried in bags a bit already with no scrapes I can notice. There is a bit of crackling from the hinge, but it's not disturbing and does not appear to be symptomatic of a weakness. The foldable front cover which folds into a simple stand doesn't provide much of an angle but is better than using the tablet flat on a table. To be honest, I find myself hand-holding the tablet much of the time anyway. All in all, I think I've benefited from the faults other people have found in the first two production runs - and full marks to Poetic for fixing them for this third version.

It's a good case. Don't agonise. Buy it.
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on 25 September 2012
I pre-ordered this product and received an e-mail stating that the first version had a defect, and so the release date would be pushed back.

On the new release date, I received an e-mail stating that my case had shipped (woohoo!) and that a fault was identified which meant that the cover could not hold itself shut. This meant that Poetic would be fixing this defect and that they would send me the fixed version free of charge once it was ready.

I have been using this product since then - it does the job, looks nice, and although it can be a little clunky to get at the power / volume buttons, I've had no major issue APART form the fact that it is incapable of holding itself closed.

I have now received the 'fixed' version of this case and lo and behold, the exact same issue exists. It actually seems a little worse, and is more prone to getting 'stuck' open if you use the folding front cover to create a stand for your Nexus. I will probably be switching back to the first version because at least that didn't get stuck open quite so much.

This IS a good product - it looks good, fits perfectly, and has taken every little bump and scrap without fuss. However, the fact that the magnetic closing lid is basically useless (although the 'open-to-wake' functionality does work well) because this thing will open at the slightest hint of a gravitational pull.

I wish I could give this case more stars - but if you can't rely on it staying closed until YOU open it, then you can't really rely on it to protect your Nexus screen. If you use this case, it probably helps to keep your tablet in a bag with some other stuff to make sure the cover doesn't fall open as you travel.

I can't fault Poetic for their customer service - they've kept me updated every step of the way and getting two covers for the price of one is a good deal in anyone's book - it's just a shame that the problem they aimed to fix with the second release still exists, and actually seems to have gotten worse!
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on 2 January 2014
I originally bought the genuine Asus case with the 2013 Nexus 7, as i assumed it would be the best and most functional.
Initially was pleased, with the fit, the feel and the slimness.
However, it soon became apparent there were two things lacking that were so important it made me decide to return the case and look for an alternative.
The two points were the tablet wouldn't auto on or off, and the case wouldn't stand in landscape for any length of time.
After some research it turned out the best fix for both of these were to have a case with magnets.
I watched some youtube videos and then cross checked with amazon, and chose this case.
Initial thoughts are (and for nearly a third of the price) this case is exactly what i wanted.
Bonus features are that the case doesn't flop open, and the access to the volume makes it easier, albeit leaving the controls exposed.
I saw a couple of negatives, ie the magnet interferes with the compass for maps (i only use wifi) and the leather effect peels after time (shall see)
but overall - very pleased.
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on 6 November 2012
Loved this case at first. Thought it was just as good as the slick iPad cases. Worked perfectly and turned the Nexus on and off as it opened and closed. Wonderful. Until... I realised that the magnets in the case completely screwed up the magnetic compass of the device. With the case in place, my compass app doesn't work. Google maps doesn't know what direction the device is pointing and Google Star Maps is all over the place. Unfortunately I threw away all the packaging when I thought it was ok, otherwise I'd be asking for my £20 back.
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on 12 October 2015
I purchased a couple of these, and I'm not impressed at all. Poetic Slimline quality control is far from perfect and I say that as both of my Poetic cases have had one problem or another. The first issue I had with the white one, was that the dye from the grey inner felt lining caused a dirty looking permanent wear line stained through the rear of the white section of the case in just three weeks of use.

That was caused by simply using the folding stand option; that being where you fold the front of the cover around to and use it to prop up the tablet in a horizontal stand option, (see attached image).

I purchased my Poetic Slimline Cases via Smart Shop Online (fulfilled by Amazon). I reported the issue to both Amazon and Smart Shop Online. Amazons first response was for me to return my items as they claimed the seller didn't have any more of these in stock for them to replace it with. I then contacted Smart Shop Online directly and asked them why they couldn't restock the item, as they were still clearly selling these products and have done ever since.

Smart Shop Online response was for me to forward over my details, along with some photos of the issues which I did, and that was the last I ever heard from them. They basically sold me or supplied a product where the dye from one part of it seeped in to another, from doing nothing more than using it as it was meant to be used and this all happened in just three weeks from new.

I couldn't return the item like Amazon suggested unless I knew it was going to be replaced like for like with a fixed solution which was why I went through the whole process of contacting Smart Shop Online directly as well as Amazon.

As the white case that I bought was a gift for someone, a straight refund wasn't really an option as I couldn't exactly give someone a gift and then take it back from them weeks later. At least without letting them know that it will actually be getting replaced for sure and especially as that was the specific case they wanted.

I was hoping Smart Shop Online would come good and offer to replace their defective product, but like I said previously, they didn't even bother to respond to me after I went through the whole process of taking photos for them and mailing them over with a brief description of the problem.

With regards to the black case that I bought for myself; it arrived with a tiny visible 10mm x 1mm abrasion / scratch across the front of the case. I personally couldn't be bothered to return it as I desperately needed a case after chucking out my old one knowing this one was on route.

Also worth noting was that the black Poetic Slimline case magnetic flap, over hangs when closed by about 3mm on my one. If you actually look at other customer uploaded pictures closely you will notice other little blemishes here and there on these cases.

The only real advantage of this case over my previous one is that the button-cut-out on the Poetic Slimline for the Nexus 7 in particular is much better.

If I were to rate this case out of ten, id give it a 5 out of 10, especially as you can get some cheap eBay ones which are very similar in build quality and design far cheaper if you're prepared to wait for the long delivery times.
review image review image review image
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on 13 October 2015
I have doubts about this being a genuine Poetic product.

Mine arrived today and I've spoken with Amazon for guidance, and I've also contacted Poetic in San Francisco, awaiting response.

Apparently the real item comes in a cardboard retail sleeve with the brand name etc., and a barcode on the rear - my version came in a flimsy clear bag with a barcode sticker applied over another label.

I'll flag up the result of my suspicions later when things are clarified.
review image review image
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on 11 October 2013
Originally bought the expensive Asus Premium case but it didn't actually fit my Nexus 7 2 - apparently a common problem. The Poetic is as good a quality, fits, has the magnetic closure on/off function (which the Asus doesn't) and was less than half the price.

I'm just a little shocked and upset that it's not hand made by Tibetan Monks, from the highest quality crocodile leather, threaded with the finest silk, layered with a virgin cashmere lining and closed with platinum catches...... I am also shocked that wasn't packed in an antique Agarwood box inlaid with beautiful marqueterie and then personally delivered by the Tibetan Monk who made the case.

Ok so let me get to the point - it's a flipping case for a Nexus 7 2 and it's just fine for £14.95...this is no major life changing investment and it doesn't need a 3 hour video to show it's faults or long essays contemplating how it might be better. If your's happens to be less than perfect send it back and get a replacement...

I feel better now.
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on 9 November 2015
A perfect fit, keeps the whole product nice and slim. The auto wake function works perfectly. The material looks a slightly less 'premium' than you might like, but overall it looks good, and does an excellent job of protecting the Nexus 7 2013.

The different angles it can create to stand up the Nexus are quite usable, although if you press too hard it will topple. However it mostly gets used in my hands.

Edit: The case edge split just after a month, and one of the magnets fell out. The seller responded immediately, and posted a new case ASAP. This was very impressive service, thanks! I'm slightly disappointed by the durability, considering that the case lives inside another bag, and has never been dropped, but let's see how the new cover survives.
Edit 2: The replacement case has broken in exactly the same way. This is disappointing. It still works, in that it protects the Nexus 7, and auto wake still functions, but it's an obvious design flaw. Have adjusted the rating accordingly.

Also the magnets in the case do throw out the gyroscope, Google Maps occasionally requests to re-calibrate.
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