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on 9 March 2014
A very disappointing blu-ray player. My LG 3D blu-ray player was way too noisy, and I'd read that this Pioneer one was quiet with good picture quality. The good news first: it is very quiet. The bad news: within the first hour of playing a 3D blu-ray, the 3D turned on and off randomly a total of four times, saying 3D couldn't be detected, before turning back on again. On top of this, there are also random, white flashes across the screen, and numerous audio drop outs, making for an extremely poor experience. Maybe I'd got a defective one, but experience tells me that these things are more often than not, design faults or just poor build quality across the range. Life's too short, so I will be getting a refund, and spending a bit more on a better player.
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on 17 January 2014
I read up which new Blu-ray player to buy in What Hi Fi and then read the review on Amazon before purchasing. The picture and sound quality is excellent, but the build quality feels a little flimsy and some Blu-ray discs are quite noisy when played on it, which wasn't the case with my old Panasonic. I did debate sending it back because of the noise issue, and I certainly would go back to Panasonic next time.
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on 8 August 2013
Looking for a player for a new room for a 60" screen is a minefield. I have a Sony player already but really wanted a Pioneer in my budget. Voila. This ticked every box. Its an attractive player and the only downside is the cheapish remote but cant have everything. The menus are easy to navigate and I set up my galaxyS3 using an app as a remote. Superb. Youtube is easily accessible too. The player is quiet when playing and the results for quality are super. I have an onkyo amp and no problems. All in all tremendous for the price. Its Pioneer after all. Highly recommend this for the price.
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on 20 March 2016
Experienced exactly the same problems as other reviewers so perhaps a design fault and lack of proper QA. Repeatedly freezing up and then apparently no power when trying to switch on. Only to find it would power up after unplugging for a period. Supplier wanted to avoid handling the faulty return , instead suggesting I sent it direct to Pioneer at my expense. At the same time I had a cheap Sony player that never has let me down, so the Pioneer was put to one side. The months rolled by and it gathered dust whilst the warranty period expired (my fault). So it's going in the rubbish bin. Would have had more fun setting fire to the £99 it cost me. My first and last Pioneer purchase.
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on 26 December 2013
I spent a long time looking at reviews for this as I had never had a blu ray player before but loved my HDMI upscaler Pioneer so wanted the same make. Dont have a 3d TV so cannot comment on that.

I haven't tried all of its functions so cannot comment on the internet options. However..

As many reviews mention it's noisy on start up and selecting chapters but after reading reviews I was prepared for this and it's not noisy for me when I am playing the film.

Have tried with Alien DVD and Avengers Blu ray so far and the upscaling and quality is very good re colour and dealing with dark/light. Noticed a bit of pixel drag in fast scenes on my usual DVD of Thor but that's to be expected - have a Panasonic LED 32 inch. With bigger TVs it may be a pain?
Sound quality is exceptional. Don't have extra speakers etc but with a usual bedroom TV it really does rebound around the room in a good way.
Love the look and it connects ok via HDMI fast speed lead to my TV ie can turn off one with the other.
Remote is a bit confusing and not massively impressed with the zoom and slowmo functions - my upscaler was somewhat easier to control. Special effects freaks like me may have a bit of an issue with that.
Have to play with it a lot more but that's where I stand so far. Very good brand for the money.
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on 30 September 2013
It's now hard to find a BD player that still has the phono connections at the back. this one has it.
and is reading all the video files possible.
my best investment in a while!
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on 1 February 2014
This has to be the most simple but brilliant Blu-ray player around. It dosn't have the online features as other players but if you just want a steady reliable simple blu-ray player look no further, the picture quality is amazing with a really punchy audio output, setup in 2 minutes then your ready to go.

Totally respect pioneer on this player - simply amazing.
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on 25 September 2013
Has allowed me to replace an SACD and a Blu-Ray Player. Understands and plays CD/ DVD/ SACD/ Blu-Ray with no problems at all! Video & Audio sources are well done and tuneful. Highly recommended.
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on 15 January 2014

I have had many DVD and blu-ray players. My general feelings: Sony - very limited re formats, Samsung - appalling all round, Panasonic - good quality blu-ray but limited in formats again, Philips - great picture and reasonable coverage of formats but buggy and with design flaws.

However, this has the lot. It can handle any format I throw at it and the picture quality from Blu-Ray discs is stunning. The remote is a good design and nice and large, while the player itself oozes quality and confidence. Pioneer have always been the BMW of hi-fi IMO and this machine is a delight.


Had this for a few weeks now and have knocked a star off for two reasons:

1. Although it will connect to your wi-fi, it only picks up Netfix and Picaso. BBC i-player is not included. Furthermore, when you are watching a file, the info button does not tell you the name of the file you are playing. However, based on picture quality of JPEGS and movie files and the range of formats accepted, it still deserves four stars.

UPDATE Dec 2014:

Have abandoned this machine in favour of a Sony which seems to do most things much better. The latest Sony blu-ray players will read all the files that this one does and more. This Pioneer has more or less given up the ghost. Rarely turns on unless you persevere for ages. Overall, disappointed.
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on 8 July 2014
Having only used this item once or twice it is now not powering up. Currently awaiting a replacement via Amazon - not ideal at all.
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