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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 13 January 2008

A totally chaotic individual too scared to follow his talent pines for his lost love and shags his way around the city of LA. David Duchovny gives a masterful performance as a writer who has struck gold with his novel but having moved from NY to LA is now drinking himself into one bed after another. But he wants his family back together, loves his daughter and wants to love his hearts true love, which is now betrothed to another. The story is great, the acting is great, the content is explicit, and as the series title suggests most definitely adult only.

Bloody Brilliant!!!

A darkly brooding heroic character that is funny but pathetic. talented but empty, has found true love but loves many women, a contradiction but so true to life.

Be entertained by a really surprising show and masterful performance!!!
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on 30 May 2012
Have you seen those adverts for California? "A lot of people have misconceptions about California... ner, ner, ner, ner ...come to California." Don't you chuffing hate `em?
If the answer is yes you may sympathise with Hank Moody (David Duchovny) the main protagonist of Californication.
Hank- Idealistic, disenfranchised, New York Novelist, is struggling with writers block after being dragged to L.A. for an artistically worthless movie option on his book, his struggles have been galvanised into a true crisis of faith, through having been left by his long term partner, the fragrant Karen (Natascha McElhone ). Who is now co-habiting (with their daughter) with a reliable, high status, dull-ard.

Hank reacts to this crisis by releasing his raging id and indulging in all the artistic and L.A.-centric clichés of excess which his cult fame allows, to various funny, gross, and awkward results. His one true source of well being is his 13 year old daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin) who can roughly be described as Hanks common sense ego reminding him of his truly important role as father, as he try's to "win back" her mother Karen. Karen in turn represents a romanticised view of Hanks past life, his creativity and an idealisation of Love its-self.

You could describe Californication as "Sex and the City for men", but you would be wrong, in many ways it is it's opposite, Hank hates the city he lives in, he doesn't strive to find the perfect partner but longs to reconcile his past romantic life, his crisis seem more urgent, comic, and libidinous, and some how more honest.

All the performances are spot on and at half hour each the episodes are a brilliantly structured, breeze of laughs and heart string tugging, presenting some worthwhile meditations on life, love and creativity. I found it completely non-salacious and just kind of real, really.
The tightness of Tom Kapinos' writing makes any sentimentality utterly forgivable, as the negativity is as focused as the romanticism and the two easily sit side by side as forms of idealism.
I sat down and accidentally ended up watching the entire six episodes of disc one, which I never normally do. The ending has been deemed a cop out by some, but makes sense the more you think about it, Hank has to change and defy expectation because the ones you love always make it bloody hard work.
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on 29 October 2008
For anyone who thought Sex & The City was too camp to watch (didn't The Simpsons describe it as a show about four women who act like gay men?), here is the grown-up, sassy and sexy alternative.

David Duchovny may be better known for the X-Files, but here he looks much happier, playing the blocked writer Hank Moody, living fast in LA, trying to win back his partner Karen (Natasha McElhone(?) and their daughter from a wealthy but dull publisher, Bill. Kinda reminded me of The Philadelphia Story, minus the class warfare.

This comedy is sharp, with crackling dialogue, very explicit, but in the best sense, adult. The title may sound gimmicky, but it tells you what you need to know: that this is a series about adult relations and the rights and wrongs attached to exercising our freedom to pursue casual relationships at the expense of greater and more meaningful ones.

Anyway, it's a winner, funny but serious. If you're eighteen or over, see it.
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on 23 November 2007
It is great to finally have a show that doesn't hide behind taboo subject's. After years of playing the undervalued worker in X-Files, he gets a chance to say what a lot of people would love to say but refrain from it.
Being aware that certain groups find the show offensive in numerous ways, in
reality i really think they should lighten up, its not meant to be taken seriously. If anything it might let people get out of their shell. Its a feel good show which makes you chuckle all the way through! The music is really funky in it too

I totally recommend it to anyone over the required age cos u'll laugh your a*s off!
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on 24 April 2016
Sorry to sound sexist but this is a man's box set it's all about how many women he can have intercourse with. The story is boring and predicable, I watched two episodes and give it away to my friend who is a guy he loves it say no more. It's terrible!
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on 28 December 2007
I can honestly say that this is one of the best programmes i have ever watched. It is completely no holds barred in every way and funny, witty and very well written from start to finish! I dont want to go into detail with the plot as it would only ruin it for you but however much this dvd costs then i would pay it! Please trust me on this as i have never written a review before and this programme prompted me to write one. Happy Watching!
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VINE VOICEon 23 October 2008
Saw so many good reviews so decided to give this a go. I have to admit wasn't sure whether I could see past David Duchovny as Mulder, but after 5 minutes, such a great performance I was totally drawn in. The writing is funny, gripping, sharp with lots of twists and turns. Ended up watching the entire series over just 2 days! Cant wait for season 2
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on 26 February 2016
Sharp tongued and self deprecating satire that fingers the infrequently visited Hollywood periphery. Easily corruptible New York man of letters, Hank Moody, gets a movie deal for one of his award winning novels, heads to Hollyweird, and is undone by temptations of the flesh and the bottle, and the Columbian marching powder, and the weed, then more of the flesh and the bottle and the flesh, and the Columbian marching powder and bottle and infinitum, then takes seven series of high jinks and self imposed misfortune to get himself back on track and reconnect with the woman he truly loves. Yes it's a funny self mocking exploration of privileged hedonists, and yes it's gaudy and crass, but it's also a believable love story between Hank and Karen (Natasha McElhone) and Hanks undisciplined love for their daughter. As such it's a reasonable - though exaggerated - allegory for the modern, ruptured family. En-route a catalogue of, irreverent, hilarious and bizarre adventures divert Hank and a conclave of refreshingly original supporting characters into almost cartoonish amoral debauchery. David Duchovny, smart talks his way through every episode with such ease it's difficult not to believe it isn't a sort of tribute cameo - much like the casting of Charlie Sheen in 2-1/2 men ( some similarity's between the characters too), Even Handler and Pamela Adlon are regular screen stealers, with notable performance from Rob Lowe playing a flakey, Brad Pitt parody; and Kathleen Turner as a hyper sexual talent agent... that's just two, the role-call of A-list talent that put in appearances is impressive. Some seasons are better than others but the joke remains the same, Hanks a lovable rogue that we plumb for and his misadventures are encouraged, forgiven and slightly envied. Deep down he's a good guy who screws up in ways we can, in part, empathize with. He's only human, right.
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on 5 April 2013
After the first 60 seconds of the first episode I found myself hooked. David Duchovny is great, a much improved performance following his sketchy career after The X Files. If you're after a new boxset with plenty of 'action' this is for you!
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on 22 September 2008
Hank Moody (David Duchovny) is a washed-up, middle-aged boozehound suffering from writer's block who is somehow irresistible to gorgeous women 20 years his junior. Oh, and he's pretty handy with his fists too.
If you can get over the blatant 'wish fulfilment' premise, and the crude pun of the title, 'Californication' offers a sharp, funny take on modern LA life - albeit a privileged, artistic section of it.

You can tell Hank's a writer because he wears black shirts and has slightly unkempt hair. He writes novels with fashionably nihilistic titles like 'God Hates Us All' and has had to suffer the humilation of seeing it made into a risible romcom called 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love', starring Tom and Katie. No wonder he's Moody.

To cap it all, he's recently split from Karen, the love of his life and father of his 13 year old daughter, Becca, and is busy "drowning himself in a sea of pointless pus*y."

Meanwhile, his bald agent, who is married, is thigh-high in an S&M affair with his pretty 22 year old assistant. We see him guiltily spanking her pert little bottom in his office.

Hank's true love is now with an uptight publisher called Bill who, naturally, is everything Hank isn't - orderly, mannered, sober. His hair is most definitely kempt. Hank's the real man for her - she knows it, he knows it, heck, even Bill knows it. But will they work their way back to each other?

Following in the footsteps of other sexually frank American cable TV series like 'Sex And The City' and 'Six Feet Under', 'Californication' is, if anything, even ruder. Where it scores over those shows though is in its tender, unsentimental depiction of Hank's relationship with his precocious, yet sweet-natured, daughter.

As someone once said, the battle of the sexes will never be won - there's too much fraternising with the enemy. In the meantime, let 'Californication' be your filthy, funny guide to the many skirmishes along the way.
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