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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 January 2010
As a biker I could not wait for Sons of Anarchy to begin.

Many films and documentaries have been made surrounding Outlaw Bikers and the biker scene; the list of books is ever growing. However, a television series was new territory. Was the show going to be a success or flop as a poor imitation and portrayal of outlaw bikers and the one percenter lifestyle? The answer: success, massive success! Even down to the soundtrack, this show has everything.

At the time of writing, the show has ended its second series in the US, with great reviews and attracting big audiences. The script is detailed and needs to be followed closely. Whilst cleverly constructed the script is remains true to bikers. Many incidents in the show can be traced to real-life events that have been well documented in various pieces of literature by one percenters. As for the biker critics, although everyday life of a one percenter may not be like the show it certainly makes for great viewing.

My family and friends love the show. Don't jump to conclusions and assume that as a biker I am bound to give a good review. Read the other reviews and search the internet. Sons of Anarchy has attracted a huge fan base of people who appreciate a good television series.

I enjoy Sons of Anarchy to such the extent I was kindly bought the first series on Region 1 DVD and a Region 1 DVD player. I also have the first series Region 2 on order (both great presents). The DVD extras are also enjoyable. Can't wait for more! For us in Great Britain we have to wait and see if the second series will be released on DVD in the US before it is shown here on television.

Long live SAMCRO - Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original.
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on 30 July 2009
This American drama is a much needed change from the plethora of current cop shows and follows the Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club in their attempts to stay one step ahead of both The Law and rival gangs.
Main character Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is a troubled man. He spends his time reading his dead Father's journal which causes him to question the way the "Club" operates and he has a premature baby boy to look after. His Mother Gemma (Katey Sagal) is the puppet master here as her husband Clay (Ron Perlman) is the leader of the gang and she carefully manipulates both men round to her way of thinking throughout the series.
The Sons may be gun runners and advocates of violence but they have a strong moral code and won't let drugs or rape or a number of other things take place in their town.
The stories that dominate the series are Jax's troubles with his morals and love life which include an old flame who has returned to the town bringing hidden trouble with her. We also have the character of Opie (Ryan Hurst) who upon his release from prison has to decide between going straight to appease his wife or rejoining the gang.
Excellent performances all round, most notably from former Married With Children star Katey Sagal and Ryan Hurst along with a great script elevate this show well above the easy viewing of the likes of House and The Mentalist.
Sterling support is provided by Kim Coates and Glasgow's own Tommy Flanagan as gang members who will go the extra mile to protect their club. Maggie Siff as the respectable Doctor who was Jax's High School Sweetheart and Ally Walker as ATF Agent Stahl are also very impressive.
Series 2 is currently in production so there will be plenty more from the Sons Of Anarchy and if the standard remains this high then long may it continue.
Recommended for fans of tense drama such as Prison Break, 24 and Dexter.
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I never dreamt that an old "stick in the mud" such as me would get so totally hooked on a series about a motorcycle gang called Sons of Anarchy.
Put any predjudices you might have to one side and watch this incredible series.
It's the story of an american "Hells Angel" style motorcycle gang. Only they are also an organised crime gang, running guns, protection and prostitution rackets. SOA delves brilliantly into the personal lives of the key players and the internal politics of SOA
Then there is the determined efforts of law enforcement to bring them down and the dramas this brings.
Every episode of each series is superb, with great story lines, stunning acting and a lot of gut wrenching, brutal violence.
As long as you can stand the violence this is as good as it gets, unmissable, superb, gripping, a masterpiece of a show with a unique perspective.
I would give this 6 stars if i could. Watch it or i'll send the boys around.
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Right from the opening scene 'Sons of Anarchy' grabs your attention. It instantly sets the tone for the series and makes sure that the story gets off at full throttle. This is basically the Soprano's on wheels, as we follow a a gang of gun running Hell's Angels as they wheel, deal & - well - Wheel some more.

The show focuses on the (sometimes strained) brother hood that exists within the SOA biker family, but there are many other gangs that add to the mix too. In their quest to stay on top and control the streets, the Sons of Anarchy have to deal with, and often play off against each other, various other gangs. These include the True IRA, a black street gang called the 9ers, local Chinese Yakuza, a rival Mexican biker gang called the Mayans, the white supremacists, the local cops - both straight and corrupt - and also, as one member puts it: ''The most powerful gang of all... old white money''. After all that, finally, at the end of the day they then have to go home to their 'old ladies' which as the series progresses, we find out are just as tough a gang as the men.

The story and acting are great. The characters brutal but likeable and very funny at times too. This makes it a bit of a hard watch sometimes as you struggle to come to terms with the fact that these guys are brutal murderers, but you love them.

The overall story is very good and unfolds well, keeping your attention and making you watch episode after episode - I did this 1st season in in a day and a half. The sets, scenery, wardrobe and bikes are all convincing and for me this was one of the best boxsets I've seen in a while.

If you miss the Soprano's being on TV - get this. It definatly fills the void. It has it all. The family politics. The guns, violence, women and everything else that that series provided . Buy it now.
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on 8 July 2015
I had heard a lot of good things about this TV show, and finally decided to give it a try. Six episodes into the first series and I think I'm all done. I don't know if it's the writing, the directing, the editing, or what, but each episode just plods along without any real excitement or drama. Scenes that should be filled with tension are simply not engaging and I found myself not caring about the outcome.

There is a lot of violence, but it's not particularly well done. In one scene the gang have an altercation with some uncooperative carnival workers, but the ensuing brawl reminded me of a scene out of The A Team, (TV show, not film), only not as well done. Come to think of it, The A Team had more depth to the characters, better writing, a better script, and was generally more entertaining.
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"Riding through this world all alone
God takes your soul, you’re on your own
The crow flies straight, a perfect line
On the Devil’s Bed until you die"
Curtis Stigers et al

My son-in-law turned me onto 'Sons Of Anarchy' pretty late in the game. I have viewed Season one and am about to start season two. I am now part of the family. And, what a family this is!

The aysos of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original, or SAMCRO. It is essential to know the acronyms, so you understand what the club is all about. It started as a club for Iraq Vets who didn't belong anywhere, and it turned into a gun running, violent family group of bikers. They live in Charming, Ca, yes, I know! Charlie Hunnam plays Jax Teller, the youngest of the regulars, son of the club's originator, who died under curios circumstances. His mother, Gemma, played brilliantly by Katey Segal is remarried to the President of the club, Clay Morrow, payed by Ron Perlman. Several members of the club are people you recognize, Mark Boone Junior plays a wannabe Elvis, tough guy. Kim Coates plays the hit man, not someone to get on the wrong side. And others come and go.

The storyline is to keep the town of Charming, crime free, except, of course, the gun running and the killing of competitive motorcycle clubs and other bad guys. The local Sherriff is on the club's payroll as are other members of the police. Nice, simple little town, but, of course, it isn't. The ATF comes to town with a woman determined to bring the club down, and another stalker ATF man. Lots of stories and they are good. Realistic, most of them, but some are not, you just overlook those parts. The acting is superb, characters righteous of life, and I understand that many motorcycle clubs follow SOA, Sons Of Anarchy.

Recommended. prisrob 09-08-13
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Firstly, let me tell you that I have spent a lot of time over the last few months chasing up supposedly good series with varying results. In this time, I have watched the first three shows of at least 20 different series - and this is one of two that I would give five stars to. I rate it that highly.

That's not to say that it doesn't have flaws - it does. But the compulsion to keep watching is there, the writing (courtesy of John Sutter, producer of 'The Shield') is taut and full of cliffhangers, scheming characters and bitng dialogue - it's similar to Sutter's cop show in that respect. It's got a lot of legs to it, and these are early days in the story arc, much like the Harleys that the riders use, the method of getting from a to b is somewhat unsophisticated at times, but oh what a ride!

The central character is Jax, a young man who was born into the eponymous club of the show - his late father was a co-founder, and his mother (played with wonderful hard-nosed ascerbity by Sutter's wife) is now married to the other co-founder (played by Ron Perlman - you'll recognise his face if not his name). He finds a manuscript in a box of his father's old things, reflecting upon how the club has lost its way, and he finds himself starting to question the life he leads, and some of the activities of the club - like gun running. His scheming mother and her husband are less than happy at the changes they see in him. Meanwhile the tame local police chief is due to retire, and his potential replacement is hungry to end the club for good.

And so the series begins. There's some good character actors in this show, and plenty of episodes for both plot and characters to grow and thrive in. If you liked 'The Shield', 'The Wire', 'Breaking Bad' or 'The Sopranos', I really suggest you give this a go - but bear in mind that it's only available as REGION 1 DVD at the time of writing.

I just love that sensation of dying to know what happens next, whilst knowing that you have the whole series to wtch whenever you want to - delicious!
review image review image
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on 8 August 2015
That said it is an excellent, well written series, though every sin and crime is portrayed here. Following the story of bikers in a small US town, it might not be every bodies cup of tea. However I find the whole thing engaging. There are good story lines which build from episode to episode and the acting is convincing. Women play an equally strong part and some of the lines are very clever. The only downside is that some of the scenes are too dark and I struggle to see what is happening.
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on 15 March 2014
This biker series is now on number 5 so this review of number 1 is a bit late but anyway here goes. Being a keen motorcyclist myself (I hate the term "biker") I watched this series from the start. It is about a gang of outlaw bikers who run a protection racket, as well as other money-making schemes such as porn and gun-running in the town of Charming. It does seem strange that we the viewers are meant to cheer on these criminals who sponge off of law-abiding citizens and who murder anyone who gets in their way - anti-heroes indeed.

The writing is first class and the characters are all well defined. There are multiple plot-lines and sub-plots flowing along so close attention is needed to follow it all. The acting is superb by all concerned and this series is a credit to all.
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on 13 September 2015
Had been put off watching this because I didn't think i would be into the whole biker gang thing. But having just got prime and looking for something to watch gave it a chance... the best decision ever from the very first episode you get sucked into it, it's action packed from start to where i am now start of series 6, it is hard hitting and easily one of best tv series ever. Give it a go you will not be dissapointed
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