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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

on 17 October 2010
I bought this after reading St Nacho's because perversely I wanted to know what happened to the 'bad' guy from that story. Jordan wasn't bad, just lost.

This book was so different and I can't explain why. Jordan comes to St Nacho's after prison and rehab to build a new life near the only friend that makes him feel like 'home'. He doesn't want to mess with Cooper's new life - he just maybe wants some of the happiness to spread to him. He also seems to have the idea in his head that he has to atone for his past sins - and keep on atoning. He wants to serve people (not in a kinky way so get that thought out of your head) - he just wants to help people feel better.

Enter Ken. A jock who lost someone close to him, he's in a lot of pain emotionally as well as physically. The attraction between the two of them is pretty much instantaneous. Ken is pretty relentless in his pursuit whilst Jordie is struggling with how he feels and what he should do. An attack brings the only other person to him that loves him as he is and he starts to rebuild his life. In the meantime, Ken has to show his family the side of himself that he had kept hidden and figure out how to get Jordie to accept the chance to be happy.

The sex is there - oh baby, is it there *fans self* - but there is so much love in this story: love for friends, family, new people and old, and of course the love that St Nacho's seems to bring out in everyone who finds their way there.

Excellent story.
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on 31 December 2011
I recently extolled the virtues of St Nachos by this author and Physical Therapy (the second book) was just as good, if not even better. I found it very difficult to put down. A fairly minor character from the first book is now one of the main gay characters in this second book. Whereas the two main characters of the first book are minor characters in the second. The gay romance is very well told but the bit I enjoy about these books is how major issues are confronted as well, i.e. coping with life when you have done something very reckless and stupid (even after you have served your punishment) and coping with the after effects of a major accident knowing that your body will never be the same as it was. After those issues, coming out (as done by one of the two main characters) seems a relatively minor issue. I thoroughly recommend this book; a must read for likers of gay fiction.
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on 23 October 2012
I thought so. This is Jordan's story; he's been released from rehab (he went into rehab at the end of the first book) and wants to start a new life. He's heard tales from Cooper about how great St Nacho's is and so here he is. Worried he won't be able to get a job after a past like his - and desperate to be selfless & useful to society to try to atone for those past mistakes - he strikes lucky on his first morning in town by getting the right job at the right place, with the right boss.
This is an interesting tale about dealing with your past, trying to live with things that will never go away, finding love and friendship and acceptance and being able to give support as well as learning how to accept support in the spirit in which it is given.
I'd suggest reading St Nacho's first (as other reviewers have) - while it might not be strictly necessary I think it enhanced my enjoyment knowing who the characters were & understanding their back stories. It's on to tale number three about this great little town, for me.
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on 13 February 2013
I have previously read the other book in this series and looked forward to the next St Nacho's installment, and I wasn't disappointed! Very witty in places and as always a HOT (m/m romance) sexy read. can't wait to read the next one!

If you like Cameron Dane you'll like ZA Maxfield too!
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on 19 March 2014
I came to St Nacho's through the last of the 4 books and have gradually made my way through the lot. They stand fine by themselves and complement one another at the same time. A little light is thrown some light on what it means to gay and struggling in relationships. I think if you read a book and wouldn't mind having a conversation with one or more of the characters then you're likely to find yourself reading through to the end. ZA Maxfield sets the context, character conflicts and resolutions very well. She writes the sex in a raunchy way actually and finds one or two very poignant moments which ultimately will be why you will want to carry on ready and pick up the next book she writes. Classic vacation / airport lounge read - and that's not a criticism!
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on 18 August 2013
Jordan was the anti-hero of the first book in the series (St Nacho's). Here, he follows his friend Cooper to the refuge that St Nacho's provides after coming to terms with his guilty past. His own issues find their mirror image in those of Ken, a young sportsman recovering from a horrific car crash. The initial sparks of hostility turn to mutual attraction, hot sex and love.
This is not a profound book. What it is is a heartwarming, compelling, very sexy gay romance. More please.
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on 9 March 2011
Not that much to say but great book, you will be happy to read it and read it again and again
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on 1 November 2012
I thought that this story was just as good as the first one Jordan after all his problems in now in control of his life and things are begining to look better for him I was not sure about Ken at first but as time went on he started to feel better with things and he and Jordan became a really lovely couple .A beautiful love story in the end
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on 29 January 2015
From the Nacho series this was my preferred book.
Yes, erotic and a bit far but also goes deep in feelings!
It has story, intrigue, ache, happiness, a real romance.
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on 6 May 2016
great story
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