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Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6401 - epilators (7.5 W, Epilator)

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3.8 out of 5 stars 3,817 reviews from the U.S.

Currently unavailable.
We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.
Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

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  • Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 17.3 x 21.6 cm ; 227 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 249 g
  • Item model number: HP6401/50
  • ASIN: B00742JW8S
  • Date first available at 29 April 2013
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4.0 out of 5 stars Baby Smooth Pits 2 Jan. 2016
By WorkingMomx3 - Published on
Verified Purchase
I did a lot of reading into epilation before I bought the Philips Satinelle. I exfoliated and shaved several days before the first use (and exfoliated again minus shaving the day of first use.)
The product came as described with an extra long cord, making it easy to move around the bathroom. This little baby is pretty loud, but my sleeping husband and toddler did not wake up in the next room. I successfully rid the hair from both arm pits in one sitting. From the reviews I read I have to say it was not nearly as painful as I thought. It stung a little afterwards but within 30 minutes my underarms had no red bumps and were so smooth! I did not use deodorant for a day to be on the safe side. I also did not have discomfort at work that evening. The following day I used deodorant and everything was fine. Not having shaving irritation is wonderful! I have had to shave my armpits TWICE in a day that's how fast the hair has come back. Once a day minimum. No more! It's been 3 days and my armpits are smooth as a baby's bottom literally!
Onto legs:
I have attached a picture for you to see. I followed all the recommended exfoliation procedure, went slow, and held it at a 90 degree angle and my legs had a lot of red bumps. It took much longer than anticipated to get both legs (knee down) complete and I still could not get all the hairs. I'm still learning so I won't let one time discourage me. Some say those bumps lasted for days and even weeks of irritation and leading to ingrown hairs but this is false for me. My legs did have the same light sting afterwards that they do after shaving with a razor. Used my moisturizer and the sting was calmed within 10 min. Thankfully the next morning my legs are almost fully cleared! However not all the hair is gone, so my legs aren't baby smooth. It's definitely a learned procedure. Skin comes in all types of sensitivity levels so I agree that this form of hair removal isn't for everyone. For lack of a better word it's pretty "rewarding" if it works!! Yay smooth arm pits!!
Left most image in my picture shows my leg after I soothed it in cold water, you DO NOT use water while you are using this epilator!
I love this thing. Did some more reading, hair and skin grows in rounds and layers so it's nearly impossible to get my legs completely smooth,however I used it several more days in a row and got my legs satisfactory. A week later and they still feel/look less than 1 day razor shaving stubble. THE RED BUMPS WERE ONLY A "FIRST TIME EPLIATING THAT AREA" IRRITATION. No red bumps on all subsequent rounds. Used on inner thighs near bikini area and have had way more success than a razor. After 24 hours red bumps gone and no shaving irritation. My armpits are still smooth! Not having shaving irritation or fast hair regrowth is amazing. Now that my skin is used to it I can actually sit down and touch up whatever needs it without having to waste my time and water shaving in the shower!
Another plus: normally you would want to shave/be hair free when going to the beach or swimming so shaving right before the event makes sense? Until you get in the water and your legs are burning because you shaved either the day before or the day of? NOT ANY MORE! Once your legs are used to it the faster speed is no longer intimidating. Extremely happy with how this epilator has worked out in so many ways!
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1.0 out of 5 stars Gross Amazon!! 20 Nov. 2016
By A.S - Published on
Verified Purchase
Sold me a used epilator with hairs!!! ....when I paid for a new one!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Happy epilating! 20 Oct. 2016
By Marielle - Published on
Verified Purchase
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a long review.

I bought this little equipment because i was tired of using creams due to the horrible smell and also started to harm my skin, and shaving was even worse (horrible irritation and let's not talk about those ingrown hairs). So, I was looking for a longer lasting method. I hate waxing and sadly I'm too poor to afford laser hair removal.

This is a tiny, handy epilator. However, those adjectives do not affect its performance. Has two speeds and it's not cordless. Little bit noisy as well. The price is the best part. I believe if you're a newbie with this epilation thing, this should be your first epilator.

Since the levels of pain are very subjective and also may differ depending on the area, something you should really evaluate before buying this equipment is your pain tolerance. Just grab your tweezers and pluck some hair in different areas of your body, and then you'll know. If you think it's worth it, don't hesitate and buy it!

Prepare yourself for the battle: exfoliate your skin, take a hot bath and be patient. Then make sure your skin is completely dry and follow the instructions on the manual. You can also watch tutorials on YouTube. I'd suggest to moisturize skin after you finish, and to exfoliate your skin during the week to avoid those nasty ingrown hairs.

This is my first time using my epilator, I did my armpits and my legs. I never expected not to hurt (you shouldn't do that either). The first leg took me like 30-40 minutes, the second was even faster. It wasn't that painful, just uncomfortable and I felt a tingling sensation. Didn't get any red bumps on that area. Different story with my pits... Very painful (not unbearable, tho). Despite of being a way more small area, it took me more time because of the pain. I also bled a little, since I have very thick and coarse armpit hair. However, it's worth it in my opinion.

The only con I could mention so far is that sometimes it rips the hair instead of pulling it out. That happens more often with fine hairs rather than thick ones. You can avoid that by not letting the hair grow too much, just long enough to be pulled effectively. It also helps with the pain.

Oh, another useful tip: there's a website where you can find ANY info related to epilating:

Bottom line: yes, I am very pleased with my purchase (package came in 4 days earlier than expected), and yes, I would recommend this to my friends.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Male opinion of this epilator.... 10 Nov. 2012
By Running Shorts - Published on
Verified Purchase
OK...I'm a guy and I use epilation to remove body hair that I don't really care for...I have tried my wife's epilation prior to purchasing my own...mainly because she would nag too much about her epilator being left unclean etc....she told me to buy my own. I have tried a few of hers which include the Braun and an Emjoi...

Here are my reviews of each one:

Braun: This was the first one I seemed to more or less cut the hairs very painfully...they didn't seem like they were being pulled out from the root. I would remove the hairs and it seemed like the area was smooth, but a few days later (about 3 days) the hairs would begin growing back. This one was probably one of the most painful ones I used. After I used it the first time, I vowed that I would never epilate again....2 weeks later I did it again...and it did hurt less than the first time, but still hurt.

Emjoi: Had to go over the area multiple times to get the hairs removed and still it would miss a lot of the hairs. It wasn't as painful as the Braun. I wasn't happy with the way this one worked just because it took forever.

This Philips: Finally I ordered my own cuz wifey nagging about her epilator just got annoying. And I used it today on my pubic area and underarms. This was actually the least painful epilator I have ever used. I am not saying it is pain free, but I couldn't feel too much. I didn't shower before using it. I would go over an area about 2 times and the hair would all be gone. As I've said I have tried other epilators and this one seemed to work great in very sensitive areas. On my wife's Braun, I would slightly bleed at times, but this one there was no blood. I am actually very happy with this one and even though I would never be sitting at a bar and suggest this to one of my drinking buddies because I'd probably be drinking alone from then on...I can suggest that anyone on Amazon (male or female) who is looking for an epilator...THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED TO BUY!!!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good epilator, would buy again 1 May 2017
By Sarah with an H - Published on
Verified Purchase
Does it work?
Yes, mostly.
I've only used one other epilator (my mom's, from back in the 80s, still works, looks more like a long spring coiled that picks hairs as it rotates) and this one has given me pretty similar results. If my hair is too long, it breaks it off rather than pulling it. If it's just the right length (~1/16") it pulls almost all of them. My legs stay smoother longer than with shaving, not sure if that's because the hair takes longer to grow back or because my legs just feel nicer as the hair grows back in from the root vs a cut end.
I've been using it once a week, figuring that if I miss/break any hairs they'll be about the right length in a weeks time. I tried the different speeds, one on each leg, to see which worked better, but the results were about the same. What works well for me at the moment it going over everything on high speed, then quickly going back over on the low speed. So I don't go over everything a million times, just once thoroughly on high, and once less thoroughly on low. Taking 15min total for both legs leaves me with a few hairs unplucked, but I don't care that much to spend double the time to get the rest of them. If I needed my legs to be perfectly smooth for something like a wedding, I would shave to touch up.
The clip on guide they provide was useful for learning how to hold the device close at 90 degrees without pressing so hard you slow or stop the spinning head, but I think it makes it less effective, so I stopped using it.

Does it hurt?
Yes, but I got used to it.
I think the band aid metaphor works well to describe the pain. If you like to rip off your band aid all at once, you may be better off with the intense quick pain of waxing. If you like to peel it off slowly (my chosen method), epilation might be right for you. If you like to wait until your band aid falls off in the shower, you may want to stick with shaving.
If you're wondering what it feels like to epilate, pluck a few hairs off your leg. Then multiply that by 25. The first time I ran the epilator over my leg, it kind of gave the sensation that it was eating my skin. But now that I know what to expect, it doesn't bother me nearly as much. I doubt it will ever be comfortable, but being prepared for how it feels definitely makes it not so bad. I've also found that some areas are more sensitive than others. My inner calf and right above my knee hurt the worst for me, but I have a feeling it's different for different people. Other reviewers give sound advice, if it hurts too much take a break/do a different area and come back to it.
The different speeds don't really change the pain (more like the speed of band aid pulling). For me it was more controlled by how fast I moved the epilator up my leg (faster=more hairs at once=more pain for me). They also provide a purple thing that clips onto the top, and says that it's a guide that helps reduce the pain. It doesn't affect the pain at all.

Does it leave marks?
Yes, but they go away.
I always get a few red marks, though significantly less than the number of hairs being pulled. I put some lotion on afterwards and they're gone by the end of the day. To be on the safe side, I would probably epilate two days before a big event, not just the day before (and definitely not day of).
Ingrown hairs?
A few, but exfoliating once a week or right before using the epilator, takes care of that.

Is it good quality?
I've had it fall to spring so far, and it still looks new. I rinse the detachable head every time. The adapter clicks into place at the bottom of the device and stays very well. The cord is longer than 7', but narrow so it can be put away easily. A bunch of reviews on other epilators mentioned those devices getting warm during use, I could only notice a slight change in temperature when I was really focused on it. The width of the spinning head (the part that actually pulls hairs) is slightly narrower than a standard razor. Makes about as much noise as an electric razor, you could hold a conversation over it with some effort. The only thing that could be better is that the detachable head seems like it could have a sturdier connection. Not bad by any means, but after repeated use I have a feeling it's going to get weaker.

For me an epilator is the right tool because I like how it makes my legs feel, no scratchy regrowth. Unless they come up with some kind of smart epilator, I have a feeling that most epilators will be on equal footing when it comes to how well they remove hair. So a decent quality epilator for less than $30 seems worth it to me.
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