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on 6 November 2017
Exceptional sound for a bluetooth headset. Only problem is that the sound breaks up when I'm in another room. I understand that is a limitation of the early bluetooth standard but I've seen other headphones with greater range.
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on 14 January 2014
After deliberating over, and doing a lot of searching and review reading, I eventually decided to treat myself to a new pair of headphones. But then there was the whole wired/bluetooth dilemma...

I looked at, and listened to the Harmon-Kardon BT's which were good, but not quite there... The Bose QC15's were too plasticky and way overpriced for their sound quality, the same can be said of anything with "Dr Dre" in the name, my Daughter has a (genuine) pair of Beats Studio, that cost around £250, and my £30 Sennheiser CX300's jump all over them for sound quality...

THEN I started reading about these - As said elsewhere, they were WhatHiFi's "Best Bluetooth Headphones" of £2013, and that was at the RRP of £250.. I'd pretty much settled on them, even at that price, but then spotted them on Amazon, and sold by Amazon (rather than a third party, which is important to me, as reduces possibility of "fakes") for the bargain price of £157..

Received next day, fully charged.. Paired in seconds to my Galaxy S4 (with APTX).. WOW.... The sound quality is nothing short of awesome..... Styling is great, quality, but not too overstated, build quality is also excellent, nice leather and tactile stitching on the headband, aluminium elsewhere.. They are also neither too light, nor too heavy, with a nice quality feel to them.

Bluetooth range is good, I can walk to the top floor of our (3 storey) house, whilst the phone is on the worktop in the kitchen, and not skip a beat, the APTX is also fantastic, with a VERY noticeable improvement in sound quality over a non APTX bluetooth connection, as on my Galaxy Note, in fact there is no discernable quality loss between APTX Bluetooth, and the wired connection.

Controls are easy and not at all fiddly as some have said, once remembered it's a doddle to alter volume, pause, skip forward or back. VERY comfortable and getting 14-15hrs per charge so far... AND, if they do run out, at least you can still use them with the supplied lead!

Buy them, you won't regret...

The ONLY thing I am not 100% with, after using them in bed last night, is - The flashing BT light.. Not noticeable at all during the day, but in a darkened room, is too bright, and quite irritating..
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on 6 November 2013
Stunning headphones. I'm a hifi enthusiast and I can't speak highly enough about these great headphones.
Bass is rich without being boomy, sounds so clear and open especially using Bluetooth, where i expected a loss of quality, which truly isn't the case. After listening to all types of music through these headphones, I can highly recommend them, especially with dance tracks. I really love the clever useful dial at the side of the right earpiece with all the adjustments I require to change volume and track amongst other things. Poor quality recordings sound exactly that, however, with high quality recordings these headphones really begin to sparkle. They fit well on the head, without feeling to heavy and are very comfy. I have worn them for 3 hours straight without feeling uncomfortable (your ears will get warm though) thats just par for the course really. After the first initial charge, they will last a good number of hours.
I have purchased a 5m lead which connects from my headphones to my hifi equipment which is great for listening to quality lossless cd playback through the jack on the CD player and other sources.
You know when you like a pair of headphones when you get to the stage of stopping critically examining them and start enjoying the sound they produce, which is a hard thing to come by these days.
I have had Philips hifi headphones before and will continue to buy from them if they keep producing quality products like this. Well done Philips!.
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on 9 December 2013
I'm no expert when it comes to headphones etc but I'd read reviews and these headphones came out top and I'm happy with the sound quality. They also block out any other sounds around you. I love the convenience of having the wireless functionality. They're easy to charge and you're good to go. The cables on my old headphones kept tangling up so this is a major bonus.
They look good, although they're navy blue not black (which I hadn't realised, would have preferred black).
Comfort wise however they lose marks, I don't have to be wearing them very long when I start to feel pressure on the top of my head Whereas my previous headphones were really comfortable and I wouldn't notice they were there, these ones I have to keep moving around so that my head doesn't hurt.

Update: after only having them a few weeks the left side stopped working when using them via bluetooth (still works with the wire but that's not what I got them for!) so I'm having to return them. I'll get another pair though and hopefully they'll be better as have only seen one other person with this problem
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on 20 December 2013
I've long been a fan of bluetooth headphones / headsets and have several sets for different purposes. These are beautifully made, and have probably the best sound quality of all my bluetooth headphones / sets. The memory foam pads kind of work in lieu of noise cancellation, the build quality is solid, and premium materials are used throughout. The metal parts are titanium in colour, the earshells mostly grey, and the leather headband colour for me is a very subtle dark blue-grey which I find rather quite stylish.

I would not say they are particularly heavy, but they can have a vice-like grip on your head which can cause annoyance with prolonged use. I find the earshell controls intuitive and easy to use. In short they generally look, feel and sound fantastic. I bought them on the basis of the recent What HiFi review / award.

As a headset though, they are let down by the lack of a talk-through button, and the microphone does not adequately pick up voice for phonecalls - so these cannot really be used as a headset proper. My favourite all-rounders are the versatile Sennheiser 450-X - which have an improved feature set, and really do work for phonecalls, although their noise-cancellation is decidedly average. The Sennheisers sound pretty good too. They are very lightweight, fully foldable and extremely portable.

Best noise cancellation I've experienced is on Bose QuiteComfort, but their all-plastic construction undermines the quality proposition. The headbands of both the Bose headphones I have owned have cracked / broken within a year.

If you're looking for the best sounding bluetooth headphones, then the B1BTs definitely fit the bill, if you intend to use these for all your daily life - trip to the shops, answering phone, travel etc. - then you should go for the Sennheiser 450-X.
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on 24 May 2014
My only hesitation when buying this headset was reading about some comfort issues that some people had, but I'm having none of that. I suppose if your ears can't handle anything on top of them it's not comfortable but then I'm not sure if any on-ear headphones are good for you. On-ear is never as comfortable as over-ear, but you'll win in size with on-ear headphones.

As for the audio, I have these paired with my aptX supporting mobile and it's just awesome. When I'm comparing these to my other headphones which I use for gaming, the Astro A50, I think these are on the level with them and the A50 is great too. There's enough bass but it's not muddy and the mids and highs are clear.

Word of warning though, if you're pairing this with something that has bad Bluetooth support it will be pretty bad for the same reasons why it's so good when you have aptX. The headphones output the sound as good as the source sends it so if the source is bad you'll hear it.

I haven't tried how long the battery lasts before it's dead but I've used it for at least 5 hours on one charge and it's still going strong. It would be nice if there was a way to know how much battery is left as there is no visual or audible way to confirm this. Edit: read the instruction manual, found out that the earpiece flashes in blue when turning the headphones on if there's over 50% left, twice in white if less than 50% and three times in white if less than 25%. So it's better than nothing but not optimal.

I've only used the headphones once for a phone call in a very noisy car and I didn't get any complaints about my voice, I didn't ask though.
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on 3 October 2014
I tried the usual suspects (Beats, Bose, etc) before going for these headsets. I found Beats to be too bassy, artificially much and Bose lacking any sort of excitement.

Decided to go for Philips, mostly due to the reasonable price for bluetooth-enabled headphones but also persuaded by the reviews I read. I am happy with my choice ever since!

I am using the headphones for at least 4-5 hours per day in my office (noisy environment) and almost never get tired. They are particularly comfortable and the sound is clear and well balanced with only slightly high bass.

Love having the bluetooth option as it means I can work without having a cable always in the middle. The battery seems to last well over 10 hours that the specifications suggest.

Over all, highly recommend these headphones but I hope that the ear pads will remain comfortable and will not wear out anytime soon as they cannot be replaced. If they were replaceable Philips would have got 5* from me...
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on 4 September 2014
An excellent pair of phones in most ways. I just want to alert you to the blue LED light which when these phones are in use flashes every 8 seconds. Not convenient for night-time use if there is someone else in the room!! Or, I think, in a plane at night. I have to cover it with Bluetack. (Suggestion to the designers -- make the light shine INTO the ears, so its function can be checked, but so it won't bother anyone).
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on 15 April 2014
Great looks/well made
Good Bluetooth controls
Good sound
Quite small

Doesn't fully fold
Found the controls had some problems with my HTC One phone
Sound just beaten by others

Sound wise this was just beaten by the AKG K845 High-Performance Wireless Foldable Over-Ear Headphones - Black which because of the over-ear design also felt a bit more comfortable. This philips headphone was however more portable and had better Bluetooth controls.

In the same vague price range the Jabra Revo Wireless Stereo Headphones was also decent (On-ear, small, fully folding, awesome controls, upper bass is a bit much and muddies the sound) and the Sony MDR10RBT Wireless Headphones with V3.0 Bluetooth and NFC while comfortable/light had appalling sound and was too plasticy for my liking.
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on 19 January 2015
I have this phones for more than a year now, and i have to say these are far the best headphones under £200 that i have ever tried, giving a slap on the face of many corded sets in the higher price range too.
I had a try as an owner on the Jabra Revo wireless, Jabra Move wireless, Sony MDR-ZX600 wired, Energy Sistem BT5 wireless, Urbanears Plattan wired, and tried many more in the stores (in the higher price range too), but nothing has come even close to this beauties.

Most important, the sound quality is a wow! The lows are clean and punchy but not overpowering and no distortions, the mids and highs are clear and crispy, everything just sound very well defined and nicely balanced. I'm sure that there are no real competition in terms of sound quality at this price range.

The connectivity is ok, there is no NFC but its not a deal breaker for me, until now I used with 4 different phones (Motorola Razr i, Moto G, Moto X, Sony Xperia Z3C) and I had no problems, there are very little drop outs, no significant.

The design is nice, quality materials, nice and sturdy.. some people may find the clamping force too strong, I have relatively large head and I had no problem with that. I can say it is comfortable. Noise isolation is passive, but very effective, music stays in, noise stays out, simple is that.

Battery life is excellent, even after a year or so, it runs more less 10-12 hours with a single charge which takes about 3 hours.

The only issue might be the call quality, I've had several complains from the other side that they don't hear me well.. but for me the priority is the sound, so this is no deal breaker neither.

It would be a 4.5* overall but the audio quality pulls it up to 5* ;) ...It is definitely a great buy if you care about sound quality and not just a design, its still not cheap but it worth every penny.. highly recommended!
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