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on 19 January 2012
I know it doesn't come with a remote and unlike it's bigger brother (which I also have) you can't dim the light or change colour saturation....but the design is compact and understated and it sits easily on a narrow shelf making it more versatile to place. It also comes with a light silver drawstring bag, like the full size version. Not sure what I'd use it for though?

It couldn't be simpler to operate, simply plug in and depress the on/off switch, to access the colour change mode you need only depress the upper half of the on/off switch for 5 secs. Colour is selected by touching the rainbow coloured ring around the on/off switch. Everything you need to know about operating this unit is summarised on the product page.

Unlike other reviewers I'm not disappointed with the brightness, it's perfect for illuminating a corner of a room....I want a feature not an entire room bathed in an otherworldly glow! If you want to make the room darker simply choose a dark, heavily saturated colour, obviously selecting a lighter colour-for example light green or blue will brighten the whole room considerably. The closer the lamp is to a wall or corner the more intense the colour and the effect will be. About one metre is optimal.

You should keep in mind that the bigger livingcolor lamp does not produce more heavily saturated colours but rather, the saturation can only be decreased which I find rather pointless as it regresses to white very quickly. Therefore, I don't think the inability to control saturation is much of a shortcoming. Similarly, dimming the bigger lamp quickly diminishes the intensity of the colour and is not as useful as you would imagine. The remote is not important if the lamp is in an easy to reach position but if you want to utilise the colour-changing mode then you can't alter the frequency with which the light changes from one colour to the next and this is a shortcoming. The default setting on the mini changes colours too quickly for my liking and is a distraction.

Like other reviewers I'm not sure where the notion of 256 colours comes from? The primary colours are red, pink, orange, yellow, mauve, light blue, teal and lime green and of those only the first three are dark, saturated colours. The others are quite pastel. The are slight variations of the colours I listed but too subtle to make a big difference.

In summary: a compact, stylish little light which fits almost anywhere is well made and easy to operate. Perfect for lighting up a corner to add ambiance to any room and capable of some quite dramatic effects! The four star rating reflects the limited range of colours despite claims by the manufacturer.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 November 2011
First impressions are that this is larger, heavier and more substantial than I was expecting it to be. Considering the RRP and the brand, I probably shouldn't have been so surprised though! This is a solid, glossy near-spherical lamp, roughly 20cms high.

The power supply cable is slightly on the short side - so this ideally needs to be sited close to the power point. The lamp is very easy to work - you just plug it in and turn it on. At power on, the lamp starts up in colour-changing mode - this is a fairly quick transition through all the available shades. The light strength is good enough to create an attractive effect on a wall or ceiling, but not strong enough to recolour the whole room.

If you don't want the changing colour mode, you can select your own colour from a touch pad colour chart on the top of the lamp.

An interesting - and slightly batty - idea. But pretty nonetheless.
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on 14 October 2015
not very bright, control panel is intermittent.
Would recommend going to B&Q you can get better ones for the same price with a remote and they aren't as ugly.
Far too expensive for what it is. DON'T BUY
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on 14 April 2009
This light is made up of small coloured bulbs, which when blended together create the colour that shines out of it. By carefully moving your finger around the rainbow disc on the lamp, it will produce any colour of the rainbow. It is best used so that the light projects onto a wall or ceiling. It's not a bright light, you can't read by it, but it is enough to create an atmosphere.

It also works on 'random' mode so that it will automatically change colours, which is great for a party. This is the mini version, which means that it is a bit smaller and is controlled by touching the light rather than with the remote which the full size version has. (look up the same title, but without the word 'mini' in it)

This one is good value, as the larger one is much more expensive, combine it with a lava lamp and Mathmos projector and you're away!

I also wanted to give one as a present to someone in the USA, but I couldn't source one over there. This one works on the USA voltage as it comes with a transformer on the plug, you just need a normal UK/USA plug adaptor.

I love this light as it's fun and unusual, and can easily be moved around the house. It also makes a great wedding gift.
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on 4 May 2009
Very pleased with this, I wasn't sure what I would get for the money but it is a very robust unit and the light that it gives off is a lot brighter than I expected.

As another poster has said, I think the mini version is perfect for mood lighting, if you want to light up behind the TV or a single wall then this is perfect. If you want to be able to read by it or use it as a light then you need to opt for the big brother.

All in all really chuffed with this product, the continuous cycle function is lovely and it's a real pleasure to sit in the lounge and enjoy the glow.
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on 14 January 2010
I have an obsession with lighting, I always have for some reason... The second I saw this I bought I fell in love with it. It came in two days, (a day early, the first time ever with me) and I don't think I have been so excited about opening up an Amazon box. The product is well packaged. The light is presented in a black bag, I don't know why but I suppose it is a 'luxury' product...

The little devil gives off a really good amount of light, enough to light up the full room. I placed it in the corner of my room so it shines up two walls and it gives off a very nice effect. I like my room to be dimly light but at the same time being bright and cheerful (if that makes sense?) This light solves that problem and is a real aid to my eyes when I am crunching away at my software development projects.

I would recommend this product to someone who is looking for an ambient light solution and not wanting something too intrusive. It would probably work well in the home in a TV lounge or dining room, or at work on your desk or in your office. Sure, £85 is a bit steep but in my opinion, it is worth every penny. I'll definitely be looking for another one in he near future!
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on 26 March 2009
Careful when you buy this... sometimes they are £45.. sometime £70. the bigger remote ones are better - brighter and remote and you have a lot of control over the light and you can link 4 to one remote.
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on 17 April 2009
Very impressed with this device and really sets the right tone in a darkened room. Great for watching movies or playing video games.
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on 7 February 2009
The Philips LivingColors LED Mood Light is absolutely awesome! The design is so unique and cool, visitors immediately notice it and are interested. My partner and I leave it on random mode which is where the colours fade in and out in a cycle and it gives a really nice feel to the room. I highly recommend it.
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on 6 September 2011
I was looking for something to set the mood and personallity to the livingroom, at first I wondered between this model and the more expensive one with remote. The price was my decisive factor. I got a great discount here (£), so it ended up being an easy decision.

I have it for a month or so and I have to say I don't regret having bought this one. It really delivers what it promises, so it 5* for me.

As for the intensity of the light, against a white wall it sets a nice mood, but by no means it lights the room. You will always need more light.

To Sum up, for me it has a great value for the money I paid. The light being a bit too dim and having no remote would be the only negative points I can find.
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