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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 October 2010
Like many of the reviewers, I too purchased this item as it costs almost as much to purchase the replacement blades as it does for a new razor. As this particular item is "badged" it is a bit like purchasing a football shirt with a player's name on it after he has been transferred to another club. The real key to my review though is the shaver itself. Considerably reduced in price through the obsolete branding, this shaver does what it is supposed to do and at £42.00 when I purchased it last week, represents outstanding value when compared to similar products.

How good is it a a shaver? Well it shaves extremely well and as my face is familiar with this type of shaving system I have had no problem in getting used to it: it is replacing a similar system which also used Nivea skin conditioning cream as part of the shaving process. This version of course doesn't, but I have found using some of this conditioner does help to make my skin smoother after receiving what I think is a really good shave. Is it up to Mach 3 standard? I fear not, but then again there is a very big difference from my experience in the results obtained from a wet and a dry shave. Best comparison I can give is comparing hand washing a car to the car wash: each in it's own way delivers a different result, same thing with this shaver. I wet shave a couple of times a week and use this shaver for the rest of the week, either when I need a second shave for the evening, or to save time in the morning.

SInce purchasing the item, I suppose I have used it about 15 times and have just set it up to re-charge for the first time (allowing for the first charge). It does seem to hold up well on the battery stakes. It is simple to clean, but I recommend disassembling the head once a week and giving it a thorough clean: a wash under the hot tap is great once a day, but bits of skin are held in a film of grease over a period of time and it does benefit from taking it apart and giving it a good clean: you get a better shave too. One tip though, always put the blade back into the same head and make sure that the heads do not get switched around - I do find that this adds to the life of the blades.

Whilst I have given this product five stars, I do think that it is sad that I have four Phillishave products currently, all of them still work, with seemingly little or no problems with their batteries, but all have been superseded by a new model as it was almost as cheap to replace the whole thing as replace the blades: it could have lost them a star, but I still do use the old models: one in my desk drawer for when I have meetings after say 7:00 p.m. when I look a little grizzly, another for taking away camping and the like and my penultimate model sits at home just in case. They are more than up to this level of shave and whilst they do take a little longer to provide me with an acceptable shave they still work and it would be such a shame to bin them when they still work. Perhaps we should start a blog imploring Phillips to reduce the cost of its shaver heads and save the planet (joke).

Excellent product proviing that you hang around and replace when they inevitably drop in price.
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 January 2011
This is a great shaver, and I never thought it would live up to the 5* reviews on here. It did and then some.

I switched from a Philips to a Braun about 2 years ago, and was impressed by the Braun (4875) as it did a great job. Seeing these cheap (and needing either new blades or a new shaver) I decided to see what Philips were up to nowadays. Firstly, I'll just say that it isn't black or white: both Philips and Braun do top shavers (check my earliest reviews, I'm no Philips fanboy, I gave the Braun a great review), and either will give you a good shave.

So, onto the F1. Well, my first impressions were not good. Not only was there no dock or carry case, not only isn't it shower proof, but the thing was so quiet I felt sure it would come to a halt on thick stubble. I needn't have worried, though, it gave a very clean, very effective smooth and close shave, even managing to dispatch the annoying neck hairs fairly quickly. It is quite miraculous the first few times you use it, seeing the stubble disappear so easily, and with so little power. The experience is so smooth and silky; if you imagine setting your mobile to the lowest vibration level on silent it'll give you some idea of how it feels using this shaver. And yet, like I say (and I have fairly thick stubble) the hairs just disappear silently. It's true, it is disappointing that there are no extras, but the shaving is so good I've decided to give it 5 stars anyway (a dock isn't important, and you can always wrap it in a dry flannel when travelling).

I'd say Philips have come a long way since I last used one (my last model was a Philips HQ9140 Smart Touch XL and this feels much more efficient). The amount of 5 * reviews here are bang on. It also looks the part too, every bit as stylish as in the photo. Forget the branding on the back, it honestly isn't as intrusive as you'd think. Most efficient and most stylish looking shaver I've ever had so far, and I cannot give it enough praise.
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on 6 May 2011
I love this shaver! It's perfect, no tug, no pain, no paying a fortune on disposible razor blades. I tried this shaver before I ever bought it my uncle got one and paid a fortune for it and to think I got it half price right here on amazon.co.uk. It glides accross your face never missing a spot slicing off hairs that could be a 5 o'clock shadow to a bloody mountain climber beard. I have fairly sensitive skin for a guy. When I shave I always bleed and end feeling sore but with this I can shave and it feels good afterwards, baby smooth! The other great feature is the speed if you have 5 minutes spare no worries it does it in almost 5 minutes. It even catches the hairs in a small storage compartment behind the blades! I could make an omelette while shaving! I watch TV while shaving! I could do my finances while shaving or best of all I could drive...WHILE SHAVING! It opens up so you can run tap water through the blades to clean it which is again amazing. All in all I have never had a shaver this good.

Electric shavers by reputation are unbearable this one shaves like a disposible but with no fuss of buying new blades.

Honestly this never goes wrong. I wish I had a larger fonts cause all I wanna scream is GET IT!
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on 17 August 2011
I bought this Philips shaver because of the great offer Amazon sent me via n e-mail promo. I was on the market for a new shaver as my Braun foil shaver needed a new cutter and you have to buy both parts together a cutter an foil. So together these were priced only a little less less than buying this new Philips on a great sale offer.

I used to shave with Philishaves year ago, but changed to Braun and had the parts not become so expensive I would have no doubt stayed with them, but the change is proving very positive for me. It is fair to say that one has to get use to a total different shaving experiences as the Philips heads and shaving motion are completely different to a foil razor, but the closeness of the shave I am now getting with this new Philips shaver is excellent, far better than I was getting with the Braun foil. The battery seems to last for days and day without needing to be re-charged and it is so silent in operation I sometimes think its not working properly, so for me this is recommended buy based on the price and my shaving experiences having made the change.
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on 6 January 2012
I have owned this product for a year now. It replaced an old Philips rechargeable. The surprising feature was the price for a shaver of this quality. I thought at the time that it must be end of line as the racing team it sponsors are no longer running in the same configuration

Back to the shaver though. I find it is charged in a few minutes, it is light to use and because it's waterproof is very easy to clean. It leaves a good finish when shaving but works best after washing the skin in warm water. If I have to criticise it I would say that the cover that goes over the heads is useless as it never seems to click on properly and is always falling off! The side burn trimmer is a useful feature and works well.

I bought this for a mere 31 gbp and at that price who could argue, It must be worth twice that any day of the week!

Go for it you won't regret buying this shaver!!!
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on 4 October 2011
I'm pleased with this shaver which is better than my last one due to the more flexible head design - it provides a closer shave especially around the softer neck areas. It is helpful that it has a low voltage motor because I can now rinse the whole shaver under the tap -- faster than tedious brushing, which I rarely did anyway. Not so sure about the branding - the shaver sounds more like a low powered toy than an F1 car, and these days, Williams win nothing - their glory days appear to be over - sorry Frank. I hope Philips aren't associating with a brand that describes how they see themselves! Only joking - I once worked for Philips - great company with generally solid and reliable products. Additional point. The protective head cover does not have a secure feel - the slightest brush dislodges it - yet it is presumably there to protect the heads if it is knocked. I would not use the shaver for other than use within the house - wouldn't use for holidays for eg.
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on 3 October 2011
I have had many Philips shavers and find they are best suited to my shaving needs. This one was a good price from Amazon. I purchased because it was not much more in cost as opposed to buying new (ridiculous price) cutting blades for my previous Philips. To me there is no great advance in technology with this model. Same 'floating heads' and cutters as previous models. The speed of the motor seems slow, the body of the shaver feels cost-cutting lightweight. The charging lights are a cosmetic joke. Yes, it shaves. Nothing faster or closer noticed. Not very good at cutting neck hair. A sporty design in grey and black, with 'go faster' grooves and grips and F1 sponsorship logos. My analogy is that it is more like the Safety Car than an F1 winner! Nevertheless, good value for money when discounted.
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on 29 January 2011
I have purchased a Philips Razor before and been very pleased with it, but that was a cheaper version than this one and the difference is noticeable. The old one gave me a good shave but it took its time getting through my whiskers - this one on the other hand allows me to shave quickly (whilst the kettle boiled for the morning cuppa) and leaves my skin less tender. It is also quick and easy to clean and makes shaving a pleasant, quick experience.

I also have a Remington shaver that I use for back up, should anything go wrong with the Philips, and that is truly ponderous and takes ages to give anything approaching a clean shave and then leaves my skin feeling very abused.

All in all a very good buy, especially at Amazon's low price. My advice? Get one now before they go up in price.Philips HQ7390/17 Williams F1 Mains Rechargeable Shaver
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on 9 October 2009
Any shaver review to a greater or lesser degree has to be subjective when considering its prime function; how well does it shave? It depends on your stubble type, growth rate, skin type, climate et'al. So here goes: I have always used Philips rotary shavers for the past 35-ish years but never a 3-head. (My late Father switched to Philips many years ago after being advised they did no irritate the skin as much as other systems. Sons often tend to follow their Fathers shaving methods).

I had 4 or 5 days of using this in the cool English Autumn climate before going to much kinder climes in the Med. for 8 days (25 to 30 degrees) where shaving has always been in my experience more difficult. It performed admirably. A new shaver always cuts 'better' of course but this seemed exceptional from the start. As the notes in the instruction booklet correctly state it does take a week or so for you to get used to its 'cut' and not standing too close to it if/when any irritation occurs helps you to acclimatise. I find I now need to shave only once daily taking appx. 3+mins. (A couple of times a week I might also shave in the evening). It is most impressive indeed; 'close' and quick, simple as that!

After the initial charge of some 15 to 20-ish days ago it is still going strong with no 'low battery' light yet. It is deceptively quiet giving the false impression it might be underpowered however the results speak for themselves. Its 'chunky' feel and light weight (ideal for trips overseas) combined with a stylish 'AT&T Williams' colour scheme for motor sports enthusiasts like myself further enhance its appeal.

I will as I have always done use the brush provided to clean it. Why wet clean a dry shaver? The head protector is a little flimsy and not as tightly fitting as it could be. The fact that it does not come with a case/bag is the only reason why I have not given it 5*s; nothing to do with the product itself. Head replacement is recommended every two years, similar to and in some instances slightly longer Iam told than some other popular brands?

Overall very good, outstanding even. Hope it stands the test of time, no reason to doubt it given the excellent reliability of Philips shavers owned down the years.
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on 4 September 2011
I bought this for three reasons, 1)The reviews were good. 2) Wet Shaving is Expensive 3) I keep cutting my neck with wet shaving. I've been using this for two weeks and its my first electric shaver so my review is a direct comparison to a wet shave. Shaving the face it does a decentish job (now that I've got a better hang of it), shaving the neck is a waste of time. I've tried it with and without a shaving solution, hoping that a little moisture would make the difference but it doesn't. If you are happy with lots of stray hairs on your neck or a red raw neck from the running the shaver over it one hundred times or so then this is the shaver for you. I can make no comparison with other electric shavers, it could be 'cutting edge' technology for electric shavers but compared to a wet shave it quite simply falls short.
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